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Happy New Year From Patsy

Yours truly will be off for a few days and be back with you on January 2nd, so it's time to send you Patsy's greetings to all of you for the New Year! Also, he wants to thank you for your loyalty - it was very nice to see so many of you at the Lower Deck; equally welcomed are the new friends he found at his hundreds of corporate gigs this year. For all of them, an exciting 2001 is promised with many new projects in the works - stay tuned to www.patsywatchorn.com and you'll be up to date!

Merry Christmas From Patsy

Patsy Watchorn is sending sincere Christmas wishes to everybody of you! May you enjoy a few easy days with your loved ones!
Celebrate The New Year With Patsy Watchorn
In addition to the regular Saturday show on December 30, Patsy will be playing a New Years Eve concert at the Lower Deck!
So if you're in or around Dublin, there's no better place to go than the Lower Deck on December 31!

Pete St. John Online

After some intermission at the IMRO website, we are glad that we can now welcome Pete St. John's very own website at http://www.petestjohn.com
Before you ask, yes, there is much more than just "Rare Ould Times" by Pete; you hardly find such a profilic writer & composer and you for sure won't find anyone else who has been writing such a series of Irish music diamonds (and still continues to do so). At his new homepage, you'll discover a picture of him and Patsy at Celtic Park in Glasgow, an audio-clip of a scarce version of Rare Ould Times (sung by Patsy) and much more about and around Pete St. John.

Celebrate Christmas With Patsy

There are still two Saturday nights to visit Patsy at the Lower Deck till Christmas!
His seasonal repertory this year include songs like "Blue Christmas", "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus", "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer", "Christmas In New York", "Jingle Bells" and a few more.

So if you're feeling like Xmas, go and visit Patsy tomorrow and on Dec. 23!


http://www.patsywatchorn.com now also is listed on the IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organisation) website; if you're a fellow musician, the IMRO site could answer a lot of your questions about music rights. Thanks to Heather Lougheed for promptly adding Patsy to their Members Section!

Craic & Porter Too Reaches 10k Sales!

Patsy's solo album THE CRAIC AND THE PORTER TOO just passed the 10.000 copies mark in sales. I can remember this CD to sell like crazy in the Dublin shops when I was there in July. If you want to know what the fuzz is all about, check our discography page for THE CRAIC AND THE PORTER TOO, where you also can order the CD from several sources and even find three mp3-tracks to listen yourself what this CD has to offer! Stay tuned to us because we'll have a nice little contest very soon to celebrate the sale of 10.000 copies of THE CRAIC AND PORTER TOO!

80 Years Ago: Kevin Barry

Eighty years ago, Kevin Barry was executed on November 1, 1920, in Mountjoy Jail by fighting for Irish freedom; he had refused to become an "informer" and tell about his comrades. The song Kevin Barry many years ago gave Patsy his first break into stardom, you might say - but you can read this in the short bio we have online yourself!

New Mills Benefit: Thanks To RTE

Ireland's National Broadcasting Organisation, RTE, is supporting the New Mills Benefit as well by mentioning us frequently on the radio. Stay tuned to RTE and hear the latest about the benefit!

New Mills Benefit: Thanks To Kerry Candles, Dublin

Kerry Candles, a Dublin based company specializing in guess what, supports our New Mills Benefit as well. They have donated prizes for the raffle. So if anyone from the religious side of life investigating our benefit is reading this and from the Dublin area and not using Kerry Candles, give them serious consideration! Thanks a lot to Janet from Kerry Candles!

Happy Birthday Patsy!

The man himself (our younger readers in the States perhaps would exclaim "He's da man!") celebrates his birthday today. If you're in the mood for a birthday e-mail, simply click here.
And if you want to check out who else celebrates today, please head over to Leanne's Celebrity Birthday Database here you can find zillions of birthdays indexed - constantly updated. The best thing you could do is to visit Patsy at the New Mills Benefit on October 20 and sing "Happy Birthday" to him!

New Mills Benefit: Thanks To Stena Line

Grateful thanks to Maggie Roche of Stena Line! Sending on the prize of a trip to Holyhead for a car and upto five passengers, you have another very good reason to attend the New Mills Benefit and hope that you win at the raffle! Stena Line, in the unlikely case you didn't know, does passenger/freight and high speed ferry service between Britain and Ireland; England, France, and Holland; and Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Poland. Stena Line has the widest route network across Europe and they are offering relaxed connections for leisure, business and freight customers.

October 20: The New Mills Benefit

This is the news we promised you on Sept. 25! Patsy Watchorn is your host at the New Mills Benefit in Dublin - an event that you should not miss at all! It's time to get yerself up and go for the craic, as in addition to Patsy and his band, there are many guest stars and surprises and prizes to win!

Sonia's Sweetest Medal Of Them All

Sonia O'Sullivan did it and Ireland is celebrating: She won Silver in the 5000m final. Before writing a lot here, let me point you to our very own feature about Sonia in our discography, then onto the Irish Times, where you can find a pic of Sonia and her medal and finally, an article by Tom Humpries for the Irish Times, of which I reprint a short quote here to wet your appetite for the full story:

Did you leap out of the chair and roar or did you slip into the kitchen and cry? Were you whispering silent prayers or was your fist clenched and pumping as she came down the straight?
This was the sweetest medal in our sporting history, a triumph, a redemption song, a perfect aria delivered by our greatest ever athlete, the one we've been through the most with and known the longest.

Live At Jonny Fox's Pub CD

You may have heard about this, you may be interested - but even Patsy is only rolling his eyes when you mention that one. Being honest to you, we do not recommend this CD, but if you want to go where no fan has gone before, you may want to have a closer look in our discography, where you can find it just for being complete.

Irish Molly Meets Patsy

Extending our lyrics once again, our Songbook page now offers also My Irish Molly from the CRAIC & PORTER TOO CD.

Fiddler's Green Lyrics

Another lyrics update brings you one of the songs from the CRAIC AND PORTER TOO album: Fiddler's Green.

Flight Of Earls Lyrics

The title song to the album we introduced to you yesterday is one of the most beautiful songs you will ever hear - a song with a deep meaning, a song who was recorded first by Patsy and a big hit for him. You absolutely should not miss these lyrics as well as the background story about the song! Check out our Flight Of Earls lyrics page!

Site Update: Flight Of Earls Album Added

We start the week with another album from Patsy's repertoire: the lovely FLIGHT OF EARLS, where you can find hits and classics and forgotten beauties! For the full track listing, a cover pic and some additional comments, just click your mouse here!

Happy Birthday To Maureen O'Hara

Can you believe that Maureen O'Hara, the most beautiful redhead ever, turns 80 today! If that wouldn't be enough reason to mention it here, Patsy has his very own memories of Maureen he shares with us on her birthday! Read the story and see the picture in our Info/Photo section!

(And if you're a fan, you may click this link to vote for Maureen in VirtualIreland's "Your favorite Irish actreess of the century"-poll.)

July 15 Photographs Online

Finally, pictures have arrived and we start with a gallery of the first Saturday we saw, July 15. We have ten different pictures up for you, with a few comments about the show, and one of those also is available at super-size and highest quality so you can print that real large and frame it or for your t-shirt or whatever you like. So grab a Guinness, put a CD (by Patsy!) on and click right here! Note: We have streamlined our gallery - but you still find some photos in our Info/Photo section!

CD Prize Goes To...

We have a winner! It's Gernot Lodermann from Germany who had picked "What could be better than to listen to a free CD while sipping your favorite Irish Whiskey/beer" as the answer (why he wanted to win the CD) plus he added:

Otherwise my wife would take my favorite bottle of Irish whiskey from me!

We could not let that happen, I'm sure all of you will understand! The CD THE CRAIC AND PORTER TOO will be shipped to him, personally signed by Patsy. We receiced many more good reasons to give away the CD - let me just quote these two:

Suppose I have to buy this CD (15 IEP - 35 DEM ) - it would mean that I have to miss 5 Guinness. Would you really do this to me ????

How else can you shut the mouth of all this friends talking of their vacation in Ireland?

For all those others: We will have a new contest very soon, so keep checking our news; plus, for all the nice folks from Austria, Germany and Switzerland (and actually, for everybody else, we will have a few of the CD's for sale as well at nice prices - stay tuned!).


One of the most unique voices you may ever hear finally has a nice and comf'y place at the world wide web. Patsy Watchorn of Rare Ould Times (click here for mp3 sample), The Ferryman, The Punch And Judy Man and many other tunes unmistakenly tied to him, is about to enter the big online-stage. And in the unlikely case you never heard of Patsy Watchorn, come out behind the moon, check this site and enjoy our exclusive mp3-sample of a full uncut song: The Hills Of Connemara of The Craic And Porter Too CD. And then come again and again and again ...
Speaking about the state of the site, we had the choice to start with a smaller site or have you wait until a big one is ready - well, who wants to wait anyway? So here we go with a nice little site that is to grow and try to give you all the information you may ever need about Patsy Watchorn here at www.patsywatchorn.com.
With a first hint to check our links page and to get yourself the Verdana font (in case you don't have it already) to look at this page exactly the way it was designed, we leave you in discovering a bit. Oh yeah, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.x is not as bad as some Netscape fanatics would tell you, so receive best results in viewing this site if you use MSIE as www.patsywatchorn.com is finetuned for Billy Boy's browser!
And be sure to check back with this news page to find out what's new about Patsy and to his web-site.

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