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Rory McKewon

After short and serious illness, Rory McKewon passed away on December 19. Rory not only had replaced John for the last couple of weeks, but also had played with his friend for decades, Brian The Furrier Furlong, for about thirty years. It was a very emotional and sad night at the Lower Deck last Saturday and it was devoted to Rory. At the very end of the show, Rory's recording of Steal Away was played. Patsy, Brian, Martin, John and Mandy bid farewell to Rory McKewon. If you say your Christmas prayers tonight, don't forget to pray for Rory, just like we will do.

Christmas Guestbook & Greetings

As most of you may have seen, Patsy has sent his Christmas wishes to all of you himself this year - you can find them at the guestbook, where you can leave some greetings to Patsy or all of our visitors. If you're late and want to send an E-greeting card to someone in particular, please use this link for a special Patsy greeting card! Merry Christmas from your webadmin too!

The Travelling People Song Lyrics Added

Not even Christmas Eve and here's already a goodie - after some longer break, here's a new song text, The Travelling People, added to our collection of Patsy's songs at the Songbook page. And you don't have to belong to the travelling people to sing along this line at this time of the year:

And I've cursed the life when winter days were dawning

Irish Republican Jail Songs Released On CD

One of Patsy's classic albums with his former band has been re-released and is available for the very first time on CD: IRISH REPUBLICAN JAIL SONGS. It is a legendary album among the Irish Rebel Music scene and with 8 Patsy songs out of a total of 15 cuts, Patsy's part of this is a major one, including songs like The Men Behind The Wire, James Connolly, Robert Emmet and Kevin Barry. But I still dream what magic would happen if somebody wants to re-record an album of patriotic songs with Patsy: His voice has matured over the years even more while the love for Ireland still is there as strong as ever and if you hear him sing Take Me Home To Mayo or Sean South nowadays, you simply can not help but wish for a full album of stuff like that. Anyway, your webadmin is giving Santa quite a task and putting a NEWLY recorded rebel album by Patsy on his Christmas wish list instead of any re-release!

A Concert For Gerry Drew

When one of the nicest folks in the biz, Patsy's long-time friend Ronnie Drew, called, there was no hesitation: Patsy will appear on December 19, 2001, at the Frank Smith's Submarine Bar in Crumlin in a big benefit gala evening for Ronnie's brother Gerry. Among the many performers, there are the Dubliners, Eleanor Shanley and Dick Farley.
We regret to inform you that all 1500 seats are sold out.

Send A Patsy E-Greeting-Card For Christmas

It's that time of the year again! Everybody is sending electronical greeting cards! And you're not left out in the cold either, oh no: You can send your own Patsy Christmas E-Card from wothin these pages!
Send Xmas eCard from here!

Our Sunnyboy Is Back At The Sunnybank

After the huge success of our first two nights there, Patsy gladly has accepted another booking for the Sunnybank Hotel (Click the thumbnail image to open the advertising poster in a new window in full size). It is a very nice place in the north of Dublin in Glasnevin, situated near the Botanic Gardens. If you are still looking for a perfect evening between Christmas and New Year, search no longer: Patsy Watchorn will appear at the Sunnybank on December 28, 2001.

And The Contest Winner Is...

The contest is over and we have a winner for the Irish Whiskey Mini Hip Flask! Congratulations to Susie from Freenet UK! We'll be in touch with you right now! And everyone else: The next contest will be up here soon! As well as more Patsy-stuff!

Tallagh GAA Success

Double wow! Thanks to everybody making our Nov. 30 gig in Tallagh such a success - and here's the story direct from Patsy's management:

We had a fantastic night at the GAA. The crowd went wild for the group; so many said afterwards that it was the best night they ever had there. It was completely sold out and could have sold it three times over!

GAA Gig Sold Out

Wow, we call that devotion to our man! As soon as folks heard that Patsy will be coming to Tallagh (see previous news!), they stormed the ticket office! The show is already completely sold out!

New Gig Scheduled Next Week

Short notice, but some of you still would not want to miss it: Patsy and his band will be playing the the local GAA (Thomas Davis) in Tallagh on November 30, 2001; showtime is 10:00 PM.

Patsy's Birthday Party

On October 20, 2001, a big birthday party took place. Who? Well, there were numerous anniversaries to celebrate, but it was also Patsy's birthday and your webadmins birthday, who happen to share the same birthday, October 16! We have a few pics online!
Patsy image gallery

Birthday Double Feature At The Lower Deck

Yours truly just came back from Dublin! We managed the impossible and visited the incomparable Patsy Watchorn once again this year. And let me assure you, it was an unbelievable experience once again - as much as we all love his albums, there is nothing but the real man live! Well, the Lower Deck show on Saturday night was transformed into a big big, say it once again, BIG!, birthday party with Patsy, Brian, John and (new guy here!) Martin. Then there were Miss Dublin (Mandy Byrnes) and Miss Vienna (Helga). Last but not least, there was an enthusiastic crowd.
But watch this space here for more stuff from our latest trip within the next few days!

Kevin Barry To Move To Republican Plot In Glasnevin

Update October 15: There is a frontpage article from The Irish Times to be read here.
Kevin Barry was the song Patsy kind of gave him his break into singing. This Kevin Barry, who was excetuted during the War Of Independence, and a group of his comrades, will find his final resting place on October 14 in a big official ceremony. There is a fine article up on The Irish Times website, of which we just want to quote the conclusion:

There is nothing wrong with mourning those who fought and died for Ireland.

Our Sunnyboy At The Sunnybank

Two new concert dates have been confirmed for Patsy! He will play the Sunnybank Hotel in Glasnevin. Going up to the northside of Dublin, Patsy will appear there on October 26 and November 2, 2001 (both Friday). If your in or around Dublin, you probably have seen our latest newsletter (in glorious full color printing) giving you the scoop. We can't wait to greet you there - and here's some contact info: 68-70 Botanic Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 (phone: +353 1 830 6755).

National Day Of Mourning

The Taoiseach Mr Bertie Ahern and the Tanaiste Mary Harney announced yesterday that today, 14th September, 2001, is to be a National Day of Mourning for all of the victims, Irish, American and of other nationalities who died in yesterday's horrific atrocities in the United States.

Monday Live Broadcast

Patsy will be live on air again next Monday, September 17. This time he will be talking live from the studio of West Dublin Community Radio at Ballyfermot Road. The station covers especially the area of Ballyfermot, Clondalkin, Walkinstown, Ronanstown, Palmerstown, Bluebell and Inchicore. Patsy's host will be Christine Keenan.

America Under Attack

Words seem so small and useless these days and can not describe the shock, disbelief and sorrow we feel. But we want to send our condolencies and deepest sympathy to the families of the victims; our prayers are with you.

Sept. 1 & 8: The Patsy Watchorn Band

Patsy will not appear at the Lower Deck the next two Saturdays, but you still can have a good time there, as his band will be there to entertain you!

British Showing Of "Ireland's Greatest Hits"

Recently, Tara Television, a British entertainment TV station ("The only channel to beam the best of Ireland's entertainment directly in to your home in the UK!"), has aired Patsy's programme of Ireland's Greatest Hits twice.

Full House At The Lower Deck

The first two Saturdays of Patsy's Summer Festival at the Lower Deck were absolutely sensational! It looked like whole Dublin was there to see Patsy, plus we had many visitors from all over the world.
There was no place for a singer so we had Patsy phone-in his vocals - naw, kidding aside: There still is one Saturday to go which will traditionally close our summer festival before Patsy leaves for Portugal. If you want to have a good seat, arrive early at the Deck!

The Patsy Watchorn Summer Festival

Now it's the perfect time to tell you about the Patsy Watchorn Summer Festival! Patsy will appear live at the Lower Deck every Saturday in August. We'd be very delighted to greet you there! Also, we have some merchandise back in stock so be sure to check out the Patsy baseball-caps, -T-shirts and - new! - Patsy-lighers (highly elegant golden lighters) right after each show!

New Ireland's Greatest Hits CD With Patsy

Now there is an official CD about RTÉ's Ireland's Greatest Hits series and it of course features Rare Auld Times by Patsy! Patsy's picture on fron is right next to the word "Greatest"! Patsy's song is cut #14 on the CD and it is Patsy's latest re-recording of the song from 1998, taken from the THE CRAIC AND PORTER TOO CD. Be sure to add the PORTER TOO to your collection if you don't have it by now!

RTÉ Online Honors Patsy

When RTÉ produced their "Ireland's Greatest Hits" TV series which started a couple of weeks ago (we reported in our April 2001 news), they called Patsy and said that there is no one but Patsy to pick for the first program. Meanwhile, RTÉ also has a page for each program of the series up.
RTÉ Patsy & Rare Auld Times page incl. a small photo.

Winner Of PUB WITH NO BEER Announced

Greg from California is our winner - he won the original (and very rare) PUB WITH NO BEER tape! It's in the mail - enjoy!

Winner Of Gutenbrunn Tickets Announced

It's only 6 days until Patsy will appear in Austria for the first time. The lucky winner for our contest last week is Peter Kirchweger from Vienna. Congratulations, Peter! Your tickets are in the mail!

Patsy Online - 1st Birthday [4]: Win Gutenbrunn Tickets!

No stopping in our website-birthday celebration! This week we're taking care of our European friends and we give away 2 tickets to Patsy's premiere appearance in Austria for July 14 at Gutenbrunn! [Deadline reached; see July 9 news].

Patsy Online - 1st Birthday [3]: Win Rare Music!

Today is the big day - today, Patsy Watchorn is online for one year exactly! To continue our give-aways (see also news on June 25 and June 19!), we have some rare music by Patsy for you to win! We have new entry in our discography, the long deleted PUB WITH NO BEER album and - with a little luck - you can win it right there! Don't miss your chance as you won't find that in stores anymore! To round up this birthday offering, we also add the lyrics to Pub With No Beer today!

Patsy Online - 1st Birthday [2]: Win At The Lower Deck

Also this week we celebrate our 1st birthday on the net (Patsy is online since June 28, 2000) and also four years at the Lower Deck! Here's the story for our regulars and anyone in and around Dublin this weekend: On June 30, we will have a special night at the Lower Deck with loads of prizes to win, as a little thank you for your loyalty over the last four years!

New Mills Benefit Concert Next Friday

Please visit our New Mills Benefit page: We have extended it to serve you with all the information about the June 29 gig in Kilkenny you need! Note: We still have a few photos onlien in our Info/Photo section; otherwise, we have streamlined the site as of April 2003 and taken down the rest of the Kilkenny info!

Patsy Online - 1st Birthday [1]: Win Kilkenny Tickets

In a few days Patsy's website will be celebrate its first birthday! Celebrate with us with a series of events of which the first one starts right here: We a giving away 3 x 2 tickets to Patsy's show in Kilkenny in June 29! To enter our little contest, simply click here, mail us (sorry, show over!) and add your address and in a few days we will pick the winners!

Countdown Starts: "Kilkenny People" Reports About Benefit

Our Kilkenny Countdown starts today! There are 18 days to go until Patsy Watchorn will play the beautiful Langton's in even more beautiful Kilkenny! Kilkenny People reports about this under the headline "Rare Auld Times coming to Kilkenny". Below we have a short quote and click here for the full article!

Patsy will be singing all the songs with which he enjoyed chart topping success: such as, Dublin in the Rare Auld Times, The Punch and Judy Many, The Ferryman, and the great emigration ballad: The Flight of Earls.

Patsy On Air In Westmeath

Patsy was live on air again: Today he was interviewed by Radio Mullingar in County Westmeath.

New Patsy Photos From Holland Discovered

About a year ago, Patsy played the Celtic Shop Irish Folk Festival on April 15-16, 2000, in the Netherlands. We just found some pictures of this event online. Please click here for photos of Patsy's appearance and here as well as here for pictures of the big finale, which had everyone including Patsy on stage!

The Big Strong Man

No, we're not talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger, but another song lyrics we're adding today! Check our Songbook for The Big Strong Man, aka My Brother Sylveste!
Patsy Songbook

Patsy To Play Kilkenny

The next big event is coming up: On Friday, June 29, Patsy will play the second benefit concert for the New Mills Church. We will have further information soon, so keep visiting us.

Let's Have A Party

Let us invite you to a compact and fun report about the evening of March 31, 2001, at the Lower Deck! Naturally, there is a series of pictures for you to enjoy! Note: While streamlining the website in April 2003, we have taken down some older stuff; you still can find some pictures from the abovementioned event in our Info/Photo section!

Patsy On TV: A Success

Reactions to the "Ireland's Greatest Hits" TV show with Patsy are very good. Patsy's management mailed over the following short note:
The T.V. show went very well, Patsy came across very natural and confident.

Patsy On TV: Monday, April 23, 2001

In our March 13 news, we reported about Patsy being interviewed by RTÉ for their TV docu series about Irish songs that became what they call "blockbusters" - now it's time to watch it! Please see Patsy in RTE's "Ireland's Greatest Hits" on Monday, April 23!

Craic & Porter Too Reviewed By Rambles

Rambles online-magazine (which is a goldmine for every fan of celtic music, featuring over 2200 music-related reviews and articles) has reviewed Patsy's THE CRAIC & PORTER TOO. Chief-editor Tom Knapp found the CD highly enjoyable - follow this link for the full review and wet your appetite with this quote:

The Craic & Porter Too is a celebration of and a memorial to Irish pub sessions. Don't go looking for major innovations in music here; this album is more about retaining a sense of tradition than it is about breaking new ground. Patsy performs firmly in the style of the Clancy Brothers, the Dubliners and the like, always retaining a strong flow of freshness and a crisp and enjoyable presentation. His voice is about as perfect as you can get for these songs.

Patsy Watchorn Live In Gutenbrunn, Austria

So here's the big news for everyone from Austria, Germany and Switzerland: Patsy will be playing Austria's most prestigious folk festival, Mario Prinz's Gutenbrunn Folk Festival! Please note the day: Saturday, July 14, 2001.

Postcard Easter-Sunday Give-Away

It was about time that Patsy got a new star postcard that honestly and clearly states what these guy is to his country: Its greatest ballad singer, that is! And we are giving away some for free:
All you gotta do is entering our guestbook until Easter Sunday (April 15) and the first entries (from April 4 on) will receive the following:
First entry: 1 autographed & 14 blank cards
Second entry: 1 autographed & 9 blank cards
Third entry: 1 autographed and 4 blank cards

Now you can let your friends know who's your favorite Irish singer by sending them one of our high-quality Patsy postcards! Act soon and enter our guestbook today - simply say hello or leave a message, a greeting to Patsy, your comments about the site, a question to Patsy you may have!
Note: Do not enter your snail mail address on the guestbook; to avoid making the winner's home addresses public, we will contact you after April 15!

Craic-tastic Days In Dublin

We just came home from the one and only Patsy-Town, sometimes also called Dublin, where we spent four days and got see Patsy live twice. Needless to say, we had a great time and it was absolutely craic-tastic. Mandy Byrnes "warned" everyone that we are here, that everyone would be online through our photographs taken and believe me, that will happen! Patsy mentioned sometime in between that "We're having a party!" but in fact, it was his very own ballad music festival. He's Ireland's greatest ballad singer, and he proves it every Saturday night at the Lower Deck!
As a look forward, this is not the only update for this week:
Photographs and review of Saturday, March 31, 2001; will take us a few days to prepare.
The new star postcards Rare Auld Times Entertainment produced - we will be given away quite a couple of those very soon, including autographed ones - more details later still this week!
Extra-big super-sized mega-exciting giga-fantastic news for all Patsy fans from Middle Europe; announcement very soon!

Lower Deck Craic

Saturday, March 24, at the Lower Deck was another great night. For the regulars, we offered some different background, as we had an accordionist and Teddy at the banjo. If you've never been there, then you have another chance next Saturday - check our Live schedule!

Patsy Interviewed On Radio Kilkenny

Today, Patsy has been interviewed via phone by Radio Kilkenny during a live radio broadcast in the late afternoon.

Patsy On RTÉ's "Ireland's Greatest Hits"

Patsy will be seen on RTÉ soon!!
RTÉ is running a programme to honour the greatest hits that Ireland has known. Only the best and most popular are picked and the title of the programme fittingly is "Ireland's Greatest Hits". Since Rare Auld Times is one of the biggest hits of all times in Ireland and since it was written for Patsy by his life-long friend Pete St. John, RTÉ invited Patsy to sit down for an interview which will be aired together with a music clip of the song. Says your webadmin: It's good to see that Patsy gets acknowledged for his achievements - which, to sum it up, is being Ireland's greatest ballad singer for many years now; there were and still are two essential things which make the Rare Auld Times a timeless classic: The beauty of the song, and, most important, the beauty of Patsy's voice.
So you'll see that 2001 will be the exciting year for all you Patsy fans we promised you! Stay tuned to us as we'll have more for you very soon - and of course we'll keep you informed when RTÉ airs the programme!

The Life Of A Rover Song Lyrics

For all you lyrics collectors, we've added another one: The Life Of A Rover.

Patsy Watchorn 12 Song Collection

Dolphin Records finally sell online what simply is the essential collection of Patsy Watchorn: A full dozen of hits, each and every one known around the world wherever there is Irish music played, a full dozen of hits of which most were written personally for Patsy! Click here for all the info and a very detailed review!

A Dublin Man At The Isle Of Man

Once in a while we treat you with a song lyric! This time we add The Crack Was 90 At The Isle Of Man, a song from Patsy's current CD telling you how the craic is celebrated...

Patsy Is Alive And Well And Singing In Dublin

You may find a ton of exclamations for a fantastic performance, but in Ireland they simply call all they enjoy immensly "the craic". You still should not overuse the word, but what you could experience last Saturday at the Lower Deck was "the _absolute_ craic" for sure. Besides putting on a great show, Patsy also picked a couple of seldom sung songs like "Dublin In My Tears" and "Scorn Not His Simplicity". Wish you had been there? You'll get your chance again next week again - check our Live page!

Win A CRAIC & PORTER TOO CD With Classic Whiskey

A Paddy For St. Patrick's Day is the name of a special promotion Classic Whiskey now is hosting. Everyone who orders a bottle of Paddy Irish Whiskey in February will automatically enter a contest where you can win Patsy's latest CD THE CRAIC & PORTER TOO. Classic Whiskey is only asking you to answer the question "Patsy Watchorn is a performer of what type of Music?", and, to ensure your chance to win, be sure to pick Folk as the answer! So here's your chance to get a fine Irish Whiskey at a real nice price (you can save 10% and more from the regular price!) and even win a CD full of the best Irish ballads you ever heard!

BBC Oxford Broadcasts Highly Successful Patsy Program

According to the radio station, the most popular music ever played within their programs comes from Patsy's CD's; especially "A Children's Winter" was a top favourite among listeners during the Christmas season. In fact, demand was so overwhelming, that an interview is now being prepared as well as there may be talks about a series of live appearances in and around London. Nothing is final yet, but stay tuned to us and you'll know!

Listen To Radio Dublin And Win A CD

Sunday, January 28, 2001, will be a good time to tune in to Radio Dublin at exactly 08:00 AM. You not only can listen to Patsy's latest CD, the highly successful THE CRAIC AND THE PORTER TOO, no ma'am, you even can win a CRAIC & PORTER TOO, yessir!

Bank Of The Ohio Lyrics

Welcome in 2001! To greet you with new stuff, we have added the lyrics to The Banks Of Ohio to our archive. It's another song from THE CRAIC AND THE PORTER TOO (which reached 10.000 units in sale back in November). You also may check out the full list of lyrics we offer so far.

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