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Happy New Year!

Patsy Watchorn is sending out best wishes for the New Year to friends and fans alike! He'd like to thank everybody for their continuing support, from business contacts to loyal fans. Stay with us in 2003, it will be an exciting year for Patsy!

The Watchorn Reunion

Last Saturday night at the Lower Deck turned out to be a very familiar affair, as Mandy Byrnes reports:

We had a great night on Saturday night, it was like a Watchorn reunion! All of Patsy's sisters and his brother and their husbands and wife and two nephews were in. He hasn't seen them for a while (especially all of 'em together), so you can imagine the surprise he got as he knew nothing about it. A good night all round.

Golden Boy Patsy - New Gold Disc Award

Give him the green-white-gold anytime... for this time, it's gold!
Patsy's latest CD (we mentioned that it is doing well on Oct. 29!) THE VERY BEST OF PATSY WATCHORN was officially certified goldand Patsy was awarded with his newest gold record! The ceremony took place on Saturday, November 2, at Carrolls Irish Gifts Westmoreland Street; in all fairness, Carrolls was more than just instrumental in achieving that goal that quick. And friendly reminder to those who did not add to the success so far: You can purchase the CD online in our eStore. Patsy's family including all the little fellas were there too and that was as thrilling to him as the gold record itself, but, finally, here's the first statement from Patsy himself (who did not know what was happening beforehand):

Wonderful! Marvellous! Thanks a million to everybody!

And we're still waiting for a statement from Tracy W., for sure!
Watch this space for more news about the award!

Patsy At Carroll's Irish Gift Stores

Anybody here for a free gig? Now you have the chance: Patsy Watchorn will appear live at Carroll's Irish Gift Store at Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2, on November 2, 2002, at 2 P.M.; it's one of his rare promotional appearances for the current CD (which, BTW, is going very well) and you are very welcome to stop by!

Patsy At P.A.T.S.

On Tuesday, October 22, Patsy appeared during a big gala evening for Phil Coulter, who was honored by the Performing Artists Trust Society (last year, Patsy's old friend Ronnie Drew received the award). Many other artists appeared as well and Patsy sang Dublin In The Rare Auld Times. And if you are curios how great it must sound if Patsy performs Phil Coulter songs, get yourself his current CD as there are a few on it!

Back From Home

What can I say! We are just back from Dublin after four days of the best craic that ever has taken place. Patsy Watchorn proved once again that the slogan created for him is as simple as true: "Ireland's greatest ballad singer". As always, he had his audience spellbound, and they not only came from all over Ireland, but also from the States, Canada and Austria! Some of them, we've been told, even have their own swimming pool! Kidding aside, we saw two of Patsy's appearances and can assure you that Patsy is the most faboulus and most charismatic singer dear old Ireland has to offer - and that means a lot in the country of the singers, musicians and writers.

Craic & Porter Too Lyrics Complete

My, my, what do we have here: the songs lyrics to Black Velvet Band, and with that, we now have all the lyrics of THE CRAIC AND PORTER TOO online for you! As always, we're giving you a little background about the song's story.
Black Velvet Band Info & Lyrics

Back With A Bang

Patsy is back from his holidays for a week now and already has played some highly welcomed extra gigs which your webadmin missed because yours truly was on vacation for a couple of days.

Portugal Calling

Patsy sends greetings to all his fans from lovely Portugal, where he is enjoying a much needed break! That means that he will not appear at the Lower Deck on September 7 and September 14 - but the "Patsy Watchorn Band" gladly will entertain you.

Patsy On Air On Thursday

This Thursday, August 22, Patsy will be on air at 7:30 AM at Midland Radio 3. The interview has been scheduled as Patsy will appear at the Dunamise Centre in Portlaois Friday, August 23, 2002. If you're in the area, tune in!

The Very Best Of Patsy Watchorn

Here we are finally with all the stuff about Patsy's latest CD THE VERY BEST OF PATSY WATCHORN! You may click the links above or below here, anyway, get Irish, get excited, get the disc!

Order Online
Purchase the CD here safely online using your credit card!
Track Listing
Full track listing of all 20 tracks, some with lyrics!
Press Release
Telling you about the CD and the song that gave it its title! What happened 25 years ago? Beginning: "Our story goes back to 1976 when Patrick J. Hillery was in his first year of being president..."
Promo Booklet
Sneak preview: Check out the rare promotional booklet in text and image that was given to press and media contacts!
New Interview Patsy is speaking about the song and the times back then. QuotF: "the lyrics caught me straight away; it was such a beautiful text". Plus, he's speaking about his career and more things - quotF: "Let me settle this here as it pops up again and again: I was not with the Ramblers - I was the Ramblers."

Patsy To Play Portlaoise

Patsy will appear at the Dunamise Arts Centre in Portlaoise, County Laois, on August 23, 2002. Order tickets at (0502) 63355 - tickets are EUR 15.00 (concessions EUR 12.00), doors open at 8:00 P.M., not to be missed by anybody near Portlaois!

Patsy & Carrol's Irish Gifts: A Long-Time Connection

Straight from the desk of Mandy Byrnes comes the following news bulletin, so I better pass this on to you immediately:

It is with great pleasure that we announce our continueing and deepening partnershop with Carrol's Irish Gift Stores. Patsy's voice has been very prominent at Carrol's for years, as everybody knows who ever entered one of the shops. With the release of the new album, this even gets better: The new CD is available as of writing in every Carrol's store, you'll hear audio clips while checking out the goodies and a few spoken announcements by Patsy. Most of all, if you're lucky enough to catch one of Patsy's rare lunch time gigs there, you could be fortunate enough to see him perform live at Carrol's Westmoreland Street. As an extra, we throw in our very own 25th anniversary postcard and some newsletters to pick up.

Paul Furey: May 6, 1948 - June 16, 2002

As you all know by now, Paul Furey passed away on Sunday, June 16. His family was with him all day and he was among those he loved most. Patsy attended his funeral yesterday and was deeply saddened by the loss of Paul who was nothing less than a life-long friend:

I've known him for 35 years; I know the Fureys, played with them, know their family, their father - all of them are very dear friends. He was a great musician and he was a man that could make you laugh and smile in seconds with his tales and stories. My deepest sympathy goes to the family. Paul will be sorely missed. There was celebrity galore at his funeral and if I offended anyone by not going for a drink afterwards, I'm sorry, but I just wanted to say my prayers, reminisce the old days in silence and be thankful that I counted him to my friends.

Three Lovely Lassies

A rarely performed song (at least by Patsy) is Three Lovely Lassies From Kimmage; but he recorded it for his CRAIC & PORTER TOO album.
Click here for Three Lovely Lassies

McCarthy's Fusiliers! New Single Released By Patsy!

What a day! We're pretty sure that you won't read this today as you have enough to celebrate (and as we assume everybody arriving here is green-white-gold, let me say only 1-2-3 and Robbie, Gary and Damien!), but we still have to let you know that Patsy is supporting the Irish team (as usual, you may say) and also has released a new single for the championship: McCarthy's Fusiliers, to the melody of McAlpine's Fusiliers. It is released by Dolphin Records and is available at record shops in Ireland. It is rumoured that the CD was played to the team right before the match today which would be the explanation why Ireland for the first time ever scored three times in a World Championship match.

Patsy On Radio Dublin

There was a whole lot of Patsy on Radio Dublin yesterday afternoon! And it was Patsy live at the radio station, talking and chatting and telling all the news! It was over an hour with lots of his music. The station has a phoneline open always and many people called and congratulated Patsy on the new CD and encouraged him to go on. "Don't worry, be Irish," Patsy said, "I'll be there for a long time to come!"

Patsy Watchorn At Áras an Uachtaráin

Patsy is receiving today what is the ultimate honour for each true Irish citizen:
He is invited to a reception to celebrate entertainers at Áras an Uachtaráin by President Mary McAleese. Áras an Uachtaráin, for everybody here not from Ireland, is the official residence of the President. Patsy & Mandy will be there at 2:30 PM; they are absolutely thrilled and honoured and feel very very thankful: All those years have not passed by unseen: Patsy never gets tired in celebrating his grand little country and, through his music, spreading the word about Eire all over the world. Not an evening with Patsy on stage passes by without "Amhrán na bhFiann/Soldiers' Song" (Ireland's National Anthem) closing the night. It is so rewarding to see this acknowledged from the highest office this land has.

Visit the Presidents' website at http://www.gov.ie/aras/index.htm.

In Memoriam Danny Burns

Patsy came back from the holidays fresh and recharged only to find some sad news waiting for him:
Danny Burns passed away Tuesday night, May 7, unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm. Danny was a founding member of "The Wolfhound". There is more info about Danny on Nick Kelly's website. Patsy would like to express the following:

I'm sad to hear about Danny as I knew him long time ago; though I hadn't seen or heard anything of him in years I'm sorry to hear the sad news. Another one of the greats gone to the big session somewhere, I'm sending condolences to all his family and I will say a prayer for Danny.

South To A Warmer Place

Please note that Patsy will NOT appear the Lower Deck on Saturday, May 18, 2002! He's taking a little break in Spain this week, but Brian, John and Martin will be there to entertain you!

From New York To Belgium

We are very busy with everything around the new CD; in a couple of days we have more info and of course the CD itself for you. In the meantime, we want to inform you about two very exciting things which happened recently:
Patsy had the honour of appearing in front of the brave New York Firemen; it was a grand night and everybody thouroughly enjoyed it. And last Saturday, a Belgian TV station visited Patsy at the Lower Deck to film a documentary!

New CD: Rare Old Times - The Very Best Of Patsy

The new CD THE RARE OLD TIMES - THE VERY BEST OF PATSY WATCHORN (Dolphin DOCDK 116) finally is released and in stores! And within a few days, we have it in our online shop as well! Check back with us very soon. We'll give you full info and background, but first, here's the track listing: Rare Old Times, Liverpool Lou, The Pub With No Beer, Scorn Not His Simplicity, Paddy Lie Back, The Gold & Silver Days, Luke's Song, Dance With Me Colleen, The Shamrock & The Rose, The Hot Asphalt, The Spanish Lady, Whiskey In The Jar, The Wild Rover, Whiskey On A Sunday, Home Boys Home, Ringsend Rose, The Big Strong Man PLUS THREE NEW SONGS: I'll Tell Me Ma, Red Rose Cafe, The Red Haired Minstrel.

The Nightingale Lyrics Added

We're very sorry for the website downtime through the last weekend. The problems we had occur every few years in server systems; obviously, that moment was exactly last Friday. To make up for any inconvenience, we add a new song text to our collection, another old and wellknown ballad: The Nightingale.
Click here for The Nightingale

New CD Announced At Open House

Patsy's Open House TV appearance was welcomed very much by all the fans out there. Thank you so much for all your feedback - we hope you not only told us, but also mailed to openhouseSPAMBLOCKER@rte.ie to let them know how great it is to see our man on TV. Patsy opened the show and, when he sang Rare Auld Times, viewers were treated to the rare chance of Patsy with the dobro. He himself was satisfied too and thought it "pretty good".
The big news of course is that a new CD will be released in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Patsy's blockbuster Dublin In The Rare Auld Times! It'll contain 20 tracks of which three are new and unreleased recordings, among them "Red Rose Cafe".
We'll be back with more details soon!
Note: You have to remove the part SPAMBLOCKER from the above email address before mailing; this is a spam protection for email accounts; thank you for your understanding

Goodbye To Rory

We still owe you at least a short note about the Rory McKewon Memorial Show which took place on February 15, directly from Mandy Byrnes:

It was a major success and a perfect night! Every artist gave their 100% and so did Patsy Watchorn Agus A Chairde!

Patsy Watchorn Live At The Shieling

Where were you when the Irish ballad scene was at its peak? Can you still remember that the Shieling Hotel in the north of Dublin was one of the most famous places to play? If you can or if you can't, there are surely some sentimental touches to it when Patsy revisits a place he has played decades ago, bringing back the glory of Ireland's greatest ballad voice ever on March 15 and April 12! Check our Live page for more info!

New Patsy Greeting Card: St. Patrick's Day

This is the month when all the world is green and dear auld Dublin town is the capital of the world! St. Patrick's Day is ahead and we're starting the month with a concert tonight at the Sunnybank (see our Feb. 26 news) and also with a new Patsy greeting card fitting perfectly for St. Patrick's Day! Send it to your friends from here!

Open House TV Appearance Rescheduled

Important update: The date of Patsy's TV appearance has moved to March 21! Please see more details in our February 19 news.

Sunnybank Visits March & April Confirmed

We're rollin'... nice and easy now, more and more dates coming in - stick glued to this site for many exciting news in the near future! Let us add another gig to the list today: Patsy will play the Sunnybank Hotel (68-70 Botanic Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9; phone: +353 1 830 6755) on Friday, March 1 and on Friday, April 5. The show has been added to our list of live appearances. There we have 7 live gigs and 1 TV appearance listed now where you can see Patsy in March - and there is more to come!

Benefit Concert On March 8 In Portlaois

Patsy will take part in a benefit concert for the rebuild of war-shattered Bosnia on March 8, 2002. It will take place at the Gandon Inn in Emo, Portlaoise, Co. Laois. They also offer reasonably priced accomodation, so if you want to take a short trip outside the city and still need some Patsy songs at your weekend, you may give them a try (phone 0502 26622). Please note that this show is not organized by Rare Auld Times Entertainment.

Patsy On TV Again: Open House, March 21

Updated: Please note that the date has moved from March 6 to March 21!
Big news: Our boy will be on TV again very soon! Previously known as „Life At Three", Open House will open its doors for Patsy on March 21, 2002 on RTÉ One; be sure to tune in at 2:50 PM when Patsy will be greeted by hosts Mary Kennedy and Marty Whelan. Don’t miss it! Open House welcomes your comments, so be sure to email them afterwards to openhouseSPAMBLOCKER@rte.ie and let them know that you enjoyed seeing Patsy there and that you want him back again!
Note: You have to remove the part SPAMBLOCKER from the above email address before mailing; this is a spam protection for email accounts; thank you for your understanding

Patsy & The Dublin 77 Football Team

Fitting to our news from yesterday, we have to tell you about a special honour Patsy received last Friday: On February 9 at the Burlington Hotel, a big celebration dinner took place for the legendary Dublin 1977 Football Team, celebrating the 25th anniversary. Over 1000 people attended the night. All your sports heroes were there and Patsy was invited to do the entertainment which he gladly and successfully did. It was good to see that Patsy got the full Hollywood-treatment including pick-up by a limousine and limo-service all night long. And, to speak for Patsy, he enjoyed the night and meeting some many good old friends again very much.

Ireland vs. Russia

If you've been at Lansdown Road tonight or switched on your TV to watch the game, you also have heard what music they selected to play in front of 50.000 people before the match: Yup, it was Patsy's Dublin In The Rare Auld Times. And it's a perfect time to showcase this timeless classic by Patsy again these days - but we'll tell you more about this later!

Scotland Calling - Again

Brendan from Scotland (see also our January 11 news) sent in another photograph - if YOU want to share your favorite Patsy pic with us, please contact our webadmin at the Contact page.

I am sending you another photograph of Patsy, it was taken with my sister Celia in Dublin in 2000; Brendan.

New Gigs on Short Notice

Patsy will play at the Sunnybank again tomorrow, February 1. There also will be an extra gig on February 15, but we will let you know exactly where this will take place later.

Well Done Lads (GAA Tallaght)

As we reported in our December 3, 2001 news, Patsy's appearance at the Thomas Davis GAA in Tallaght was a big success. You will be pleased to hear that the GAA's own website confirms this on its homepage too:

Our hurlers have been busy organising [...] a very successful fundraising evening featuring Patsy Watchorn.

Click here for the Thomas Davis GAA homepage

Scotland Calling

Brendan from Scotland sent us the picture he had taken late in 2001 when he was visiting Dublin (and Patsy at the Lower Deck). It shows Joe (Waterford), da man himself, Paul (Dublin), Brendan (Fife,Scotland) and in front Barney (Dublin) and Alison (Fife, Scotland). Thank you, Brendan! He also added his comment to our guestbook. If you want to share your favourite Patsy picture with us, please contact our webadmin at our contact page.

Gerry Drew Benefit Revisited

I hope you excuse that we only now find the time to tell you a bit more about this big benefit night which took place on December 19! It was a great evening and a big success. Gerry Drew was looking pale and tired, but otherwise - considering the circumstances - not too bad; we were very glad that he was in good shape enough to attend; just let's pray. Patsy opened the show and sang Dirty Old Town, The Ferryman, Flight Of Earls and Rare Auld Times; The Furrier played Boolavogue. Patsy Watchorn Agus A Chairde were very well received by the audience. The rest of the night - at least for Patsy and the lads - was very relaxed.

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