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Site News: Index Update

That's the week of the year to take care of things too long on one's schedule; true for our website too where we added final touches to the News system. As of today, the news are working as it was designed originally and that is as follow:
This page here is the current news page (News), displaying current news according to what we think a visitor would be interested first. Through the link News Archive you can read the news in one long page for each year; that of course may take a little while to load. Finally, and this is where we modified the script, the link News Index lists all the news headlines we ever had, directly clickable and displaying only the news item chosen lightning fast.
So much for our year-end tech update!

The Rare Auld Times Band Complete Again

After a long and very serious illness, Noel Healy is back with us in style. Patsy always surrounds himself with top-notch musicians so we are glad that we have Brian Furlong, John Deegan and Noel Carroll on board and that Noel Healy is back with us. He was looking frail and a bit timid, but oh boy how he blended into the band from the first note on, just like he was never away. Last Saturday was one of those many you better have not missed. As our news title says, good to be complete again!

Merry Christmas!


The Patsy Watchorn Postage Stamp

Patsy Watchorn Postage StampYes! This positively is what you think it is:
An official postage stamp with our man on!

Patsy Watchorn was honoured on a limited edition Austrian postage stamp. After all, Austria is a republic too...
And if you're very lucky, then you received Patsy's latest Christmas greeting card with the new stamp on it. Just be sure to treasure this - not too many will receive it!

Request Patsy On Radio

We have cool news for all of you today who want to hear Patsy on radio and are too lazy to call the station... We have set up a simple and quick two-step form for you that allows you to request your favourite song from Irish Rebel Heroes via email from dozens of Irish stations and programmes! Click the link below and within seconds you will be comfortably sending out playlist requests to your favourite stations and D.J.s!
Request Patsy to be played at your favourite station!

What Are You Doing On New Years Eve

Exactly four weeks to New Year's Eve - what are your plans?
How about this:
Patsy Watchorn & The Rare Auld Times Group at The Lower Deck
Doors 9PM, Show 10PM, Tickets €10.--
Book early! Tickets are going fast!
Phone The Lower DecF: (+353) (1) 4751423.

Top Five Downloads November 2004

Tracks from Patsy's new album IRH show up in our monthly charts for the first time now with "Sean South Of Garryowen" and "God Save Ireland" - not being online for the full of November, we foresee great things for the IRH samples we have here for you. Anyway, here's the chart and a link to each and every download we offer you - enjoy!
1. Dublin In My Tears
2. Sean South Of Garryowen
3. God Save Ireland
4. Dancing At Whitsun
5. Grace
Listen to Patsy Watchorn!

IRH On Air In Kerry

Radio KerryIf you're from the kingdom of Kerry, then you'll be surely pleased to hear that it is possible to tune in to listen to Patsy's latest and greatest album IRISH REBEL HEROES (full of great rebel ballads) at Radio Kerry in Séan Reilly's program Irish Favourites, or, as Séan himself told us:

Playin` the hell out of IRISH REBEL HEROES every Sunday night at Radio Kerry! Broadcasting from studios in Killarney and Cahersiveen on four frequencies - 96.2, 96.6, 97.0 and 97.6FM

IRH Interview With Mandy Byrnes

Mandy Byrnes InterviewWe have interviewed Mandy Byrnes, project coordinator for IRISH REBEL HEROES. She's talking about the new album, the backgrounds leading up to it, the songs, the cover, everything. Follow our link to a most interesting read!

So what sets this rebel album apart from the many others out there?
Mandy Byrnes: The voice. That uniquely distinctive voice and the man behind it, adding amazing warmth and credibility to these songs.

Mandy Byrnes Interview

IRH (Irish Rebel Heroes) Available

IRISH REBEL HEROES is available now in our online shop!
To wet your appetite, we have ten short song samples out of the total sixteen online for you here!

The Dubs In The Rare Ould Times

The Dubs - Gaelic Football 70sIn 1974 Kevin Heffernan restored pride in the capital by leading Dublin to their first All-Ireland in 11 years. The 97-minute tape „The Dubs In The Rare Ould Times“ charts the success of that famous team that was to dominate gaelic football history. They became the first team to contest 6 All-Ireland‘s in a row, winning 3 of them.

Dublin actor Dolm Meaney (The Snapper, The Van, Star Trek) stars in and asks the questions. Many famous faces appear on the screen, including our very own Patsy Watchorn: Three inserts with Colm and Patsy at Dollymount strand, taped in April 2004 (we reported here on April 20, 2004). Plus, you enjoy Patsy‘s theme song Rare Auld Times to be played in the background throughout the whole documentation.

It fits nicely to the sports topic of these news that last Saturday, Jimmy Keaveney and Alan Reed visited Patsy at the Lower Deck and enjoyed the night immensly...

„The Dubs In The Rare Ould Times“ is distributed through rmgchart.

Released: Irish Rebel Heroes

Patsy's latest album IRISH REBEL HEROES has arrived from the pressing plants. Now available in stores! Pull back your shoulders, stretch your back, hold your head up high, here comes the pride of the Irish, Patsy Watchorn singing the proud songs of people who shaped this land's history! The album will be available online as well in a few days!

Patsy & Tyneside's Tony Corcoran

We are going through the Newcastle pictures (Oct. 23), preparing a pictorial retrospective both for Patsy's fans at home as well as for our new friends in the Tyneside Irish Centre . We ask for your understanding that Patsy's upcoming album is using most of our resources these days so it'll take some time more until we'll deliver, but deliver we will! For now, we put just one picture onlinF: Patsy and Tyneside chairman Tony Corcoran.

Top Five Downloads October 2004

Just a few days ahead from the release of Patsy's next album IRISH REBEL HEROES, our download chart for October 2004 underlines that it was the perfect decision to do a rebel album, as Patsy's spoken introduction to Grace is the most-downloaded file again - unbelievable but true!
1. Grace (spoken introduction)
2. Hearts On Fire
3. Dublin Town In 1962
4. Dublin In My Tears
5. Song For Ireland
All our downloads!

Thank You! From Patsy To Newcastle

Patsy live in Newcastle!Patsy, just flown back to Dublin, is sending his best wishes to all the lovely folks who attended his appearance at the Tyneside Irish Centre yesterday. Thanks to your hospitality and enthusiasm, the night was a smashing success. So, Patsy and his group (Brian The Furrier Furlong, John Deego Deegan, Noel Carroll, Dick Farrelly) are applauding all of you as well. More later!

Coming Soon: New Album "Irish Rebel Heroes"

Here's the big news all of you have been waiting for:
Patsy's new album IRISH REBEL HEROES on Ceol Records will be out shortly!

For years, his fans have been waiting for another republican album - here it is!
Patsy has picked 16 great rebel ballads and gave these classics a unique treatment, applying the Watchorn trademark to each and everyonF:

God Save Ireland * Rising Of The Moon * Dublin In The Green * Upton Ambush * James Connolly * The Irish Republican Army * Broad Black Brimmer * The Sea Around Us * The Ballad Of Billy Reid * Boys Of The Old Brigade * Robert Emmet * Irish Soldier Laddie * The Patriot Game * Sean South Of Garryowen * Come Out Ye Black And Tans * A Nation Once Again

More info in the next days. As a teaser, we reprint the front cover today!

Something Big Coming Up, cont'd

Patsy Watchorn: The Patriot!

The exclusive circle of true Irish patriots is not only defined by having fought and died for Ireland. It has a very few artists within its members too, those who contribute their talents to magnify the greatness of their homeland.

Patsy Watchorn is one of them.

Something Big Coming Up

The Man Comes Around!

No ordinary human being but a man who has been around forever, watching and caring for the people of Ireland for thousands of years. Now surmise this man's eyes; think what wealth of history they have seen; eyes deeply looking at you with the wisdom of the ages, knowingly resting in all the joy and sorrow this country's folk have experienced. Eyes sincere and proud, friendly and humorous.
Next project close to perfection. Going public soon. Stay in touch, stay informed.

"I never died," said he! Joe Hill 125th Anniversary

We are putting the last missing lyrics from Hearts On Fire online today! That means that you can read the words and background info to all the songs of the album now in our Songbook.
It is a meaningful date to publish this here as October 7, 2004, marks the 125th birthday of Joel Hägglund aka Joe Hill. As usual, please follow the link below!
Joe Hill - lyrics and story

Top Five Downloads September 2004

Ok ok ok folks, we can not say the message has not arrived. Next to really testing out the capability of our servers by downloading a fat total of files, the spoken intro to Grace is the number one download now without interruption since May 2004. We rate this as a very impressive voting about what you are interested. Stay tuned as Patsy is going to accept this 'order' - there are big and exciting news ahead for you in the next couple of days!Meanwhile, back at the ranch, enjoy the charts you helped to build:
1. Grace (spoken introduction)
2. Dublin Town In 1962
3. Grace
4. Hearts On Fire
5. Song For Ireland
Top download September 2004 direct link

Patsy On Air In Massachusetts

Jim Larkin of IrishRadioPatsy's current album Hearts On Fire will be on air on the east coast today, as we are informed by Jim Larkin (what a name to have an Irish radio program!). It'll will be heard through the next months live in Massachusetts every Sunday from 4:05 - 6pm on WBET Radio, 1460am out of Brockton Massachusetts and here are some words from Jim:

What a great album. Of course Patsy is one of the best ballad singers I have ever heard and I have played many of his songs on the radio these past 22 years. He is one of my own personal favorites and has many fans here.
Replays of this show can be heard worldwide by going to : IrishRadio. Once there, look for the link that says 'Listen to Irish Music 24 hours a day'. Click the 'start' button and it will bring you to the broadcast page. Click the 'yellow circle with the black speaker in it' and the broadcast will begin after an advertisement. I usually have the last 3 weeks shows running at this site. Today's show will take a couple of days to get on there but will be there for at least 3 weeks

Anniversary Of Ann Devlin

Grave of Ann DevlinOn September 18, 1851, Ann Devlin died at 2 Little Ellow Lane, The Coombe in Dublin. She was was servant to Robert Emmet and loyal to her master and his vision, suffering at Kilmainham Jail as well. No one lesser than Padraic Pearce said about her: "Whenever the name of Robert Emmet is mentioned in history let the name of Ann Devlin never be forgotten."
Patsy has honoured Ann on his album Hearts On Fire and is one of the very few ever to record the Pete St. John ballad by the same name.
Today is perfect to remind you of her and we provide you with the lyrics to the song as well as a short biography.
Pictured is Ann Devlin's grave at Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin
Ann Devlin biography & lyrics

Top Five Downloads August 2004

This is sensational! Visitors here obviously love Patsy's devotion to the heroes of Ireland's fight for freedom as the spoken introduction to Grace again is the most-downloaded file here at the Watchorn Headquarters, now for the fourth consecutive month - that is the all time consecutive number one run in our server statistics since opening this site in June 2000! As you all love the rebel side of Patsy so much, we reeeeally have to do something about - let us think that over for a few days... in the meanwhile, here are the stats:
1. Grace (spoken introduction)
2. Hearts On Fire
3. Dublin In My Tears
4. Only Our Rivers Run Free
5. Song For Ireland
Number One Download Direct Link!

Patsy! Newcastle! Patsy! Tyneside! Patsy! Festival!

Patsy live in Newcastle!... And did we mention: Patsy will appear at one of England's biggest Irish festivals on October 23, 2004.
This will be one of the major events over there, as the Tyneside Irish Festival was trying to get Patsy earlier but schedules didn't permit but this time it's for real, so take out your notebook and pencil down:
Tyneside Irish Festival, 23rd October 2004, Patsy Watchorn Live!
All details (festival venue, maps) are online at http://www.tynesideirish.com/
In honour of Patsy's good friend Jack Charlton, who is living in Newcastle, we have set up a special page - click the link below!
If you're anywhere near Newcastle on October 23 (like, say, Alaska or Tokyo), GET THERE to see and hear Patsy. Don't forget your camera as every camera absoutely loves our boy. We love the boy too - come and see why!
Patsy & Jack Charlton

Hearts On Fire Summer Sale

Our postcard campaign was not the last goodie we have for you this summer! For everybody staying home in the high-vacation season and in need of the true ballad, we have our super summer sale for you!
For a limited time only, we are offering Patsy's current album Hearts On Fire at a very special price, so hurry up:

Save 15% if you order until September 1, 2004!

1. If you still have not done so, you may check out sound samples of every song on Hearts On Fire in our Download section!
2. It's Elvis' anniversary again - on August 16, 1977, The King passed away.

Order only from this linF:

Super Summer Special - Hearts On Fire

Cárta Poist From Patsy

Summer, sun, ice cream, drinks, shorts, bikinis, vacation time! That usually included that you received nice postcards from your friends and from those where you turned to your better half and said "That one of yours?".
Where are those times! Everybody is emailing, text messaging and mobile phoning from the most impossible places. And An Post is not too fond of this development either.
Patsy Watchorn is going to do something about it! As of today, we're sending out greetings from Patsy on a strictly limited edition postcard destined to be a collector's item! Sending out to friends and business contacts alike and a few surprise cards as well. So you're know what happened when our latest postcard arrives in your mailbox! Or when the postman rings... the melody of Rare Auld Times on your doorbell!

Patsy & Paddy Kelly At The Spawell

Patsy's management is very content with the course of Patsy's opening night at the Spawell last Sunday. It was a bank holiday weekend and a smaller than usual crowd was expected, but in the end it was very nice to see the venue's management running around hectically to bring in more stools to accommodate Patsy's fans.
It is of course advised to visit every gig to the best of your ability. We don't have commercial ulterior motivs saying that, but we know that most of you are avid fans of the Irish ballad "as is" and if you have followed us through the years, you know that Patsy basically "is" the center of the Irish ballad scene today. Everbody loves our boy and therefore we see famous names turning up very often as an extra treat to Patsy's loyal following; it would be very unfair to list a few names here and omit too many, so let us only mention this past Sunday:
Paddy Kelly, Luke's brother, attended Patsy's gig, and brought his lovely wife Breada with him; they were celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary! Paddy got up to sing two songs and give a little yet remarkable speech. He noted that this side of Dublin needed this kind of music for quite some time and went on in thanking Patsy for his life-long devotion to the music also his brother loved best. He emphasized that it is Patsy that is keeping the Irish ballad scene alive today. Patsy was beaming happily as there are not too many people out there which could say this rightfully, but Paddy Kelly surely is one of 'em.

Top Five Downloads July 2004

Patsy's spoken introduction to Grace again is the most-downloaded file here at the Watchorn Headquarters, now for the third consecutive month and still not by a small margin, but head and shoulders. Possibly we should record a talking record with Patsy! The song Grace is highly popular as well - but here's the chart:
1. Grace (spoken introduction)
2. Dublin In My Tears
3. Grace
4. Only Our Rivers Run Free
5. Hearts On Fire
Top download direct link!

Only Our Rivers Are Free Lyrics

Mickey MacConnellAlmost 40 years ago, Mickey MacConnell, a young man from Fermanagh penned a song that still today is standing the test of time and proves to be an Irish favourite. It took Patsy a few years more than he had planned, but for HEARTS ON FIRE, he recorded it: Only Our Rivers Run Free. Today we offer you the lyrics including our usual notes. Naturally, we asked the composer what he thought of it and Mickey replied:

I'm delighted that Patsy has included my song on his new CD!

Don't forget that Patsy will open the Spawell (see July 19 news) on August 1, this Sunday!
Only Our Rivers Run Free

Patsy And The Wedding Of The Century

Christina O, Sean Dunne, Gayle KillileaNo, no, it wasn't Patsy who married. It was columnist Gayle Killilea and property developer Sean Dunne who surprised a few hand-selected guests at the Onassis mega yacht Christina O in Monte Carlo with a marriage instead (what everybody expected) a 50th birthday bash. The nuptials, which cost €1.5m, were the best-kept secret in Ireland.
It was also a big secret that Patsy was flown in to take care of the entertainment; if the Irish celebrate, spoiled as they are, they only will accept the best - luckily Patsy was available! He looks back at the last Saturday with pure enjoyment:

You can't call it work. 'Twas a pleasure to entertain these folks, which have been very friendly and down-to-earth. Me'n'me Rare Auld Times Group felt royally treated and we gave our very best to entertain.

And what did the Sunday Independent say about party and entertainment? You can't fail with Patsy on board:

It was the wedding which made the Hello! /Westlife hooley look cheap, the Posh and Becks bonanza look crass and the Paul McCartney party look downright boring.

Patsy Opens At The Spawell, August 1

The Spawell, TemepleoguePatsy Watchorn will open at The Loft at The Spawell Leasure Center Sunday, August 1, and will play every Sunday night during August. You are very much welcomed to join us for the craic; if you're (wo)man enough and can handle it, you may visit us both Saturday (Mother Redcaps) and Sunday in the true Irish spirit:

'Twas a morning in July, I was walkin' through Dublin's south end
When I heard a ballad cry from the mountains overhead
As I looked up in the sky, I saw an Irish ballad laddie
He looked at me right fearlessly and said:
Will you stand in the band like a true Irish man?
And go and join the forces of the craic?
Will you march with Watchorn to the Spawell Templeogue?
For tonight we go to sing the whole night long!

Click our Patsy Live link to check out address, phone and a map of the Spawell!

Foggy Dew & Whitsun Lyrics

Closing the week with two more lyrics from Patsy's current album Hearts On Fire, we have chosen this pair of songs carefully to demonstrate the serious approach Patsy applies when plying his trade. War and death have affected cruely so many innocent through the ages, and Patsy is emphasizing the universal tragedy of loss in recording both the Irish The Foggy Dew as well as the English Dancing At Whitsun for his album, putting them even "back-to-back" on the album so really no one listening carefully can miss the message. Having said that, we invite you to check out the immortal The Foggy Dew as well as the poignant Dancing At Whitsun in our songbook.

Management Confirms Mother Redcaps Appearance

MRCMandy Byrnes has just confirmed that Patsy will play 2 Saturdays at the lively Mother Redcaps near Christchurch on July 24 and August 7.
Please see our Patsy Live page for all the details.

Note that Patsy will not appear at the Deck these Saturdays.
Patsy Live

Happy Birthday, Ger!

From Ireland to California:
The nicest fella ever to have walked the streets of L.A. - is from Ireland!
Heartiest greetings to Ger Donoghue, who is celebrating his birthday today. Standing in line for a hug and a kiss (well, depends) are Patsy, Mandy, The Furrier, Deego and Yours Truly.
We still have not experienced anything similar in terms of hospitality than what came our way in March 2003 and we'd love to see you soon again. Ger was organizing Patsy's St. Paddy's tour to L.A. and Las Vegas last year and had done more than just a tremendous job - it was faboulos. What a guy!

More pictures of Patsy & Ger!

Top Five Downloads June 2004

Patsy's spoken introduction to Grace again is the most-downloaded file here at the Watchorn Headquarters, and it is leaving everything else in the dust these days. But here are the facts: 1. Spoken Intro: Grace
2. Dublin In My Tears
3. Only Our Rivers Run Free
4. Raglan Road
5. Grace
The No.1 spot - direct link!

By Special Demand: Sailing Home Lyrics

By very special demand (well, your webadmins mommy!) we're adding the text of yet another beautiful ballad by Patsy to the songbook: Sailing Home. Go and check it out!
Sailing Home lyrics

Rambles Gives Hearts On Fire Excellent Press

Rambles.netRambles, one of the leading sources for expressive trad and folk reviews online, has reviewed Hearts On Fire a couple of days ago.
Written by Nicky Rossiter, it is very rewarding to see that Rambles aknowledges a lot of the things Patsy intended to accomplish with the album. You can check out all the nice things Nicky said yourself by listening to the samples on our Hearts On Fire page. Please visit Rambles to read the full review of which we have added a few quotes below:

Patsy Watchorn is like Ronnie Drew or Bob Dylan in that he has that unique gift of a distinctive voice that brings heart to any song -- old or new.[...]Patsy makes the classics his own. A few years ago we thought only Danny Doyle could do justice to "Step It Out Mary" and Luke Kelly owned "Raglan Road." Give this CD a listen and, while you will still appreciate those versions, you will love Watchorn singing them.

Rambles has thousands of reviews more to offer, serving as objective recommendations to buy or to leave; you're well advised to visit them often.
Rambles review of Hearts On Fire

He Was Ugly, Strong And Had Dignity

John WayneJohn Wayne, when asked how he wanted to be remembered, replied: "Feo, Fuerte y Formal" - Spanish proverb meaning "He was ugly, strong and had dignity".
Today is the day to remember him - John Wayne passed away exactly 25 years ago at the age of 72.
One of Patsy's favourite movies is The Quiet Man (whose Isle Of Innisfree Patsy recorded and presented to a new generation) with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara (see link below) and John is one of Patsy's favourite actors.
Some folks need to be reminded of this anniversary, but if you ask Patsy if he ever forgot about The Duke, he'd growl "The hell I will..."
The Quiet Man Around Maureen O'Hara

Ray Charles Passed Away

Ray CharlesTonight, Ray Charles passed away in his house in Beverly Hills, California, at the age of 73.
There is so much to say about him, more than would be fitting here so we point you to http://www.raycharles.com/ for all you may want to know.

Patsy fondly remembers performing together with Ray in Paris in the early 80's.

Hearts On Fire Reviewed By Irish World

Irish World logoThe printed version of The Irish World, one of the largest Irish newspapers outside Eire has reviewed Hearts On Fire. Here are a few quotes from Xenia Poole's article:

He quickly topped the Irish ballad scene and has seemed to steadily remained there ever since. His music, with his unique Liffey brogue and exceptional voice, has survived the test of time, remaining popular decade after decade.[...] Hearts on Fire really gives you a really good insight to what this man is all about. The collection is one that spans his past, childhood memories through to the present illustrating the love of his country and its people. Hearts on Fire, the title track was written by Welsh writer, Frank Hennessey. With powerfully intense and moving lyrics, it’s not surprising Patsy picked it to represent the album. [...] With his latest offering, Patsy look set to keep his place at the top of the Irish ballad scene for some time to come.

Top Five Downloads May 2004

Our statistics department deliver the 5 most wanted downloads in our Downloads section at www.patsywatchorn.com for the month of May - and here they are:
1. Spoken Intro: Grace
2. Raglan Road
3. Hearts On Fire
4. Grace
5. Dublin In My Tears
And here's the link to our #1 download!

Grace Gifford & Joseph Mary Plunkett: May 4, 1916

There never was a story more touching about the 1916 Easter Rising: Sentenced to death, Joe Plunkett married Grace Gifford just hours before he was executed - but listen to Patsy himself telling you about Grace and the beautiful ballad about her. We have more info and the song lyrics in a fresh new page paying our tribute in our songbook. And of course we have a sample of the ballad in our Download section.
So we got everything here to remember these brave people in stylF: text, words, music. Today's picture shows Patsy at the cell were Grace was taken into custody at Kilmainham Jail

Listen to Patsy talking about the song Grace

Top Five Downloads April 2004

Our statistics department deliver the 5 most wanted downloads here at www.patsywatchorn.com for the month of April - and here they are:
1. Dublin In My Tears
2. Hearts On Fire
3. Dublin Town In 1962
4. Raglan Road
5. Spoken Intro Raglan Road
Here's our link to all the downloads!

FolkWorld Review Of Hearts On Fire

FolkWorld logoThe european online folk magazine FolkWorld has done a short, but nice review of Hearts On Fire. Here's a link to the full article and here's a quote:

The arrangements and interpretations of these classic songs are as superb as Patsy's smack and smoky voice.

Patsy & Alan Corcoran At 106.8FM

Patsy just finished his interview at Dublin Country. And a smashing success it was; they are still trying to get the studio phone lines to work again. So many people called live, and Patsy was telling everyone the facts: From the old days on the road, why he left the old band, but up to nowadays mostly as people showed lots of interest in the current album Hearts On Fire. They asked why Patsy recorded this or that song and he gladly answered these questions. All in all, Patsy was on air for a good 30 minutes and a series of songs were played. It was a most entertaining evening for all the listeners of Dublin Country.

Patsy To Be Interviewed At Dublin Country

Patsy interviewed at 106.8FM on May 27 / 7:00 - 9:00 PMWhile Alan keeps on serving the album of the week - Patsy's Hearts On Fire - like playing Dublin In My Tears and Dancing At Whitsun recently (describing Patsy as "my favourite balladeer of all time"), we have great news for everybody tuning in at 106.8FM: On Tuesday, May 27th, Patsy will be live at Dublin Country to be interviewed by Alan Corcoran. The show starts at 7:00 PM and goes through 10:00, but you can expect Patsy to be on air within the first two hours, so tune in early!

And we won't tell you where the studio is to avoid that flocks of fans storm the building!

Hearts On Fire: Album Of The Week At Dublin Country

DJ Alan CorcoranAlan Corcoran from Wexford, highly popular DJ, now on the very trendy and hot Dublin Country station (tune in at 106.8FM), has made Hearts On Fire the album of the week. He is running his show Everything Irish Monday through Thursday (07:00-10:00 P.M.) and there he played Galway To Graceland from the new album. Listeners called in to ask "Where is Patsy, what is he doing nowadays" and more and Alan was asking on air that Patsy by any chance should give him call - which our man did, 'natch. They had a nice talk (they met a couple of times years ago).
Understandingly, Patsy is pleased with such a great feedback from such a fantastic station very much and asks everybody to tune in to Everything Irish! Especially right now, as Alan is playing tracks from the album every day this week!
Also, this would be a good opportunity to check out - unless you have already - all the music samples we got on the Downloads page; you can check out every song of The Album Of The Week there!
Song Samples Galore

Patsy Meeting Colm Meaney For The 70's Dubs

Famous actor Colm MeaneyWell, what a news title; chances are that Patsy will be signed for the next Star Trek series after palling around with Colm Meaney last Friday. Colm is no one else than Miles O'Brien of Star Trek/TNG and /DS9-fame. Not that this is his only claim to fame, as you can read in this short bio.
Patsy and Colm met last Friday during shooting of an upcoming DVD about the famous 70's Dublin team when Patsy was interviewed about the times back then when the golden Dublin team was playing and going for the All-Ireland 6 times in a decade. They met at Dollymount strand, sat on the wall and chatted away, taped by several cameras. Later on, they enjoyed the craic at the Sunnybank where both and the team met; Patsy sang four songs and was very delighted with the day:

"Colm's a real Dub, we clicked immediately, sharing the same point of view on many many things."

We'll keep you posted about the DVD. As for the Star Trek contract, Patsy currently is reworking his old lyrics for inclusion, like "Dublin In The Rare Outer Space" or "I knew Danny Farrell, he was a Cyborg from DeepSpaceNine" or "McMeaney's Fusiliers"

By Popular Demand: RTÉ Open House Photo

By popular request, we are sharing a picture from February 23, 2004, when Patsy and the boys appeared at RTÉ's Open House. To read the details, check our February 25 news.

From left to right: Brian Furlong, Noel Healy, Patsy, Noel Carroll, John Deegan

Top Five Downloads March 2004

Our statistics department deliver the 5 most wanted downloads here at www.patsywatchorn.com for the month of March - and here they are:
1. Spoken Intro Raglan Road
2. Dublin In My Tears
3. Hearts On Fire
4. Raglan Road
5. Dublin In The Rare Auld Times
Listen to the Top Five and many more!

Smoking Ban Lifted

The smoking ban in Ireland was lifted just a couple of minutes ago officially by Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern after Patsy Watchorn had visited the Prime Minister around noon. Mr. Watchorn brought with him several experts from the field of medicine as well tourism and economy. A handful of renowned physicians proved without a doubt that non-smoking could be dangerous to the famous timbre of Mr. Watchorn's voice and too much smokeless air may turn out harmful for Ireland's most cherished vocal chords (consequently, Mr. Watchorn is allowed a maximum of 4 weeks each year to stay outside of Ireland). Since attending a live performance by Patsy is the main reason for ten-thousands of people to visit Ireland, new economy analysts submitted tourism projections that any harm to Patsy's voice may cost the Irish tourism industry approximately €1.75 million daily. The scientific proven documents changed the official mind about the smoking ban and it was lifted immediately.
Source: Irish-April-Fools-Press - 2004-04-01 - 12:00

Hearts On FirF: Easter Special

Easter is quickly nearing and it has its extra weight of meaning for every Irish soul. The 1916 Easter Rising is forever embedded in Irish history and Patsy is aknowledging the far-reaching implications of these events in his music constantly. His current album Hearts On Fire contains Grace, the single most heartbreaking ballad about these historical days.

To commemorate the Easter Rising, Patsy has personally approved a special Easter Sale of his Hearts On Fire album:
As of today, the price of the album will be reduced by US$ 3.-- to $ 22.--/€ 18.--
This offer is limited until April 18, 2004.

Postage is included!

You'll receive a free Patsy key ring and a Patsy sticker with each order.

Additionally, you qualify for a free gift of your choice (as long as supplies last):
- Patsy green-white baseball cap
- Patsy golden cigarette lighter
- Raglan Road promo CD (see January 22 news)
Simply state your choice in the email/PayPal-memo-field.

a) We will tell you more about Grace Gifford and Joseph Mary Plunkett in due time - watch our news!
b) The previous price of $ 25.-- will be effective again as of April 19, 2004.
C) There are music samples of all songs of the album in our Downloads section!

Order Hearts On Fire Easter Special Now!

Live In Abbeyleix April 2

Abbeyleix Manor HotelPatsy is returning to Abbeyleix and he means serious business!

The Manor Hotel already is nearing full capacity so if you are anywhere near, be sure to reserve your tickets soon!

The performance is billed countywide and gaining lots of interest as Patsy usually leaves to Abbeyleix for relaxing and not business.
But this time he is on a fund-raiser for Jim Ring, who is running for independant candidate in Abbeyleix.

Happy St. Patricks' Day

Drink ecardPaddy's Day ecardPatsy is sending his best wishes to Paddy's day to all of you. If you want to send someone greetings yourself, we have a special electronical St. Patrick's day greeting card as well (just in case you are up to inviting someone to a drink) special invitation ecard. Thumbnails of both are pictured here.
Follow this link below to send out your greetings!

Luke Kelly & Raglan Road Link

We still receive a massive amount of hits of people interested in Luke Kelly, the ballad Raglan Road by Patrick Kavanagh, its lyrics and the story connected to it. Since Luke was a dear friend to Patsy, we gladly point you again to our Raglan Road page where you can read all that you ever wanted to know about Luke and the song!
Raglan Road

March 13, 2004 - Lord Of The Dance "Reunion"

Patsy live at the Deck, June 7, 2003March 13 marks one year that Patsy started his L.A./Vegas tour back in 2003.

Guess who walked in the Lower Deck last Saturday! Paul O'Brien and other dancers from Lord Of The Dance and it didn't take long until they shared the stage with Patsy again. Needless to say, the evening was a full success. Our man was very happy to see the guys again.

If you want to enjoy some of the original pictures from the USA (March 2003), then hop to our gallery within the Info/Photos section!

Lower Deck, February 28, 2004

Live at the Deck, June 7, 2003We received a comment from Dwyer MClorey from Lurgan in Armagh; he's been to The Lower Deck on many occassions and its always nice to see him, he gets up to sing the Boy's from The County Armagh along with Patsy. Here's what he had to say about last Saturday:

Anyone who had the pleasure of being in the Lower Deck in Dublin last Saturday (Feb 28th) witnessed a very special night's entertainment. Without a doubt, Ireland's greatest balladeer, Patsy Watchorn and his band, served up all the classic hits that have been his hallmark over the years. From the 'Rare Auld Times' to 'The Flight of Earls', the audience were spoiled with a list of hit songs that not too many artists around today can boast.
The solo version of 'Raglan Road' was one of those rare moments that do not come around too often, the atmosphere in the venue was electric. Add songs such as 'Sean South from Garryowen', 'The Ballad of Billy Reid' and other ballads recalling great Irish heroes, and the evening's entertainment was a massive success. The humour and craic coming from the stage added greatly to the overall night, and the whistle playing of Brian 'The Furrier' Furlong playing a lament to the heroes of 1798 and Boolavogue, was worth the admission fee of 7 Euro alone. An excellent night's entertainment, without a doubt, the best on offer in Dublin any Saturday night. They can keep the Point Depot and the large international acts, give me Ireland's greatest balladeer Patsy Watchorn any night of the week. If only every night of the week could be like this!!

Top Five Downloads February 2004

Our statistics department is back with the 5 most wanted downloads here at www.patsywatchorn.com for the month of February - the all-time favorite of this year is followed by a pack of Dublin ballads:
1. Hearts On Fire
2. Dublin In My Tears
3. Dublin Town In 1962
4. Raglan Road
5. Dublin In The Rare Auld Times
Check the Top Five and many more out - right here!

National Concert Hall Gig A Big Success

On February 23, Patsy made a special guest appearance at the Comhraigh Ceol Finale at the National Conert Hall; we have reported about this big contest for Irish talent in our February 13 news.
As it turned out, he delivered a stunning performance leaving everybody breathless and the music industry folks checking out the young talents wholeheartedly agreed: "He should have been billed as the headline act!"
Ronnie Drew served as the host and he did an emotional, touching introductory speech while Patsy was standing at the wings; we knew it for too many years to count, but now you know yourself that Patsy and Ronnie are dear dear friends which you do not find 'so' often within the industry.
Our man sang Dublin In The Rare Auld Times, The Ferryman and Flight Of Earls. Pete St. John was in the audience as well and Patsy brought him up on stage for The Rare Auld Times.
This night has seen nothing but winners. The Comhraigh Ceol Finale displayed new and emerging talents and Patsy has proved that his own talent and charisma firmly settle him among the top names in Irish music.
Our photograph shows everybody joining in, from left to right: Noel Carrol, Brian Furlong, Pete St. John, Patsy, Ronnie Drew, John Deegan, Martin Corcoran, Noel Healy

RTÉ On Fire

...or perhaps you want to say Burning Down The (Open) House, where Patsy Watchorn now got his own page at RTÉ's Open House, which, by the way, marks his second page at RTÉ, the other being the Ireland' Greatest Hits page.

As you know, he sang Dublin Town In 1962, pouring his heart into it. Making use of all his professionalism of nearly 40 years, he impressed everybody at the studio and in front of their TV sets tremendously. Noel Healy, renowned musician and producer in his own right, was one of those many commenting how brilliant Patsy's performance was. As everybody who saw it will know, the camera absolutely loves Patsy.

We thank Mary Kennedy of Open House and we thank all the people who phoned us and sent SMS messages. You'll understand that we will not SMS back as that could be the final punch to make the Eircom net collapse... :)
Today's picture is a computer artwork by Peggy Bayliss from Maine, emulating a pencil drawing. Nice work, Peggy! Click on the thumbnail to see it in full size!

New Guestbook For Patsy... And You

gbook thmbAs of today, we have implemented a new guestbook which gives us more control in general, and, to speak of what you can experience, finally the option for Patsy or the management to add some comments to your messages. Hop on to our brand-new guestbook now!
New. Improved. Beautified. Well, anyway. The guestbook

Dublin Town In 1962 lyrics

In case you have heard Patsy today at Open House, singing Dublin Town In 1962, and looking for the lyrics to sing along (that is, of course, if you already own Patsy's album Hearts On Fire), look no more - we have it added to our Songbook now!
Dublin Town In 1962 lyrics

Patsy at RTÉ's Open House

RTE Open House LogoPatsy will bring a ray of sunshine into this drab February next week!
On February 23, 2004, he will appear at the RTÉ ONE Television show Open House. You'll hear Patsy talking about his new album and singing everybody's favourite Dublin Town In 1962.
If it's not your favourite yet, then immediately switch to your downloads page to listen to a sample!
Dublin Town In 1962 sample... and many more!

Patsy For Shoppers From Scotland

H.O.F.If you're from Scotland and if you prefer to order from a shop of your own country, we have the solution for you:

tradmusic.com from Dumfries & Galloway has stocked Hearts On Fire now and is ready to ship whenever you place your order.
Get your Hearts On Fire directly from Scotland now!

Comhraigh Ceol Finale

National Concert HallThis is to prove that there are indeed good news even on a Friday the 13th! Patsy is to play the National Concert Hall on February 23; check for tickets at www.nch.ie. It is not a solo performance by Patsy since he is lending his talents to support new emerging Irish talent. Find below the official press release:

On February 23, 2004, the search for the best new traditional musicians and singers 2004 will be over when the grand finale, hosted by world-famous Dubliner Ronnie Drew, takes place at the National Concert Hall.
Chosen out of hundreds by Trend Studios & Irish Music Magazine from the competition entries, the six finalists Keltic Flavour, Charolais, Devana, Border Collie, Trad Og and Maids Of Erin will enter the stage and compete for a prize fund of over € 5000.
The night will round-up by special guest appearances of Patsy Watchorn (the voice of Dublin In The Rare Auld Times), the worldwide renowned O’Brien Dancers and Ireland’s premier traditional group Four Men And A Dog.

IMM: Raised On Songs And Stories

IMM The January/February issue of the Irish Music Magazine is one to absolutely have and own and enjoy for any Patsy fan! We got our man on the front cover, we have a gorgeous picture of him inside and a lovely two-page article! As usual, you have to purchase IMM to get the full story, but here a just two snippets about Patsy (the beginning of the article and a quote from the discussion of his album Hearts On Fire) to make you drool:

The title above has been used and abused countless times. Still, you may not know that it was written first for the very man this story is about: Patsy Watchorn.
Nevertheless, you're excused if you didn't know that. It's been over a quarter of a century ago, when Pete St. John penned the soon-to-be anthem Dublin In The Rare Auld Times in 1977; he still boasts proudly today: "I wrote this for Patsy Watchorn!" And at the very beginning of the song, there's that magical line, which has been quoted so often and, to tell you this, never was more appropriate than when describing the man and the singer. [...]
If you happen to know Patsy personally, you may halt amazed at the second verse (of Grace), whose first two lines sound as if they were written for him personally:
I know it's hard for you my love to ever understand
The love I bear for these brave men, my love for Ireland

Derek McCormack Ceremony

Patsy and Mandy are attending Derek's funeral today. Our February 3 news contain Patsy's statement about his long-time friend.

Top Downloads January 2004

Our statistics department is back with the 5 most wanted downloads here at www.patsywatchorn.com for the month of January:
1. Hearts On Fire
2. Spoken intro Raglan Road
3. Dublin In My Tears
4. Raglan Road
5. Only Our Rivers Run Free
Check all the downloads available!

Fantastic Singer Derek McCormack Left Us

Derek McCormack, 30-year-long-friend to Patsy, unexpectedly passed away last week during the Florida/Carribean Cruise. As far as we know today, it was a major heart attack that took one of the best Irish singers from us. We send our condolencies to his family, and this is what Patsy said:

I was shocked to hear of the sudden death of my longtime friend Derek. He has played with Dermot O'Brien, with the Barleycorn, later with the Fureys, and he was loved by everyone. He was a top-of-the-range musician and he will be sorely missed as an artist and friend alike. He'll be in my prayers tonight.

Luke Kelly Tribute On Saturday

We don't have to tell you that tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of Luke Kelly. Patsy will pay his tribute to his unforgotten friend by devoting a long part of his Saturday performance at the Lower Deck to Luke. So everybody near Dublin this weekend, stop by Saturday night at 1 Portobello Harbour!
And don't forget you can win a free CD - see our Jan. 22 news!

Patsy Honouring Luke Kelly

Raglan Road promo CDJust a couple of days ago, a special promotional 2-song CD was sent out to media nationwide: 2004 will be the year of Patrick Kavanagh's 100th birthday and this upcoming January 30th marks the 20th anniversary of Luke Kelly. These two are forever tied together through the song Raglan Road which Patsy also has recorded. Pictured here is the front of the CD and below you find the liner notes:

Patsy commemorates the 100th birthday of Patrick Kavanagh by releasing his recording of Raglan Road.
He dedicates Dublin In My Tears to the late Luke Kelly, whose 20th anniversary on January 30th is fast approaching. Luke Kelly had made Raglan Road famous and was a dear friend to Patsy. Both songs taken from Patsy's new album Hearts On Fire (Rare Auld Times Records, PGW 001).

If you want to read and hear more about Raglan Road, please check our Songbook with tons of info (and even Patsy talking about it) and our Downloads with a music clip.
The best thing about it is that one of you will get that promo CD for free! What are you going to do for this? Simply sign our guestbook and leave a comment about Patsy, his music or his website. No need in mentioning this news here though. In due time, we will pick one of the entries and award it with the CD. As they say: Keep those letters and cards coming in!
Sign the Patsy Watchorn guestbook

Download Charts 2003

It's that time of the year when everybody is doing statistics and reports - and so do we, to perhaps point you to something you have not checked out before here on Patsy's site:
Top 5 Downloads in December 2003:
1. Hearts On Fire
2. Spoken intro Raglan Road
3. Dublin In My Tears
4. Song For Ireland
5. Grace
Top 5 Downloads 2003 (full year):
1. Hearts On Fire
2. Dublin Town In 1962
3. Dublin In My Tears
4. Song For Ireland
5. Rare Auld Times
Check all available downloads here!

Raglan Road Lyrics & Info

Patrick KavanaghCan you believe it will be 100 years in 2004 that Patrick Kavanagh, author of Raglan Road, was born in County Monaghan?
And can you believe that it is Luke Kelly's (Patsy's idol and the man who made Raglan Road famous) 20th anniversary on January 30?
This, of course, is reason for us to remind you that 1) Patsy has a beautiful rendition of the song on his current album Hearts On Fire and 2) we have the lyrics and a lot of information about it online!
Raglan Road Page

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