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Sean South Of Garryowen

Sean SouthThe origin of one of the most popular rebel ballads in Ireland now dates fifty years back: Sean South died on December 31, 1955. We gathered for you a sound sample, the lyrics and an interview with his younger brother - all to be browsed through at the link below.
Sean South Of Garryowen

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Kudos To The Sochor Group

It's time we thank the Sochor Group (especially Anna-Lisa Grainer) from Austria for a job well-done.

Those beautiful Dubliners postcards everybody received during the German tour and thereafter were printed at short notice and just in time delivered to Duesseldorf to be given out to you, the fans.

It was excellent last minute work. Thanks from the Dubliners!

Dubliners Scandinavian Tour 2006

Slowly the Scandinavian schedule for April/May 2006 is coming in.

We post today those gigs which are confirmed and where tickets are on sale (in most cases) already - as usual, we aim to supply links which help you to obtain more info and also the tickets.

More dates are expected to come in shortly, so we'll update the gig list repeatedly as we get it.

Dubliners Live 2006

Diba Announces Dubliners Tour Holland 2006

The Dubliners, Groningen, Holland, 7 October 2005, © 2005 Dirk van der MeerDiba International Concerts has announced the 2006 Holland tour from 30 September to 7 October; the cities listed are Steenwijk, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, Breda, Heerhugowaard and Nijmegen.

Please consult our gig list for details.

Nevertheless, please be aware that the dates are way in the future so changes still may come in again.

The Homecoming: Live At The Submarine

The Dubliners, Submarine Bar, Dublin, 12 December 2005, © 2005 Rare Auld Times Entertainment, DublinAn unreal amount of people elbowed their way into the Submarine Bar Monday night, when The Dubliners played in front of a home crowd the first time in quite a while. We have more stuff and photos coming for you soon, but today's pic was chosen for one main reason: While the band looks rather tiny (though we're still sure you can name them without problems), we'd like to give everyone who doesn't know it a glance at the multi-storied Submarine Bar.
View this pic in a large version

Report From Düsseldorf, November 23 (2)

The Dubliners, Duesseldorf, 23 November 2005, © 2005 Sonnabend, GermanyPeter Sonnabend sent in a few pics of the Duesseldorf gig (as usual, a larger version can be found in our gallery) and a some nice words about the concert which we quote below:

Dear Dubliners!
THANK YOU for "Molly Malone"! We missed it so badly at the Roermond concert! THANK YOU for the powerful spirit in the Dubliners. Haven't seen them as cheerful and mobile in years before!
THANK YOU for 2 wonderful concerts we enjoyed in Roermond and Duesseldorf! THANK YOU Patsy for joining the Dubliners! We are really looking forward to seeing you again in 2006!!!

Next Dubliners Gig: Glasgow

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall logoToday they play the Submarine in Dublin, but the next gig is confirmed already: The Dubliners will appear on Sunday 22nd January 2006 (8.15pm) at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.

Their concert is part of the Celtic Connections Festival, although the entry is rather hard to find on the Celtic Connections website.
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Hannover 27 November Weblog

There is a nice weblog entry about the 27 November gig in Hannover on 20six.de:

Yesterday I attended a most beautiful concert, "The Dubliners" live at the Aegi. Although I love Irish folk, I never had the chance to see a concert. Luckily, that has changed now. The 'elderly gentlemen' offered high-class entertainment. Patsy Watchorn is an enrichment; he is now supporting the Dubliners with his strong voice. Also, Barney McKenna sang a wonderful love song and everybody was getting goose pimples.

Gerd & Peter Report From Braunschweig

Dubliners live in Braunschweig 2005 © 2005 Gerd & Peter, Braunschweig, GermanyEverybody who checks our guestbook possibly has seen this already, but let us point everybody else to Gerd & Peter's homepage, where you can see 14 photographs from December 1 in Braunschweig, including the one to the left.

These are mostly off-stage photographs where you can see the band signing Peter's guitar (gee, we're getting an abundance of Peters lately! Peter from Braunschweig, Peter Heinz and your truly, where will it stop!), plus a few live shots.

Hop over to their website & read our guestbook.

Hamburg December 3 Photo Series

Dubliners live in Hamburg 2005 © 2005 Peter Heinz, Vienna, AustriaPeter Heinz, webmaster of www.dubliners.at, drove up to Hamburg and attended the concert on December 3. He came home with a handful pictures of which eight are online on his website at http://www.dubliners.at! Here's what he said:

It's always a pleasure to come back to Hamburg, to meet the boys, make new friends up in the north, refresh old friendships and the concert at the CCH ...! This concert is something very special. There seems to be a special link between Hamburg and Dublin, there is a unique cordial atmosphere.

Dubs 2005: Eamonn Campbell

Eamonn Campbell, Vienna, 6 September 2005, © 2005 Rare Auld Times Entertainment, Dublin, IrelandLast but not least, we have Eamonn B.C. Campbell here for you; B.C., as you all know, stands for his other first names: Bruce and Chuck - and if you see this pic, you know why!

Seriously, Eamonn is a real showman and he handles the guitar with unparalleled ease and bravura. And, yeah, he also does a great That's All Right Mama, but that, admitted, is not truly Irish.

As with the other pics of the last days, we have a larger version in our gallery.
Our galleries!

Dubs 2005: Séan Cannon

Séan Cannon, Vienna, 6 September 2005, © 2005 Rare Auld Times Entertainment, Dublin, IrelandWhose turn is it next? Yes, Séan Cannon! Here's a fresh picture from the Austrian fall tour. We picked a shot that displays Séan like you seldom see him. Usually, he would be entertaining the crowd, singing and quipping in English, German and Gaelic, but here is a nice quiet moment of sitting in the background and enjoying the music of his buddies.

Hop over to our gallery for a large version of this shot.
2006 gallery

Dubs 2005: John Sheahan

John Sheahan, Vienna, 6 September 2005, © 2005 Rare Auld Times Entertainment, Dublin, IrelandToday we deliver a current shot of John Sheahan, and what a great pose it is! He rightfully takes up that pose although there is that certain twinkle in his eye when he does so, and he has a funny quote to say about it. But we don't disclose that here, you have to visit the Dubs live to hear it! John Sheahan fascinates on the fiddle, the mandolin, the tin whistle and as a composer - did we miss anything? Be sure to check out the full size version of this pic in our gallery!
Our 2005 gallery

Top Five Downloads November 2005

For the first time ever, we have two songs sharing the same position. We are happy we made that server move some months ago as you folks are downloading gigabytes of stuff from here; we're glad you do, please keep on enjoying this website!
1. A Nation Once Again
2. Rare Auld Times
2. Sean South Of Garryowen
4. The Irish Republican Army
5. Dublin In My Tears
Full list of downloads!

Dubs 2005: Barney McKenna

Barney, Duesseldorf, 23 November 2005, © 2005 Peter & Barbara, GermanyOver the next few days, will also supply you with a few photographs of Patsy's peers on stage. We of course don't really have to introduce them - just keeping you up-to-date with current shots.

This week, we start off with Barney, with a pic taken Nov. 23 in Duesseldorf by Peter & Barbara. Everybody (let me repeat that) everybody is happy to see him in good health and on stage again, where he has everyone rolling in the aisles with his stories and clapping enthusiastically to his playing.

You can view the pic in larger format in our gallery, see link below.
Our gallery of 2005

Brian Molloy

Brian Molloy lost his brave fight against cancer. Patsy (and, to mention it, all members of the Dubliners) are very sad about the news which Jim McCann broke to them. Patsy and Brian have known each other for over four decades and remained friends through all these years. He is devastated that he can't attend the funeral due to his touring in Germany but wants to pass on his deepest sympathies to the family.

Report From Düsseldorf, November 23 (1)

The Dubliners in Düsseldorf, 23 November 2005Marc Schroten attended the first gig of the tour in Düsseldorf and sent us a handful of pics of which you see one to the left. He added a few words about the night:

It was a beautiful night and all of the 5 boys were wonderful. I must confess that I was very sad about the departure of Paddy Reilly but as I heard that Patsy is the new man I was lucky. The 5 sang all their well-known songs and Patsy "All for me grog", "Dublin Minstrel", "Rare old times", "Ferryman" and so on...
After three encores the boys said definitive good-bye but without singing "Molly Malone". The first people left the hall but I cried from my seat in the first row "MOLLY MALONE!!!" After 1 minute Patsy and the rest of the Dubliners returned to stage and Patsy said: "We heard somebody in the audience crying Molly Malone... Okay, here it is..."
And Patsy sang it only accompanied from Sean and Eamonn's guitar. Wonderful!

Dubliners German Tour Starts Tomorrow

The long wait is over, the most famous Irish folk band ever is opening their tour on Nov. 23 in Duesseldorf! Please allow a few words to our German readers:
Du machst Fotos der Boys von der Deutschland-Tournee? Du möchtest Deine Erinnerungen an einen Gig mit uns teilen? Bitte maile uns Fotos und Kommentare an . Unter allen Einsendungen verlosen wir 1 Patsy Watchorn Wanduhr, 1 CD Hearts On Fire und 1 Merchandise-Package!

The Dubs taken by Jim McCann, 2005

The Dubliners At The Submarine Bar

The Submarine BarOne of Dublin's finest places is going to see an unforgettable evening: The Dubliners are playing The Submarine Bar on Monday, December 12, 2005. It is a benefit concert towards the St. Damien's National School in Walkinstown. They have a big musical project in 2006 which is the reason for the fundraising. The connection between the Dubs and the school is Eamonn Campbell, whose girls attended St. Damien's. His band buddies were quick to join Eamonn so, as huge as the Submarine is, we recommend to get your tickets (€ 10.--) soon - you don't see the boys playing the homegrounds so often!
The Submarine Lounge, Crumlin

Shantykoor Westernstrom & The Dubs

The Dubliners, October 2005, Groningen, NetherlandsFriday night, October 7, 2005: Audiences in the sold out Martiniplaza Theatre in Groningen, Netherlands, were treated with a special performance at intermission. Shantykoor Westernstrom had the opportunity to perform a selection of Irish ballads as an interlude to the Dubliners concert that night. Enthusiasm reached a peak when The Dubliners joined the Westernstorm perfomance for Patsy's theme song "The Rare Auld Times". As the phrase goes: The craic was ninety!
We'd like to thank Dirk van der Meer for the very nice photograph!

Dubs in Holland, Fan Quotes (2)

The Dubliners, September 2005, ViennaWe have quoted from the popular Dutch fansite thedubliners.tk and its guestbook before. Today we would like to translate two more comments and urge you to visit their website yourself!

How I enjoyed these splendid concerts! A pity Paddy is not with them any longer, but, on the other hand, how wonderful Patsy was! (by Yvonne)

The Dubliners were in mid-season form on Sunday 9 October in Antwerpen. Full enthusiasm after a complete week in the Netherlands. It's incredible which energy they draw from and generate with their music. I find Patsy great as a new member. I am extremly grateful for his homage to Luke Kelly. He sang several songs which were in former days sung by Luke. Sadly I never have seen Luke live, but now I was able to experience some of the verve and passion on stage that night. Thanks Dubliners, you have entirely given yourself to the public! Up to next year! God bless you! (by Ria)
Visit thedubliners.tk now!

Report: Isle Of Man Gig

Isle Of ManThe gig at the Villa Marina at the Isle Of Man was a big success. Patsy was reaching deep into his vast repertory and took care of the entertaining all of himself, singing ballad after ballad - some old ones, some new ones and some in between, as his idol Elvis used to say. Next to the standards like The Ferryman, Rare Auld Times or Flight Of Earls he added songs like All For Me Grog, Isle Of Innisfree and The Punch And Judy Man. He did a solo version of Raglan Road for which he received a standing ovation. Afterwards, people were queuing up to get their photographs done with him and fellow entertainers (see link below who was there too) congratulated him for a night well-done.
Isle Of Man 'Octoberfest'

Top Five Downloads October 2005

A Nation Once Again remains the #1 download, but with Rare Auld Times from the THE CRAIC WAS NINETY album we have a new entry:
1. A Nation Once Again
2. Sean South Of Garryowen
3. The Irish Republican Army
4. Dublin In My Tears
5. Rare Auld Times
All downloads! Lotsa samples to listen to!

Newcastle, 22 October 2005

The Tyneside Irish Festival went very well, the crowd loved our man. Plenty of songs and tunes were performed, most of them out of the vast repertory Patsy has been playing the last ten years. But Newcastle also was treated with a song he hasn't done in many years: Kelly The Boy From Killane. Your webadmin can tell you that it was faboulos and that everybody should hope that he will be doing it more often now! The Festival also had put up a nice page about Patsy - see below.
Tyneside Irish Festival

The Dubliners In Germany 2005

As you all know by now, there'll be 11 nights in Germany (see our gig listing) and it's hardly a month until they will start in Düsseldorf. In addition to the links in the gig list, you may visit Karsten Jahnke, who is bringing the Dubs to Germany for decades. According to Karsten, it was in the summer of 2005, when John called Barney and commented that it would be time to quit for good, to which Barney replied: It's Too Late To Stop Now - and so this tour got its title. We're wondering what they call it next year - You Haven't Heard Anything Yet? Our picture shows the Dubs in all their glory, Eamonn Campbell, John Sheahan, Barney McKenna, Séan Cannon and Patsy Watchorn. We send our regards to Jim McCann who provided us with this wonderful shot. Finally, it may be too late to stop now - but it's never too early to get your tickets!

The Dubs taken by Jim McCann, 2005

Dubs in Holland, Fan Quotes

(c) 2005 Dirk van der Meer, NetherlandsThe Dutch Dubliners fan site thedubliners.tk has several comments about the Dutch tour in the guestbook of their website, where everybody able to read Dutch can hear how great the boys were in form. We translate a few snippets below. We'd like to thank Dirk van der Meer for the first shot we got from the Netherlands, taken at the Martiniplaza Theatre, Groningen, on 7th October 2005.

Patsy is a complete good substitute with already wide publicity. The concerts of the Dubliners are unique experiences. (by Cornelis)

Everyone sang and clapped along. This was the first concert of the Dubliners that I have experienced,and I certainly will go next year. (by Nathalie)

I've been to Roermond and have fully enjoyed it. I find Patsy very good, a warm, powerful voice, lively, a real artist! Up to next year! (by Luuk)

Patsy really got the room! Can honestly say that Dubs-virus even continues after 12 gigs I've seen! (by Hannet)

Saturday 8 Oct. in Enschede has been the best action in 10 years. (by Johan)
Read them all at thedubliners.tk!

Isle Of Man Gig Next Week

Isle Of ManPatsy's Isle Of Man gig at the Villa Marina with his own band, The Rare Auld Times Group, takes place next Friday. Promotion is heavy, with even the government issueing a press release and putting up an extra page with a picture of Patsy and other entertainers appearing during a string of concerts.
Isle Of Man 'Octoberfest'

Patsy About The Dutch Tour

The Dubliners in the Netherlands 2005Time to tell you straight from the horse's mouth! For the past Dutch tour we asked Patsy himself to give us his thoughts back home in Dublin:
It was a fantastic tour due to an fantastic audience to which he sends his greetings. Crowds were in the 2.000-3.000 numbers usually. Patsy felt more relaxed now, as with the Austrian tour behind him, the rapport with the rest of the band grows with every gig.
He introduced two songs he did not perform in Austria: All For Me Grog and God Save Ireland. Special mentions goes to all the nice folks who waved to the Dubliners tour convoy when passing on the motorway!

Dutch Weblog Reports About Eindhoven 6th October

Raymond Smeets' weblog reports about the Dubliners' appearance at the Muziekcentrum Frits Philips in Eindhoven on October 6. Raymond says that the concert was great from the first note on and, discussing the recent changes in the group, that the band has integrated Patsy Watchorn, 'the well-known Irish ballad singer'. He was impressed with the variety of music, from drinking ballads to more quiet songs, and how they rocked the house with Whiskey In The Jar and others. He concludes by writing: 'All in all a beautiful evening, with delicious music!'
The full review is much longer, although completely in Dutch. Please use the link below.
Raymond Smeets' Weblog

Thomas Davis Birthday 14th October

Thomas Davis was born on 14th October 1814. He became one of the founder members of the Young Ireland Movement, but he is best remembered to this day for his patriotic ballads. A Nation One Again is one of them, and you can read the full story and lyrics at the link below.
A Nation Once Again

The Dubliners, Guest Patsy: Germany

Patsy with the Dubs, Vienna 2005Patsy Watchorn will travel with the Dubliners to Germany for their last tour of 2005. Please allow us to say a few words in German to all the fans from there:

Wir sagen ganz herzlich Gruess Gott und Hallo an die deutschen Fans der Dubliners - Patsy Watchorn wird mit den Boyz auch die letzte Tournee des heurigen Jahres bestreiten, die sie nach Deutschland führt. Die Termine sind alle bereits unter 'Patsy Live' eingetragen. Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiches Erscheinen!

Talking about the upcoming gigs, we have reworked our gig list: From now on, we include - wherever availabe - for your comfort a direct link to the venue, which should help you to find it, contact it and possibly even book your tickets.

Yes, that's right, that's a Bodhran. After we received a few inquiries about Tuesday's picture, we give you another one displaying an instrument very seldom seen when the Dubs appear.
All the gigs of Patsy!

More Dubliners Photos From Vienna 2005

The Dubliners live 2005 in Vienna, AustriaOur good friend Peter Heinz, to many known as the owner of www.dubliners.at, one of the nicest sites about the boyz around, has a new photo gallery displaying pictures of the Dubliners live in Vienna back in September like the one to the left:

Gerry O'Connor, John Sheahan, Séan Cannon, Patsy Watchorn, Eamonn Campbell.

Follow the link below!

FolkForum Netherlands Reports About Patsy

Patsy with the Dubliners live in Vienna, September 2005FolkForum Netherlands reports nicely about Patsy, using the best parts of the newspaper story we mentioned yesterday. Also this reprint is in Dutch only.

So if you don't want to sign up with Eindhovens Dagblad, hop over to FolkForum Netherlands where you get all the information just for clicking the link.

For your entertainment, we display another picture of Patsy taken when performing with the Dubliners in Vienna, September 2005.

Eindhovens Dagblad Writes About Patsy

Patsy live in Vienna (c) Wolfgang GonausEindhovens Dagblad (please note that you need a free account with the Dagblad to read the full article!) reports about Patsy based on an interview done at famous O’Donoghues in Dublin. Patsy is talking about a couple of things, like the first tour with the Dubliners to Austria, his friendship to all of them for decades and more. The whole article is in Dutch.

Na zijn tijd bij de Dublin City Ramblers bleef Watchorn heel actief in de Ierse muziek. Met uiteenlopende (gelegenheids-) formaties zong hij in totaal liefst 27 albums vol. Een groot aantal van zijn 'liedjes met een lach en een traan' heeft de zanger nu overgeheveld naar zijn nieuwe werkkring en inmiddels is gebleken dat het ververste Dubliners-repertoire goed aanslaat. „We hebben onze eerste tournee door Oostenrijk gemaakt en het publiek vond de nieuwe liedjes geweldig“, meldt Watchorn trots.

Back Online

We are very sorry for our downtime, but we had a massive server update.
There still are a few minor glitches (like the gallery basically working, but skipping some of the thumbnails), but all in all, the site is live again and running.
The aforementioned update allows us to serve you even better in the future - we have some nice features and improvements coming up for you.

Welcome back to Patsy Watchorn Online!

Top Five Downloads September 2005

We got a new Number One! We got another new entry! The charts have changed considerably since August:
1. A Nation Once Again
2. Dublin In My Tears
3. The Irish Republican Army
4. Sean South Of Garryowen
3. The Ballad Of Billy Reid
Check out all downloads we got!

Holland Fan Site Reports

dubliners.tkdubliners.tk, popular fan site from the Netherlands, reports about Patsy coming to the Netherlands with the Dubliners. It mentions about Paddy Reilly's absence and Patsy coming along for the tour '...maar in de persoon van Patsy Watchorn heeft het baardige gezelschap een waardige opvolger gevonden' (the site is in Dutch only). Patsy feels honored by such accolade. Rest assured that the man will live up to these words, being very proud to lend his talents to the one and only Dubliners!
There is more to read about the band on the Netherlands fansite, so hop over there if you can read Dutch! Plus, a reminder for everybody from the Netherlands, send in your pictures (see previous news)!

If you need more links (leading to sites in various languages) about The Dubliners' fall 2005 tours with Patsy, please click the links below:
Milica (long-time friend and Austrian tour management)
Austrian fan site by Peter Heinz
De Doelen Concert Hall (Netherlands)
FolkForum Netherlands
MegaMediaMagazine Netherlands

The Dubliners Fan Site from the Netherlands: dubliners.tk

The Dubliners In The Netherlands, Guest: Patsy

The Austrian wing of their tour was a tremendous success; we have a few pictures here in our gallery. Patsy has been invited to guest with The Boys again in Holland which he gladly accepted. They will play Roermond, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Opmeer, Enschede and Antwerpen (Barney will be back). Please check our gig guide for the details.
If you happen to be there at one of the gigs and take photographs, we'd be happy to receive a few and post them here online! Please email to

Below: The Dubliners in Vienna (Gerry O'Connor, John Sheahan, Sean Cannon, Patsy Watchorn, Eamonn Campbell); Sean and Patsy having fun on stage.

Dubliners, Vienna 2005

Dubliners, Vienna 2005

See more pictures of the Dubliners in Vienna in our photo gallery.

More IRH Songs To Listen To Online

More music from Patsy!The first two nights of The Dubliners in Vienna, Austria, turned out to be a smashing success; more about this later (there are three more nights to come). In the meanwhile we provide, for everybody not there with us, more music samples from Irish Rebel Heroes - you can now listen to all songs of the album online!
A Nation Once Again
The Patriot Game
The Ballad Of Billy Reid
The Sea Around Us
Broad Black Brimmer
Irish Soldier Laddie

Top Five Downloads August 2005

Wow, you folks download tons of music here; we soon need a new server! Seriously, the songs from IRH remain on top, with one ballad from HOF thrown in, but most remarkable, Hearts On Fire fell out of the charts for the first time in almost 2 years!
1. The Irish Republican Army
2. Sean South Of Garryowen
3. Come Out Ye Black And Tans
4. Dublin In My Tears
5. Boys Of The Old Brigade
Many more downloads!

The Second Time Around: Patsy In Newcastle

Need we say more, Tyneside folks get out yer scratchpads: Patsy Watchorn is coming to the Tyneside Irish Festival again this year after his first visit in October 2004.

The Dubliners, Guest Patsy Watchorn

Patsy live in Newcastle, Oct. 2004There was always a sweet spot in Patsy's heart for The Dubliners as all of their current and former members are long-time friends and Luke Kelly was his big idol. This year, "the boys", as they are called affectionately, want to have some more fun on stage and have various guest stars during their tours. When the call came and Patsy was asked to share the stage with them for a couple of days, it was no question that it would be an honour and privilege to play with the very men who have played with his idol, so there were no real persuasive powers necessary:
Patsy Watchorn will appear with The Dubliners on the Austrian wing of their tour from September 3 to September 9, playing five nights at the Dubliner's 2nd home in Vienna, the Metropol, one night at the Orpheum in Graz and one side trip to Slovenia. Patsy is delighted to guest with the boys for a week and cordially invites his many Austrian fans to come along for the craic and the magic of The Dubliners.
Below: Two photos of Patsy's favourite band, now and then! The Dubliners!

Top Five Downloads July 2005

This month, we see the fantastic Come Out Ye Black And Tans for the first time in our charts. The top spot still is held by The Irish Republican Army, closely followed by Sean South.
1. The Irish Republican Army
2. Sean South Of Garryowen
3. Come Out Ye Black And Tans
4. Boys Of The Old Brigade
5. Hearts On Fire
Many more downloads!

Patsy To Play St. Annes GAA August 5

Patsy Watchorn returns to St. Annes GAA club very soon! And, we tell no secret here, he‘s returning with a big smile on his face. It‘s a wonderful club, he was welcomed very hearty here before, and, last but not least, he loves to come back to meet some good friends.

Instead of nattering along about it, we searched our archives and found a photograph taken on 30th October 2004, at the Lower Deck, of Patsy and Nipper. Let's have more fun like that and all come to the St. Annes GAA on August 5!

He is also looking forward to hopefully see Nippers‘ brother, Joe McNally, again, who played senior football for Dublin (he made it into the 1983 All-Star Team) and is a friend of Patsy for 20-something years.

Platinum Award For Patsy

The Very Best of Patsy Watchorn Platinum AwardWhat a weekend this has been! Wow! We have to split all the news and start by telling you the most exciting part of it first: Last Saturday, Patsy was awarded with a platinum disc for The Very Best Of Patsy Watchorn. This was the album from 2002 that was put out to celebrate 25 years of Dublin In The Rare Auld Times. Patsy was completely surprised - we made sure he didn't know before. Mandy stepped on stage and made the announcement and Patsy's daughters Carol and Traci came up to present the award to him. The album already was certified gold in 2002 and had reached platinum status quite a while ago. Our pictures show Carly and Traci kissing her da at the very moment Patsy touched his new award for the very first time.

New Album: Legends Of Irish Folk

Legends Of Irish FolkThere is a new 2CD available now that is showcasing eight 'Legends Of Irish Folk' (DOLTV2CD105) as pictured to the right.

It is subtitled Raised On Songs And Stories, featuring a photograph of Patsy and four songs by him: The Rare Auld Times, The Rare Auld Mountain Dew, The Ferryman and Liverpool Lou.
There is also a short biography saying a few nice words about him, opening with the line 'Never has the phrase raised on songs and stories been more aptly applied than to Patsy Watchorn.'

Coincidence or not, Patsy was delighted to see that out of all the artists included, he's the one that is put on the same page with the unforgettable Luke Kelly.

Come Out Ye Black And Tans Lyrics

Today we supply you with the lyrics of Come Out Ye Black And Tans. Don't forget that we have a song sample to listen as well online.

Top Five Downloads June 2005

This time it is no close call - the RA is marching quite ahead of all the other songs in our download charts. Also this time, the IRH:HOF ratio has changed: Dublin Town In 1962 fell out of the charts and Boys Of The Old Brigade entered at spot 4.
1. The Irish Republican Army
2. Sean South Of Garryowen
3. Dublin In My Tears
4. Boys Of The Old Brigade
5. Hearts On Fire
All Patsy downloads!

Such A Night: June 18, 2005

Patsy October 2000The Lower Deck has seen another unbelievable great night last weekend and we don't know where to start so we simply feed you with snippets! First, FAI's YoungPlayer award winner Andy Reid was visiting again and joyfully taking the stage to sing a few songs to everybody's delight. He brought about a dozen of friends with him. He was not the only sports VIP that night, as Owen Hand treated us to After The Ball. Fellow musicians came over too, Mickey McNamara, Paul Kelly and Garry, delivering a breathtaking session. They had taken about 20 Norwegians in tow which by all means enjoyed the night tremendously, lauding Patsy immensly, stating that he was "the highlight of their trip", his powerful and distinguished voice and that he is a "true folk singer". Thank you lads, hope to see you again soon!
Today's photograph is from our year 2000 photo gallery!

Back In Ballyouskil, July 1

Friends in Laois and Kilkenny, your call was heard and as Patsy promised on March 26: "We'll be back!" By popular demand (did we hear that there is a building extension necessary to accommodate all the fans that want to attend?), Patsy Watchon and his Rare Auld Timers are coming back to The Wheel Inn on Friday, July 1, 2005.

Three photos from Patsy on March 26, 2005, at the Wheel Inn

Comhraigh Ceol Finale 2005

On May 11, 2005, the second Comhraigh Ceol finale took place at the Liberty Hall in Dublin. Since the best of them all, Mandy Byrnes, was in charge of the whole project again, it not only was a major success but also we can keep you informed rather thoroughly.
This starts with the beautiful stage setup - if you really want to hear a good story that incidently proves the flexible, targeted work of Mandy, ask her how the props came to the Liberty Hall. We had six finalists performing and we had a prominent group of judges:
Christine Keenan from the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival, Eilis Lennon of the famous Lennon family, piper Terry Moyen, Sean Potts for the Sunday Independent and Niall Toner from IMRO, who has a great new album out on his own. Our host was one of Ireland's best-known broadcasters, RTÉ's Donncha O'Dulaing.
The winner of the competition was a group of young Dubliners, none older than 20 years, named Dullamalog. The entertainment was enriched by a guest spot with last year's winners, The Border Collies, the O'Brien Dancers and Patsy Watchorn and the Rare Auld Times Band.
Patsy's appearance was even more impressive than last year, if that is at all possible. He was delivering The Ferryman, Flight of Earls, Isle Of Innisfree and Dublin In The Rare Auld Times to a mesmerized crowd. Many folks had come in particularly for Patsy, like a whole group of US tourists who had purchased tickets on the spot when seeing Patsy's name advertised. The winner and runners-up of the competition were blown away by the level of professionalism Patsy delivered and were asking themselves: Will we be on a stage 40 years from now or will we be forgotten? We reply here what Mandy replied that night: If you work on your career, if you take care of your talents, if you love what you do, you will be here. And we will be here to support true Irish music just like we have for all of these years.

Pat McGuigan Lyrics

Here comes another lyrics twin pack for you, this time featuring both Pat McGuigan ballads from the IRISH REBEL HEROES album:
Boys Of The Old Brigade and Irish Soldier Laddie.
Additionally, we have a music sample of Boys Of The Old Brigade from IRISH REBEL HEROES for you!

Top Five Downloads May 2005

The RA is the leader of the pack again; slowly but surely, some all-time favorites emerged over the past few months. Also check our other downloads - we have dozens more to offer!
1. The Irish Republican Army
2. Sean South Of Garryowen
3. Dublin Town In 1962
4. Dublin In My Tears
5. Hearts On Fire
All downloads!

Patsy At The Wheel Inn (March 27, 2005)

On Easter Sunday 2005, we drove down to The Wheel Inn in Ballyouskil, Co. Killkenny, where Patsy performed that night. He brought with him Brian Furlong, John Deegan and Noel Carroll. Then there was Mandy Byrnes, taking care of business as usual, and Frank Doherty mastering the desk. And Patsy‘s personal photographer, as this picture and more in our gallery vividly prove!
Audience reaction was overwhelming. The Wheel-Inners knew every word to every song right away and sang along the whole night. Whether it was The Ferryman or Grace, whether it was The Rare Auld Times or (remember, it was Easter!) God Save Ireland - Patsy did have a huge choir that night!
Check our gallery for more photos!

Patsy To Play St. Finbarrs On July 8

Patsy and his Rare Auld Timers will appear at the St. Finbarrs GAA Club in Cabra, Dublin, on Friday, July 8th, 2005. Everybody is cordially invited to join us for the craic!

Top Five Downloads April 2005

The previous two Top spots change position, but it was a very narrow margin: Only one download separated #1 and #2! Behind that, the Hearts On Fire album still is going strong!
1. Sean South Of Garryowen
2. The Irish Republican Army
3. Dublin Town In 1962
4. Dublin In My Tears
5. Hearts On Fire
More downloads!

Rising Of The Moon Lyrics Added

This ballad about the 1798 rebellion was added to Patsy's online songbook today and can be heard on his latest album IRISH REBEL HEROES.
Rising Of The Moon Lyrics

Top Five Downloads March 2005

Our March charts are an exact duplication of the previous month - which happened for the first time! We are very pleased with the interest in our Top Five, but don't forget that we have a lot more music samples to offer: Simply follow the link at the bottom of these news!
1. The Irish Republican Army
2. Sean South Of Garryowen
3. Dublin In My Tears
4. Hearts On Fire
5. Dublin Town In 1962
All our downloads!

Fabulous Success At FAI Awards, February 6, 2005

The night of the FAI awards was tremendous success for Patsy Watchorn and his Rare Auld Timers. Over 1,000 people attended the ceremonies and were entertained for over 50 minutes by our man. That included all the teams, the nominees and all the VIP's from every field - they all were mesmerized by Patsy. The band played Mason's Apron while everybody was rolling in, then Patsy jumped into The Ferryman. With instrumental breaks like Boolavogue from the Furrier for Andy Reid interspersed, Patsy was pulling out all the stops and gave them Dirty Old Town next. He followed with Dublin Town In 1962 and then had the whole 1,000 for him with Paddy On The Railway. He picked Sean South Of Garryown for Celtic's manager Martin O'Neill. The set was concluded with the eternal Dublin In The Rare Auld Times. Afterwards, he was dragged from celebrity to celebrity as everybody wanted his photo taken with Patsy - and, to be honest, vice versa! So Patsy shook hands with, among others, Robbie Keane, Martin O'Neill and YoungPlayer winner Andy Reid. Pictures here is Patsy with Martin O'Neill and in our gallery, you'll find another one of Patsy and Mandy!

All winners of the FAI night

Dominic Behan lyrics

While Patsy is away, entertaining the good folks in Portugal week-long with his ballads, we add two more song lyrics from IRISH REBEL HEROES to our songbook, both by Dominic Behan: The Sea Around Us and Dublin In The Green aka The Merry Ploughboy.

St. Patrick's Day Greeting Card

Patsy ecardSt. Paddy's around again and we'd like to remind you that we have an electronical St. Patrick's greeting card (e-card) for you to send out to your friends. There are also some "Invitation" and "Let's have a drink" e-cards with Patsy on them so you got plenty of choice!

Please follow the link below.
Send a Patsy eCard!

Patsy To Open The Wheel Inn, March 27, 2005

Patsy at AbbeyleixPatsy pictured with John and Jonathan (far right), whose brand-new pub will be opened with a night by Patsy and the Rare Auld Times band. Not far from Abbeyleix, where Patsy‘s mother came from, it will be what you call a home game for our man.
If you are interested to drive down with us, please inquire with us at the Lower Deck during one of the following Saturdays. Please note that we will not be at the Deck at all weekends in March because of Patsy's booking to the Western Algarve, Portugal (see our January 14 news).

Top Five Downloads February 2005

The Irish Republican Army is our #1 download again! The next spot also originates from Patsy's current IRISH REBEL HEROES, Sean South Of Garryowen, but the rest comes from HEARTS ON FIRE.
1. The Irish Republican Army
2. Sean South Of Garryowen
3. Dublin In My Tears
4. Hearts On Fire
5. Dublin Town In 1962
If you came here looking for Irish music and are new to our website, you may be amazed that for the second consecutive month, a song about the I.R.A. is topping our chart; we want to quote - without further comment - a part of John McLaughin's book One Green Hill - Journeys through Irish Songs (2003, Beyond The Pale, Belfast):

The simple solutions suggested in the songs - on the one hand drive the British into the sea, on the other croppies lie down - are no longer viable. The old songs though won't simply be abandoned for they are too integral a part of both Catholic and Protestant history and culture, etched into our being in the cradle and in the cradles of our ancestors. However by looking at them afresh, in context and appreciating that the participants on both sides were mere victims of the chance and circumstance of history, it's my hope, however vain, that both traditions may be able to view the other with just a little more tolerance and appreciation.

And if you want to hear some IRISH REBEL HEROS tunes in full length, why not using our Request A Song On Radio option (link at the top)?
All our downloads!

God Save Ireland lyrics

We start with adding the IRH lyrics to our little songbook. The first song on the CD is God Save Ireland (of which we have a sample to listen to available in our Downloads section) which was the unofficial national anthem until 1926. More details - like why Patsy's recording is known as the Luke Kelly version - and the lyrics can be found in our songbook!
God Save Ireland lyrics

Andy Reid About Patsy (Daily Star)

Irish Daily StarWith a circulation of well over 100.000, Cathal Dervans' story about Andy Reid in The Irish Daily Star (Sunday) reached an enormous amount of people across the nation. From Crumlin just like Patsy, they are good friends and Andy, FAI's Young Player award winner, was quoted saying:

Irish music is one of my passions. I am one of Patsy Watchorn’s biggest fans for example and get to see him at the Lower Deck every time I am home.

Jimmy Keaveney: 60 Year Anniversary

Are you saddle fast when it comes to GAA trivia or will you be mortified? The only possible excuses are that you have been a little chiseller back then — or that you aren‘t Oirish. And shame on you if you don‘t know but yer oul‘ wan does. No guff please, just a simple and quick answer: Who is celebrating his 60th birthday on February 12, 2005? Who is the man that single-handedly hockeyed culchie teams way back in tha 70‘s? Who was the top player in Heffo‘s army?
What did you say? Phew, so glad you got it right.
Yup, that‘s Jimmy Keaveney! Man, can you believe, sixty years of age! Well, no age for a legend anyway.
Jimmy is a dear friend of Patsy for many many years and it's an honour to place a news item for Mr. James here. Not that anybody does not know that Jimmy and Patsy get on like a house of fire, but it surely rounds up nicely to place this newsitem here. And, as for Jimmy, cheers for the next 60 years. If they only would organize a senior league, buddy, you would rule as always!


dublinpubs.ieThere is a new website dealing with what they call (and we whole-heartedly agree) the best pubs in the world: The Dublin pubs. We have reason to mention them here as they have a special feature about the Lower Deck including a photograph of Patsy (to see it, you have to visit their website!).
With over 1000 pubs listed, there is a pub for everybody‘s taste and whim!
Here is a quote from their website:

Ever sat there in work or at home and wondered what you could get up to that night or the coming weekend? Or wanted to a head off for night out in the greater Dublin area where there might be a bit of craic and something to do? Well so did we! There was not a week went by were we didn't search the web looking to see what was on - couldn't find a thing! Ok, there's plenty of entertainment sites and plenty of pub guides, but nothing that would easily tell us what exactly was on and where - from Temple bar to Howth and back to Celbridge - we wanted to be able to find any town or any particular bar, and so dublinpubs.ie was born. DublinPubs.ie is exciting, fresh, and brand new!

Visit dublinpubs.ie!

Top Five Downloads January 2005

Patsy's IRISH REBEL HEROES is topping this month's charts, but HEARTS ON FIRE displays its ongoing attraction in impressive way by holding three spots of the chart. Needless to say, both are available in our online shop.
1. The Irish Republican Army
2. Hearts On Fire
3. Sean South Of Garryowen
4. Dublin In My Tears
5. Raglan Road
And if you want to hear some IRISH REBEL HEROS tunes in full length, why not using our Request A Song On Radio option (link at the top)?
Full list of downloads

15th eircom/FAI International Soccer Awards

FAI logoYes! Patsy will take care of the entertainment that evening (February 6th), his life-long support of Irish sports aknowledged in a very nice way. Possibly, if the schedule allows it, there'll be also a clip of Patsy live on TV, but if you know the huge amount of nominations (see here) then you know that we really can't guarantee that - after all, Patsy is there to support the show, not steal it!
To complete the list, here are the nominations not yet on the FAI website:
- Top Barefooted Goal of the season: John D.
- Top Swearing at the referee: Brian F.
- Top Additional Time at the Lower Deck Stadium: Patsy W.

Patsy At The Wild Geese Festival, Portugal

As every year, we‘re going to the Western Algarve. Little bit of relaxing, sun & fun, a nice game of golf, taking the time to do something for your health and beauty, spending nights in white satin at exclusive club resorts, possibly even risking a glance at an art exhibition.
Some smallish difference this year—you can be part of it!
Patsy Watchorn is appearing at the Festival of the Wild Geese in Portugal from March 13 to March 20, 2005! Find more info incl. A booking form at the link below; for our Dublin fans, we have prepared a newsletter that will be distributed shortly.
For all those staying home, please still make a note of the date so you know when Patsy is away and not at the Lower Deck.

Patsy live in Portugal

Patsy Supports Tsunami Victims

Patsy has teamed up with An Post and the Irish Red Cross to collect for the Tsunami victims in South-East Asia: Last Thursday, Patsy played a benefit at the GPO; all money is going to the flood funds. He was accompanied by Noel Healy and Noel Carroll, who was also masterminding the project.

New Years Eve Addendum

Patsy Watchorn and his Rare Auld Timers took care of a smooth and joyful transition into the new year at the Lower Deck.
It was a very succesful night and we had many dear guests, including folks from Lord Of The Dance and the St. Anne's GAA.
Music-wise, there was something for everbody in our party mix, including Elvis, Beatles and some Stones for good measure; needless to say, we had Auld Lang Syne in our repertory as well.
See you next year!

All-Time Top Five Downloads

The beginning of the year is the time to do our yearly updated all-time download chart, so here we go with the most popular downloads ever!
1. Hearts On Fire
2. Dublin In My Tears
3. Dublin Town In 1962
4. Raglan Road
5. Talking about the Song Grace

Top Five Downloads December 2004

Patsy's latest album IRISH REBEL HEROES is conquering our download hit parade, with the classic God Save Ireland, the ever-provocative The Irish Republican Army and one of Patsy's own favourites Sean South From Garryowen. Lots of republicans out there...
1. God Save Ireland
2. The Irish Republican Army
3. Sean South Of Garryowen
4. Hearts On Fire
5. Dublin In My Tears
All downloads we have online!

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