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7 September 2008 Photographs

Peter Heinz of http://www.dubliners.at has a handful of fun shots dated 7 September 2008 online. These were taken in Hörsching, Austria, where the lads were admitted to the 'Bruderschaft Gambrinus'. Lots of beer that night... Hop to his main page http://www.dubliners.at or directly to the photo set: Hörsching 2008 photographs

Photo Update: Munich

Please meet Sabine, who sent in a series of pictures she took at the Munich, Germany gig on 1 November 2008. Head over to the gallery for a total of 10 photographs!

Dubs On Late Late Show

The Dubliners are on RTE 1 on The Late Late Show on Fri 12 December 2008. Patsy will sing Dirty Old Town.

Some Men You Don't Meet Everyday - Merzig 2008

Enid and husband Helmut are back with another review, this time from 3 November 2008 in Merzig, Germany. A great and enthusiastic review, accompanied by several photographs, awaits you, and our 2008 gallery even offers many more shots from the gig, so here's your link to the report!

The Dubs And The Foggy Luxembourg Dew

Enid sent in a wonderful and informative report, accompanied by a handful of photographs taken by her husband Helmut, from the 11 October 2008 gig at Roodt-Syre in Luxembourg. There are only two things left for your webmaster to do, that is #1 sending a big thanks towards Enid and #2 serving you the link to the full review right here!

Vienna 10 September Pictures

We apologize for the downtime yesterday. Our provider experienced some technical problems and there wasn't anything we could do but sit through it. To make up, we are back with over 20 images from the 10 September 2008 performance at the Vienna Metropol. Many of these sent in by Zuzana Pernicova from Prague who sat right to the stage; we had our man on the other side so we threw in a handful from there too - enjoy our gallery here!

Belgian Tourists in Vienna

Ria Voet who came over to Vienna supplied a great faboulos review of the 9 September 2008 gig at the Metropol. Her very detailed report praises the special atmosphere in Vienna:

In the backyard there was a very picturesque outdoor café and as it was very warm in Vienna, lots of people were eating or drinking outside and even The Dubliners joined in. They just strolled through the hall, in the midst of their audience. It felt as if we were invited to a great party with The Dubliners and their friends.

There's lots more inside including half a dozen pictures, so grab your Guinness, lean back and click here (with your mouse, not your Guinness!).

Vienna Revisited: 8 September 2008 (2)

Slowly but surely we build up the gallery! Tonight we add some more pictures, all of these live from 8 Sept 2008 at the Vienna Metropol. There is the one right below of John reciting the Ronnie's Heaven poem, plus we got more like a nice shot from behind the band, a study of Eamonn playing the guitar with Patsy's banjo picturesquely placed in the foreground or Patsy himself working the crowd in is inimitable style - well, follow this link and see yourself!

Summer Update: Skagen Festival

We almost overlooked these, but here we go: We got links to two Skagen reports (6 July 2008) for you, where the lads are "an institution", as one review calls it. Both are in Danish (and we welcome it if anyone can translate these for us). There are great pictures attached to the reviews:
Skagen Avis
Rootszone DK
Our kudos go to Barbara from Germany for finding these and sending 'em in!

Vienna Revisited: 8 September 2008 (1)

Without any further ado, we add a series of images to our 2008 gallery. For a start, we're focusing on something most people rarely see, that is the soundcheck. Plus, we throw in a few pics of the moment the boys enter the stage. Everything as we clicked away, no search for the ultimate beauty shot but simply documenting what's going on before the doors are opened. Oh yes, for those who don't know him, the man on stage with the lads is long-time sound-engineer and friend Pat. There are 9 more pics in the gally, so click here!

John Brogan Farewell Show

On 21 September 2008, the Olympia Theatre (72 Dame St) bid farewell to John Brogan:

For over 30 years, he has worked tirelessly as stage manager for The Olympia Theatre, looking after hundreds of acts and helping to make sure every show ran smoothly. So now he's retiring, what better way was there for the Olympia to say "Thank You" than by putting him centre stage for once, with a night of music and comedy in his honour! Among the guests were The Dubliners, Rebecca Storm, Camille O' Sullivan, The Coronas, Dustin, Frances Black, The Fleadh Cowboys, Brian Kennedy, Panti, Mary Coughlan, The Coronas, Something Happens, Mary Coughlan, David Hayes Orchestra, Sharon Shannon, David Hayes Orchestra and Declan O' Rourke. The lads opened with the usual set of tunes, Patsy did The Ferryman and Dirty Old Town, Barney sang I wish I Had someone to love me and John did the Tribute to Ronnie.

Hearts On Fire 2008

Patsy's 2003 album Hearts On Fire received a facelift and some exciting extras:

It is re-issued now under the same name by Celtic Airs, adding two bonus tracks The Dublin Minstrel and The Ferryman, lifted from the 2005 Dubliners Tour Sampler. The whole album was digitally remastered and if you thought the original release sounded great, you will be in for a treat. There are fresh new liner notes as well a gorgeous new photograph of the man to grace the cover.

Hop here to the album page where you can send us an obligation-free note so we can remind you by email as soon as the album is available.

Vienna 2008 Revisited

Before we begin with individual reviews and daily image galleries, we thought to have a scrutinizing look at those five nights at the Metropol in general and find out what audiences of the upcoming tours can expect. Oh yes, we still managed to throw in a handful of pictures. Read the report here!

Austrian Tour 2008 Start In Kundl

On 5 September, the lads began their Austrian tour at the Eis-Arena in Kundl, Tirol. They were mesmerized by the beautiful scenery (we are deep down or high up, just like you wanna put it) the Alps here, so the mountains are very impressive. They were also impressed and happy about the hospitality they received, culminating in getting transported directly to the stage individually - take the picture below taken by Peter Heinz for an example. Peter published a lot more on his website - click here to enjoy the whole series!

Lindeboom Festival In France

Ria Voet once again supplies us with a great review, this time from the 26 July gig in Loon-Plage, France.

You can find out anything about the concert, including a short roundup what the festival is all about and how it started. And, needless to say, quite a few brand-new pictures!
You know the gig went well when you let us quote her final word about the day:

I was in the seventh heaven. Our day with The Dubliners at the Lindeboom festival could not have been better! Thanks very, very much lads!!!

Read the full report here!

In Memory Of Ronnie Drew

Ronnie Drew passed away last Saturday, 16th August 2008. The media reaction is simply too huge to follow up here - but if you want to read all of the news bulletins, we recommend news services like Google News. Patsy just came home from his holidays, being informed on Saturday morning that it didn't look well. Within minutes of the news being official, newspapers, TV and radio were constantly on to Patsy inquiring statements and memories. The fellow Dubliners are experiencing the same. They all will be present at the funeral tomorrow morning where up to 6.000 people are expected.

We don't try to serve you the ultimate hommage and biography of Ronnie, but being lucky to always find an open ear with the man this website takes its name from, we asked Patsy for a few personal memories. Although not a member of The Dubliners before 2005, he goes back with Ronnie a long time. He remembers touring Germany with him him in the mid-Seventies when Ronnie just left The Dubliners, but his first memory dates back to around 1964 and it is still fresh on his mind:

I was playing with my first band at the small front bar of the Embankment, and The Dubliners were playing the main hall. I went to see their performance and sat front row and looked up to Ronnie and Luke in awe and admiration. These were my heroes, up close, and they played all the old stuff they did better than anyone else, The Twang Man, and, oh, just too many to list. Anyway, I was staring up all evening long and Ronnie was staring down rather bewildered. During the intermission, or it might have been at the end of the gig, I'm not so sure anymore, I overheard Ronnie talking to Mick McCarthy, the manager of the Embankment. 'What's this strange fella doing down there, staring up at me all the time, what's the matter with him, he's scaring me!' Mick chuckled and explained, 'Why Ronnie that's only Patsy Watchorn, he's playing the front bar!' and he introduced me. It all ended up in laughter and that's how we became friends - friends for well over 40 years. My prayers are with his family.

Ronnie's Heaven, by John Sheahan

Is it the way the old masters painted it --
Floating on a damp cloud
In the company of winged creatures
Listening to non-stop harp music?
I could paint you in,
But not your expectations:
"Would somebody for Christ's sake
Get me down from here and show me
The fountain of champagne -- I thought this
Was meant to be a celebration!"
I'll paint a different picture instead:
I see your spirit, freed at last
From earthly shackles,
Soaring to a new consciousness --
Communicating with Kavanagh
Without the encumbrance of words;
Without the embarrassment of being barred
From four Baggot Street pubs.
All is clear now.
Ulysses simpler than the Lord's Prayer,
Beckett no longer waiting for Godot,
And Joe O'Broin sidling over
With an impish grin:
"How'rya Ronnie, you brought me fame at last.
I heard Cliodhna and Phelim picked me poem
For the end of your mass,
But you needn't have hurried ...
There's no closing time up here --
Just one continuous holy hour"
Now Deirdre comes into focus,
Bridging a painful gap of fourteen months.
Unhindered by bodies,
Your spirits embrace and entwine
In a never-ending spiral of joy,
Leaving behind the three great imponderables
That tortured you:
'What is life?'; 'What is art?'
And 'Where the fuck is Barney?'!

Our pictures were taken at The Submarine Bar, 12th December 2005, Ronnie backstage with Eamonn and Patsy discussing some program changes in the second set, and Ronnie and Patsy performing.

April 2008: Dubs In Copenhagen

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates - a concatenation of technical problems prevented us from reaching our own site for weeks. We prove that we're still alive and well and kicking with these four pictures below, taken 30 April 2008 in Copenhagen and sent to us by Kirsten Jensen - thank you, Kirsten!

April 2008: Boyband In Esbjerg

On JydskeVestkysten, Dorthe Dyhrberg reports about the Danish gig in Esbjerg on 25 April 2008, opening with the comment that the "best boyband" was in town and the assurance that it had been a great evening:

When Barney McKenna gets up on stage and sings “I wish I had someone to love”, every single person gets tears in the eyes.[...] The great concert ends with “Whiskey in the Jar” like nobody else can play this song. It’s just the real The Dubliners. [...] I met The Dubliners backstage. It was a dream coming true. But it was only possible because they have a Danish tour manager Thomas Hansen. My heart was beating faster than before and my stomach was like a roller coaster. But it was great. [...]

You can read the full report here in Danish. Thanks to Claudia Schulz for the translation!

Odense, Denmark - 27 April 2008

Our man Per Jappée from Norway hopped over to Denmark and attended the Odense gig on 27th April 2008. Here are a few comments from his mail to us:

I met Seán at a café and we awaited Gerhard Braas to come up from Germany. Then we went around to have a look at the H.C.Andersen museum and his home. [...] Patsy sang "The Ould Triangle" which I thanked him for afterwards. That was great. I said I would be 100% pleased if he started to do Peggy Gordon. [...] John has been playing on a record by a duo Jane & Shane (she's English -he's Irish) who lives in Denmark. So they came to see him backstage. [...]

Visit our 2008 gallery for more pictures taken by Per - and please note that your webmaster seconds his quote about Peggy Gordon! :)

Egmond aan Zee - February 2008

RodiThuis has a nice photograph of the Dubs gig on 9th February 2008 during the Irish Weekend at Hotel Zuiderduin online.
And here is a long article by Marja Bak-Aal who took the picture and mentioned: "Dubliners grey and old? Forget it!" among other things - so it seems the boyz took Egmond aan Zee by storm. Please note that the article is entirely in Dutch.
Finally, there is a video clip to be watched at Ikoptv.nl - so, what are you waiting for?

Switzerland Again

Anna Ferroukhi mailed us a few pictures (one of those pictured here) from the Zurich gig and commented:

Thanks for a faboulus evening in Zürich and I was really happy to find the
photos from the concert on your site. I'm looking forward to next time in Switzerland...

Hans Theessink Birthday Bash 5th April 2008

We usually don't report about news not related to all of the lads but this picture below is too nice to be missed: Last Saturday, Hans Theessink celebrated his 60th birthday at the Metropol in Vienna. Musicians from all over the world flew in to congratulate him, including three of the Dubs: Barney, John and Seán.
Our picture below displays the immense range of talents perform for and together with Hans Theessink: From left to right there's Barney, Donovan, John, Sean, Allan Taylor and Hans in front and in the background Insingizi from Zimbabwe, Lukas Resetarits, Krista Stadler, Schiffkowitz and Vlado Kreslin.

St.Patrick's Day In Paris

Slowly getting back to everyday life here at the online headquarters, we catch up with pictures the fans sent in lately. Today we share with you a shot from 17th March at the Grand Rex in Paris. Thanks to Peter Grüttemeier from Germany for supplying this!

Pictures From Switzerland

We still take care of all the background stuff our server move requires, so we hope for your understanding that we don't serve a review from the 27 March Zurich gig. But we have a series of shots in our gallery like the one below!

Website Moved

Our website relocation is finished and our website is online again.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Be sure to only have the following domains in your bookmarks/favorites:
We will continue to serve you with the latest news and hope to have you on board!

Late Late Show With The Dubs & U2

What a show, what a night, what a party! Last Friday, The Dubliners were among the many who introduced U2's Ronnie tribute (we reported earlier) at RTÉ's Late Late Show. You can see the full show at http://www.rte.ie/tv/latelate/. It was full 40 minutes and with over one million viewers it received the highest rating of any Late show ever! Afterwards, the lads enjoyed the craic with Bono, Larry and many others till the early morn'. On our front page we have a shot of Ronnie, Bono and Patsy, plus in our 2008 gallery we have two more shots with Larry, John and Shane.

Ronnie Drew Tribute Video Clip Online

We reported on 22 January that U2 invited an all-star cast to do a tribute to Ronnie Drew to Windmill Lane studios; as you know, they all came, and together with Bono and The Edge, Patsy, Eamonn, John, Barney, together with the biggest group of Irish stars ever assembled, recorded Here's To You Ronnie Drew.

A first video clip is now available at U2.com. They are all there, you see 'em singing, playin', pickin', fiddlin' and havin' the craic. Yer folks better hop over there straight away: http://www.u2.com/highlights/?hid=437

Vicar Street Platinum

Jim McCann sent us this picture taken backstage at Vicar Street last December. They lads were awarded their Platinum Awards for "Live At Vicar Street - The Dublin Experience" during the gig and nicely enough, all of them are involved in the release - most on stage and Jim offstage as he was the very one that took the front cover shot of the album. The boys would like to thank all their fans for their continuing loyalty - you made this possible!

Photos From Berlin 2007

First we take Crumlin, then we take Berlin...

No seriously folks, Harriet from the Dubs management supplied us with three shots from the 30th November 2007 gig at the Tempodrom in Berlin.
This includes one showing the front row, or better, the fans glued to the very edge of the stage and one from the back of the stage looking out into the audience.

Check these out here.

Meeting The Fans Gallery Extended

Alan from Ireland and the Huberts family from the Netherlands sent in some shots of themselves with the lads - check our Meeting The Fans gallery. And if you got pics of yourself with the band, let us know - there's lotsa more room in the gallery!

Vicar Street Report From Vienna

Reinhard from Vienna put a review of the December 30 gig online that includes a set list.

The first set closed with The Auld Triangle, Patsy did Raglan Road and not surprisingly given the date, the finale was Auld Lang Syne.

And Reinhard managed to get a pic taken with Sean.

The review is in German, there's another shot and there is the set list of course - click here!

The Ballad Of Ronnie Drew

They *all* came down to Windmill Lane Studios when U2's Bono called them in to record a tribute to Ronnie Drew, fittingly titled 'The Ballad Of Ronnie Drew'. The Irish Independent has an article about it and this is what Patsy told us:

We got called down to the studios to take part in Ronnie's tribute. First thing coming in I ran into The Edge and we had a nice chat. Let me tell you it's a great song and it was one big great party to record it. I put down some banjo playing for it and a host of Irish stars added their own pieces as well. It's going to be a number one, I'm telling you.

Folker Reports About Karsten Jahnke Gala

We reported back in November about Karsten Jahnke's 70th birthday gala. The German folk magazine Folker! now has an article (incl. pics) in their current edition - click to read it here!

Karsten Jahnke Announces German Tour 2008

No details have been announced yet, but promoter Karsten Jahnke proclaims the 2008 tour: Like last year, there will be two wings: The earlier one from 30th October till 8th November and the second one from 28th November till 6th December. Together with the tour, the new German release The Dubliners In Dublin, combining both the Vicar Street CD and DVD, already familiar to all 2007 tour visitors, is advertised. You can see the full advertisement by clicking here.

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