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Merry Christmas from The Dubliners

Vicar Street coming up

Still looking for that special Christmas present for a special friend? Don't panic! Assure yourself one of the last available tickets to the Vicar Street gig here. The Dubliners are appearing 28, 29 and 30 December - what better way to end the year?

Kaiserslautern 2010

Enid and Helmut traveled to Kaiserslautern (Germany) on 7 November to find out how the lads are keeping up. And you can find out in their great review right here!

Teddy Delamere

Teddy Delamere of Crumlin, well-known and respected Irish musician, passed away 9 December and was buried 13 December.

On an island like ours, you sooner or later work with all the good folks in the business - and so did I with Teddy. He was a wonderful guy and a great musician, taken from us much too early.

Patsy offers his sympathies to the family. We looked up our archives and came up with shots taken March 2001 in Dublin, when Patsy and Teddy performed together.

German tour opening Bielefeld

The Dubliners began their German tour 2010 on 29 October in Bielefeld at the Ringlokschuppen, a former rail engine shed. As you all know, Patsy has to skip the German tour this time around, but he sends his regards to all of you: "I really miss performing for you - and I'll be back!" Al O'Donnell is standing in for Patsy. From the first German tour night, we have a handful of great shots by Barbara & Peter in our 2010 gallery. Additionally, we have two quotes from the press:
The Westfalen-Blatt had a review by Thomas Albertsen, saying among other things:

And even though every year begs the question of whether the Dubliners will present something completely new, the programme always remains – apart from the one or other change in lineup – a grandiose mix of melancholic ballads and happy drinking songs of celtic tradition. The rowdy journeymen of old, who like to call themselves the oldest boygroup in the world, have become more gentle though in recent years and today do not shy away from including some love songs in their act.

For the Neue Westfälische, Johannes Vetter wrote:

As Father Christmas reappears every year, so do the Dubliners at ‘Ringlokschuppen’[...]One highlight in the two-hour plus programme are the solos of Barney McKenna who is considered by many as the best banjo player from Ireland – ever. The 70-year old is no longer very mobile on his feet but still is a virtuous performer, who with the tempo of a youngster races an instrument that was pretty much considered extinct before his appeareance in the folk heaven of Ireland.[...]This event was a High Mass of folk.

We'd like to thank Barbara & Peter who sent in the pictures, Helmut from Osnabrueck who supplied the newspaper article and Peter who did the translation!

Patsy talks to Sunday Independent

Sunday Independent logoAs most of you have heard already, Patsy missed the first wing of the German tour. Mandy tells us that ""he is doing well and will be back in action soon!"". Still there's not much rest for one of Dublin's favorite sons, so this time he was asked to talk not so much about the music, but about social aspects bothering Ireland today. You can read it in the Sunday Independent right here! And for those who are afraid that the lads will not be around in 2012 anymore, just read the last sentence!

An Escapade in Antwerp, 8th October 2010

Enid and Ria, our two loyal reporters, teamed up this time for the first ever co-written Dubliners gig review. Why they picked Antwerp and how the show went can be read in a spellbinding and rich in detail and images report right here!

Images from Woergl, Austria

Today our kudos go to Renata Baraldi who travelled from Italy to Tirol see and meet the band during their Austrian tour. She was there on 11 September 2010 in Wörgl and forwarded a handful of very nice pictures. Below you see Renata with two of the boys - you can check out the rest in our 2010 gallery!

Dubs fundraiser for Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe

The Dubliners will play a benefit concert in aid of Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe on Sunday 17th October 2010 at the Radisson Hotel in Galway City. Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe (pronounced "thive-yark nah galyiveh") is The National Irish Language Theatre which was founded in 1928 by Micheál Mac Liammóir and Hilton Edwards. Our boys are travelling west to perform a concert in order to help raise funds for the renovation project of An Taibhdhearc building. It is situated on An tSráid Láir (Middle Street) in the heart of the mediaeval city of Galway and was damaged by a fire over two years ago.
Regards to Kari & Áine for the info!

1980-2010: 30 years Austria & still going strong

The lads boldly label their new seasonn "Still going strong". Our report about the season-opening in Vienna confirms that this title is more than just appropriate. Not keeping you on the frontpage any longer than necessary, please read the full report here?!

Vienna report coming up

As every year, the band began their new season in Vienna, playing their first of five consecutive gigs at the Metropolon Saturday. Stay tuned here, we'll be back with report and of course brand-new shots very soon!
Photograph taken 4 September 2010

30 years Austria

Can you believe that The Dubliners bring their magic for Austria for 30 years now! The 30th Anniversary Tour (this years touring is nicknamed "Still Going Strong") started tonight in Vienna. Because of that, Peter Heinz of www.dubliners.at has randomly selected a dozen photographs from the past few decades out of his vast arcgive and put them online at www.dubliners.at - among the very few more recent ones is the atmospheric image from 2006 in Gars am Kamp. All other pics can be found at www.dubliners.at.

Skagen picture update

4th of July the lads went up to Denmark and played (once again) the Skagen Festival. Kirsten (aka folkmusiclover on the board) was there, enjoyed the concert immensly and supplied us with a couple of great pictures! Please visit our 2010 gallery to check out all ten images!

Folk im Schlosshof 2010 gallery

Enid is pointing us out to a nice rich gallery of pictures from the gig in Bad Rappenau-Bonfeld in Germany on 25 June 2010. There's an appetizer below but the full gallery with dozens of shots can be found at the Folk im Schlosshof website!

Donauinselfest management update

No one else but Milica Theessink, bringing the boys to Autria for full 30 years now, took the time to take a few quick pictures at the Donauinselfest (Danube Isle Festival) last weekend, where the boys played Sunday, 27 June. The main stage attracted over 100.000 folks and The Dubliners offered a well-proven one-hour program. "It was terrific to play such a huge crowd," Patsy simply expressed, "there's not much more you need to say when entertaining 100.000." Milica, equally concise, added: "It was a sensational gig!" Check the gallery with live shots, backstage, soundcheck, interviews, posing with other stars, via the link below - in case you do not find enough pics of your favourite Dubliner there, stay with us a few more days as we are getting more pictures in shortly!

2010 Donauinselfest gallery

A party in the park - 21 May 2010

Polly spent a wonderful day in Bury St. Edmund where the Dublinesr played an Open Air in a beautiful scenery, as you can see below. She mailed in a great review and I rally have to say I don't get tired reading fresh new views, giving you an insight into the many facettes of bein a Dubs fan. She also sent in a couple of great shots, so why don't you head over to the review right here?

Drammen: Killer concert, sensational shot

Lads and lassies here comes one of the best Dubliners live shots ever taken: Sent in by Kari and taken by Anders Herfoss at the Drammen gig, this one captures the magic of a Dubs gig perfectly. Now I hear you photo-pro's talking about tech stuff like focus and all that jazz, but lean back and enjoy that shot, breathtakingly displaying the magic and dynamics of a Dubliners gig. Kari noted, "1200 people on 2 floors, fantastic atmosphere!" There is a review on www.dt.no that wasn't too enthusiastic, telling that "Poor sound ruined it for the Dubliners", but our man from Norway, Per, informs us: "This is as far from the truth as it can get. This was a killer concert, and probably the best audience I`ve experienced." The program included among many others: "The Ferryman", "When The Boys Come Rolling Home", "Black Velvet Band", "The Spanish Lady," "Finnegan's Wake", "Dirty Old Town" and "Norwegian Wedding March". For ye Norwegians, there is a brief interview at www.dt.no as well, and for everyone a picture gallery as well. And last but not least our own gallery features two more original snapshots by Per. For a larger version of the picture, click here! Thanks Andres & Kari!

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK - 19 March 2010

This time we showcase a report about the Newcastle gig a couple of weeks ago, and we really are digging deep into history. Enid did an excellent job of telling you about the show and about noteworthy anecdotes and memories from Donkey's years, and about a red-headed stranger (just in case you're new here, we ain't talkin' 'bout Willie Nelson). So get ready for a plunge into history and follow us to Back to the roots here!

Cheltenham, UK - 12 March 2010

Telegraph UK logoThere's a blog by janh1 on the Telegraph homepages about the Town Hall concert last March which is more detailed than we're used to from third-party sources. Here are a few quotes:

Once settled with his tenor banjo, he seemed happy enough alongside the others, [...]plus Patsy Whatchorn (vocalist, banjo, percussion) who fitted in like the regular he's become. [...]They staged a beautifully constructed programme of songs backed with photographs of the band throughout their career [...]Molly Malone which brought an excellent, exhilarating gig to a sweet, mellow, satisfying close.

If we could get your attention to read the full review, here's de link, as janh1 would put it.

Birmingham Town Hall Mini Update

Flickr logoWe came across a very (and we mean that) small update about the Birmingham gig on 17 March which you find right here. Blink and you'll miss it.

Vicar Street, Dublin, December 2009

Here we are with a ton of new pictures and a review to give you some insights into the adventure that is seeing the Dubliners live in Dublin! Speaking about pictures, we have a record 224 images online for 2009 as of today's update - there never has been a year with so many gallery updates like the last one. But we know you are dying to see the new stuff, so please just head over to the full review by clicking here!

Dubliners friends: Kari

Time we start to deliver some Vicar Street stuff from December. As it is our usual practice, before publishing the big update, we are going to tease you with a single shot. This time we showcase someone the lads don't call a fan, but a dear friend: Here's Kari with Patsy! As for what else you can see on this picture, we draw your attention to the good black stuff in Patsy's hand of which Vicar Street luckily never ran out. This photograph was taken during the break, so you can finally see what the lads really enjoy when Barney announces "the kettle is boiling"...

Wadern, Germany 2009: Four men and no fiddle

A most unusual night took place last November in Germany. The picture below seems to tell the whole story in a nutshell: It looks like Patsy is inviting Molly from Dublin to join the band while he is searching for a missing band member at the same time: That night, John Sheahan wasn't with the band, guaranteeing a very different evening. Enid was there and supplied us with a series of pictures and a brilliant report, sparing no detail how the probably most unusual night of the last year went. Don't miss the the full report!

Sherlock & The Dubs

Sherlock Holmes Logo © Warner Bros....sort of!

Luke Kelly and The Dubliners can be heard in the new Sherlock Holmes movie by Guy Ritchie.
During a scene in which Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.) is bare-knuckle boxing, a lively and engaging Irish tune provides a soundtrack to the fight, performed by The Dubliners. The song playing is a slip jig called Rocky Road to Dublin. It can be heard again in the final movie credits.

It's not on the sountrack album, which contains the original score only.

Hamburg for 37 years in a row

"We never missed a year since 37 years. Imagine that!" This was John Sheahan's proud statement about the long history of sold out Hamburg performances since 1972. Neither did our reporter Gerhard Braas which supplied us with pictures and a different angle at the A Time To Remember themed gig at the CCH. Please read the review here!

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