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Merzig, Germany 2011

Patsy signing his new album NOWThis report about the 4 November 2011 gig in Merzig, Germany, is the final review we publish in 2011. Enid penned once more a great review, and she (and Ria) supplied a handful of images as well. That's the perfect moment to thank the "fandom writers and photographers" for their never-tireing work. You saw us giving them credit throughout the year, you've seen the names of them all, and today we want to repeat and emphasize how appreciated their work us. So, lads and lassies of the Dubs fandom, take a bow!

And I couldn't resist of putting the very first picture (by Ria) of Patsy signing his new album NOW right here; there are of course more than a dozen additional images of the gig in the review.

All that said, don't forget the review: Click here to check it out!

Dubliners complete again

We are happy to let you know that The Dubliners will be complete again next week at Vicar Street - Patsy returns to performing and wants to thank you all for your good wishes.

See you all at Vicar Street!

Stuttgart, Germany 2011

Gig Blog image galleryThere is an unconventional but good review of the Stuttgart gig (3 November 2011) by Christian Baudisch on the Gig Blog.

The gentlemen on stage know exactly what they are doing. [...] All around me jolly people, eagerly clapping along and whispering to each other of that particukar tune was performed the last year too [...]

The review is in German and there is a full page more to read, but there are again quite a few pictures of the night by Andreas Meinhardt to enjoy for everybody!
Just follow this link!

Dubliners on Newstalk

Newstalk logoThe Dubliners did an hour on the radio this morning, Newstalk - Ireland's National Independent Talk Radio Broadcaster: http://www.newstalk.ie/

There was music - ballads and jigs and reels - and talk and laughter all around, and Patsy did The Ferryman, The Auld Triangle, The Irish Rover and Dirty Old Town. You can still listen to the program:

Follow the Newstalk link/, click 'Listen back' and select the Breakfast show of Thursday, 22 December. The lads are in Part 4!

Munich, Germany 2011

Gaelnet Irish News, a German blog about all things Irish, has an extended and quite nice report about the Munich gig on 2 November 2011.

[...] the audience gets out of control as if the latest boy group craze would be up there on stage and not the oldest boy band in the world [...]

The report is in German but if you can't read it, you still should visit the site as there is a gallery of images to browse through:
Gaelnet Munich 2011 report

Gay Byrne: For One Night Only (RTÉ)

As most of you already know, the lads will appear on TV on 25 December 2011 on "For One Night Only" with host Gay Byrne. The offical blurb says "On the eve of their 50th anniversary The Dubliners join Gay Byrne For One Night Only to celebrate the 50 years of the Dubliners, with guest performances from some of the cream of the Irish music scene including Declan O'Rourke, Sharon Shannon, Shane MacGowan, Mary Couglan and Liam Ó'Maonlai", and that's all you need to know - it's the Dubs! The night was taped ahead, and we can supply you with a quick four-pic sneak preview:

The upper half of the first twin-photograph shows Carol, Jimmy Keaveny and Patsy; Jimmy, I'm just mentioning this here for anyone not from Ireland, is Dublin's greatest footballer ever, and a longtime friend of Patsy. The lower half has Carol, Gay Byrne, Lorraine and Patsy.

The second photograph gives you an impression how lively (and crowded) it became on stage during the taping. Among the many guests, there is Sean Keane from The Chieftains standing behind Barney and Gerry O'Connor standing behind Patsy on the upper pic, while we have Shane MacGowan on the lower pic as well as Sharon Shannon (the lady in red).

That said, don't forget to tune on 25 December!

RTÉ For One Night Only December 2012

RTÉ For One Night Only December 2012

Hasselt, Belgium 2011

Barbara & Peter and Enid & Helmut attended the 14 October 2011 gig at the Cultuurcentrum in Hasselt, Belgium. They came back happy (as always) and forwarded a handful of images (as always) and we thank them for that (as always), so why don't you (do as you always do) and jump to our 2011 gallery to have a look...

Patsy NOW: Rare Auld Times

Taking a look at the new album NOW, let's check out some of its' songs. Patsy's two biggest hits were penned by Pete St. John (Rare Auld Times and The Ferryman) and there was a red-headed singer that told Patsy to record the 'Times', as Patsy's fans call 'Dublin In The Rare Auld Times' affectionately. But why telling you stories here - we not only have a pic of Patsy and Pete St. John, we also have the man's own words to tell you! And with that we leave you, reminding that the new album will make a tremendous Christmas gift. Patsy remembers:

I remember flipping through a huge folder of songs Pete St. John had written; there were loads and loads of song words and a lot of nice stuff. But then I caught the title Dublin In The Rare Auld Times and the lyrics caught me straight away; it was such a beautiful text. I turned around to ask Pete that I really wanted to hear the air to this one. So it started. I began to sing it here and there, at the old Shieling Hotel, at the Embankment, anywhere we were giging back then. It was a classic from the start.

The moment I realized that I had a big one here was some night when I sang it for Luke Kelly. He was my idol and he said to me: 'Patsy, I'm tellin' you, that's a lovely song, some people are going to record it and if I were you, I'd go into the studios immediately. I don't care where you go, what you do or how you get the money, just record it because a lot of people are looking to record it, I heard it in the grapevine'.I asked him if he wanted to do it but he declined it at that time that he wouldn't do this. Sometime later, when my record was out for quite a while, he eventually did his own version.

Hoogwoud, Netherlands 2011

Did we mention that we offered you so few pictures in our previous news entry? That can be taken care of now... Landlubbers has a huge gallery (literally hundreds of pictures) of the 9 October 2011 gig in Hoogwoud from the Sportcentrum De Weyver online which keep you busy browsing through - see link below.
Landlubbers gallery link

Groningen pictures

Flickr logoWe found a very few photographs of the Dutch 7 October 2011 gig in Groningen at Flickr.
No review, no huge gallery, but still a few fresh new pix to check out.

Click here to visit Flickr!

Patsy not on tour in Germany

We regret to inform you that Patsy won't be on the 2nd leg of the German tour due to health reasons; it is nothing serious but it still prevents him from going out on the road. Patsy says:

I am very sorry to miss this tour and I will sorely miss playing for the fantastic Dubliners fans. I'll be back on the board as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, I wish the band all the best - and I know that they will entertain you brilliantly every single night.

Vienna 2011 Double Feature

You possibly wondered why we didn't have our 'Vienna Revisited' story by Yours Truly this year. Wonder no more: We simply cancelled it because instead of one story we have now two stories for you - Enid (with hubby Helmut) from Germany and Renata from Italy visited us this year, experienced the magic called The Dubliners in the intimate setting of the Metropol and put down their great memories in two stories complementing each other. Plus, an unheard first (if my memory doesn't fail me), we have a huge pack of 30 (yes, thirty!) brand-new photographs from the Vienna gigs for you. If that doesn't make you follow up this link to story and images right away, then we don't know what will.

Patsy Watchorn: New album NOW

Patsy Watchorn NOW - new albumPatsy's latest masterpiece, his new album NOW is available!

Here's the track list:
Paddy On The Railway
Dublin In The Rare Auld Times
Raglan Road
Dirty Old Town
Dublin Is Me
McAlpines Fusiliers
The Foggy Dew
The Ferryman
Whiskey In the Jar

And here's a quote what Hotpress magazine has to say:

The sound is warm and organic, Watchorn's voice is powerful and commanding without being overbearing and the all-acoustic accompaniment is beautifully understated. The overall effect is to allow the lyrics - the heart and sould of the song - to shine through. (Colm O'Hare, Hotpress magazine)

You can order your copy of the album in CD format or as a digital download (including iTunes and Amazon) - please follow this link!

Tønder Festival – For Folk’s Sake!

Gerhard Braas from Hamburg defied wind and weather and slashing rain and was rewarded with a rainbow and - The Dubliners at the Tønder Folk Festival! He sent us a short report and some really storytelling pictures (button up your overcoat before watching these images!) you can find right here! Thx Gerhard!
UPDATE 29 September 2011
Barbara & Peter were there too and confirm that it was really wet! You might say the lads were singin' in the rain... or in the foggy dew... anyway, we thank them for a few still dripping pics you can check out here!

The 49ers in Austria

The Dubliners, on their 49th year on the road, will conquer Vienna today and stay for six glorious nights. The band sincerely hopes you join us for the craic!

Message from Patsy

The man himself is sending a note about his latest project with news all his fans were waiting for ever since the "Irish Rebel Heroes" album:

Its been a while since I have been in the recording studio, in fact the last album I recorded was way back in 2004 [Note: Irish Rebel Heroes was released November 2004].
But I am delighted to announce that I was in the recording studios the first week of August to record my own new album with some fantastic musicians.
Don't want to say too much right now - still I can let you know that we selected and recorded brand-new versions of my old hits; it was about time to re-record these properly; also, we did a handful of the great classic folk ballads. Watch this pace for more information coming up!

Photograph taken by Stace Gill, Trend Studios Live, Dublin, August 2011

Trend Studios Live

Trend Studios Live logoThe date:
2 August - 4 August 2011.

The place:
Trend Studios Live, Dublin.

The mission:
Watch this space!

Norway: Consolation on that black day

The Independent logoWe want to express our sympathy to all of the people of Norway, although these words seem hollow compared to the dimension of the tragedy. Still, let us promise you these few words are honest.

As you probably know, we have been in Norway that very day. John Sheahan has written a piece and put down his memories and impressions for The Independent. Please follow this link to the full article.

Malmö, 8 May 2011

Kirsten was having a wondeful time up there... in Sweden, when the lads visited Malmö on 8 May. That's what she told us:

I was sitting in the first row so I managed to get some good shots, didn't want to use the flash to disturbe. It was a great concert and I enjoyed myself a lot, John pleased me by dedicating St Patricks cathedral to me and I also had an opportunity to go backstage after the gig and say hello to the lads.

And by clicking here you can check out 20 pictures she sent us!

St. Gallen, 13 February

The Schrempp family saw the 13 February 2011 gig at the Tonhalle in St. Gallen, Switzerland. We say "Thank You!" for the photographs we received (there are two more in our 2011 gallery). Also, they told us:

We enjoyed a great concert in St. Gallen and really hope The Dubliners will return also next year! We were lucky to meet Patsy before the concert outside the Tonhalle St. Gallen and to change a few words, and even to meet the musicians after the show backstage. Many thanks to John that he took some time to have a little talk [...] We really felt among friends and felt that they are not only great musicians, but also great folks.

. And by clicking here you can check out 20 pictures she sent us!

Greenwich, 16 March

Irish Music Forever logoYet another UK report, discovered again by Carsten: This time it's Pat Kehoe reporting on a website named Irish Music Forever, and he's writing about the gig at the Indigo2 in Greenwich on 16 Martch 2011.

judging from their performance there in no mood to give up their place as the grand old masters of Irish traditional folk music. They were superb.

This smallish quote should make you interested to read the full article - which you can do right here! But this time there is more to see, and we mean that literally! We also have some photographs for you! You all have to thank Marie who sent in a handful of shots - please visit our 2011 gallery to browse through these pictures!

Nottingham, 15 March

The Squee Blog logoThem British reviews are still coming in! This time we have to thank Carsten Raabe who discovered a review about the night at The Royal Centre in Nottingham on 15 March 2011. It's a nice roundup of a typical Dubliners night on a blog named The Squee. The report ends with these words:

Next year, The Dubliners will celebrate their 50th anniversary [...] and hopefully will be back in town. I'd love to see them again. Such a wonderful atmosphere and such talented musicians.

If you want to know everything Traxy wrote before that end, you gotta click here now!

Birmingham, 17 March

Birmingham Mail logoAndrew Coleman wrote a short but nice review of the Town Hall gig in Birmingham on 17 March; here's a quote...

From the opening instrumental jig, the veteran musicians were in complete control and soon got into some of their timeless classics

... and read more here!

Manchester, 13 March

The Public Reviews logoEnid sent in a link to a Manchester review about the gig on Sunday, 13 March 2011, at The Lowry. David Cunningham opens his review in The Public Reviews, with these words:

No one would dispute their musical talents but the real skill of The Dubliners is their ability to work the room. They secure an astonishingly high level of participation from the packed audience at the Lowry. Almost every song generates a sing- or clap- along and all get a thunderous reception.

Click here to read all of it!

Newcastle Upon Tyne, 10 March

euVue logoA review of the UK tour opener was posted at euVue, the North East's multimedia showbiz and entertainment magazine. Here are a few quotes by Seamus Doran:

Saint Patrick’s Day came early this year to Tyneside. All the favourites were sung including "Seven Drunken Nights","The Wild Rover", "Molly Malone" and "The Rare Old Times". [...] Patsy Watchorn [...] was very effective on the ballads and sad songs which always formed the back bone of the groups appeal.

The full report, sadly with no current photographs, can be read at euVue's website!

A Scots blend 2011

Scottish flagIn February, The Dubliners visited Scotland for three days, playing Glasgow, Aberdeen and Perth in a mini-tour, drawing locals and the strong Irish community plus foreign guests like from Norway. Michael Howard was with the band again. "Fields Of Athenry" was, inevitable we might say, on the list.
We compiled a quick roundup of media attention and have a great detailed report by Susan for you - as the poet says, "The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft a-gley", but with this report you can't go wrong!

Remembering Luke Kelly 2011

Photograph sent in by Susan Watt

Rare find: Sweden 1973

We are indebted to Kirsten Ramstedt Smith who searched and found for her old black & white negatives (you remember, do you, when photographs were on those plastic stripes with the little holes on the side...) of a Dubliners gig on 4 November 1973 in Gotheburg, Sweden - thank you! Below, in all his glory, you see the great Luke Kelly, and find more in our 1970s gallery.

Dublin, Vicar Street - 28 Dec 2010

Renata Baraldi from Italy made the trip to Dublin last December to attend one of the Vicar Street gigs. She sent in a handful of images and a wonderful heartwarming report. All we can say is "grazie mille"! Additionally, we enrich the report with pictures taken by Mark and Polly. Seems there was an European fandom meeting going on in the audience! Enjoy the report right here!

The boys are about to leave to Switzerland, so if anyone of you in the lovely Schweiz takes pictures and/or wants to write a few lines for these news here, don't hesitate to contact our webmaster.

From the airport to the Dicey's

We sincerely want to congratulate Patsy Russell to his retirement from the Dublin Airport Police which saw him embark on a new career with his new band The Dicey's. All the best from us! Below you see two pictures of Mr. Russell posing with our lads. We leave you to find out who's Patsy Russell in these pictures! :)

John Sheahan on RTÉ series "Compass Ceoil"

RTÉ Lyrics FM logoAt the beginning of the year Radio RTÉ Lyrics FM presented a four-part series about the history of Irish traditional music. You can read all information and listen back now to all four programmes in the net: http://www.rte.ie/lyricfm/features/

As one of the major figures in the tradition of Irish music Dubliner John Sheahan appeared in programme 1 (Poem: “Fiddle Dream”), programme 2 (talking about Liam Clancy and The Dubliners and reading poems) and programme 3 (talking about his tune “The Marino Waltz”). So enjoy 240 minutes of interesting talk and music.

October 2010: Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe

On 17 October 2010, The Dubliners played a fundraiser for Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe in Galway. We reported about it earlier here.
Now we have a fine series of images of that appearance. We (and you!) owe these images to three great people supplying them to us, so we want to say "Thank You" to Alanna O'Neill, Johnny Cullinane and Knut Utler! And here are the photographs!

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