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One of the most unique voices you may ever hear finally has a nice and comf'y place at the world wide web. Patsy Watchorn of Rare Ould Times (click here for mp3 sample), The Ferryman, The Punch And Judy Man and many other tunes unmistakenly tied to him, is about to enter the big online-stage. And in the unlikely case you never heard of Patsy Watchorn, come out behind the moon, check this site and enjoy our exclusive mp3-sample of a full uncut song: The Hills Of Connemara of The Craic And Porter Too CD. And then come again and again and again ...
Speaking about the state of the site, we had the choice to start with a smaller site or have you wait until a big one is ready - well, who wants to wait anyway? So here we go with a nice little site that is to grow and try to give you all the information you may ever need about Patsy Watchorn here at www.patsywatchorn.com.
With a first hint to check our links page and to get yourself the Verdana font (in case you don't have it already) to look at this page exactly the way it was designed, we leave you in discovering a bit. Oh yeah, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.x is not as bad as some Netscape fanatics would tell you, so receive best results in viewing this site if you use MSIE as www.patsywatchorn.com is finetuned for Billy Boy's browser!
And be sure to check back with this news page to find out what's new about Patsy and to his web-site.

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