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CD Prize Goes To...

We have a winner! It's Gernot Lodermann from Germany who had picked "What could be better than to listen to a free CD while sipping your favorite Irish Whiskey/beer" as the answer (why he wanted to win the CD) plus he added:

Otherwise my wife would take my favorite bottle of Irish whiskey from me!

We could not let that happen, I'm sure all of you will understand! The CD THE CRAIC AND PORTER TOO will be shipped to him, personally signed by Patsy. We receiced many more good reasons to give away the CD - let me just quote these two:

Suppose I have to buy this CD (15 IEP - 35 DEM ) - it would mean that I have to miss 5 Guinness. Would you really do this to me ????

How else can you shut the mouth of all this friends talking of their vacation in Ireland?

For all those others: We will have a new contest very soon, so keep checking our news; plus, for all the nice folks from Austria, Germany and Switzerland (and actually, for everybody else, we will have a few of the CD's for sale as well at nice prices - stay tuned!).

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