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Sonia's Sweetest Medal Of Them All

Sonia O'Sullivan did it and Ireland is celebrating: She won Silver in the 5000m final. Before writing a lot here, let me point you to our very own feature about Sonia in our discography, then onto the Irish Times, where you can find a pic of Sonia and her medal and finally, an article by Tom Humpries for the Irish Times, of which I reprint a short quote here to wet your appetite for the full story:

Did you leap out of the chair and roar or did you slip into the kitchen and cry? Were you whispering silent prayers or was your fist clenched and pumping as she came down the straight?
This was the sweetest medal in our sporting history, a triumph, a redemption song, a perfect aria delivered by our greatest ever athlete, the one we've been through the most with and known the longest.

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