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Patsy On RTÉ's "Ireland's Greatest Hits"

Patsy will be seen on RTÉ soon!!
RTÉ is running a programme to honour the greatest hits that Ireland has known. Only the best and most popular are picked and the title of the programme fittingly is "Ireland's Greatest Hits". Since Rare Auld Times is one of the biggest hits of all times in Ireland and since it was written for Patsy by his life-long friend Pete St. John, RTÉ invited Patsy to sit down for an interview which will be aired together with a music clip of the song. Says your webadmin: It's good to see that Patsy gets acknowledged for his achievements - which, to sum it up, is being Ireland's greatest ballad singer for many years now; there were and still are two essential things which make the Rare Auld Times a timeless classic: The beauty of the song, and, most important, the beauty of Patsy's voice.
So you'll see that 2001 will be the exciting year for all you Patsy fans we promised you! Stay tuned to us as we'll have more for you very soon - and of course we'll keep you informed when RTÉ airs the programme!

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