[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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Postcard Easter-Sunday Give-Away

It was about time that Patsy got a new star postcard that honestly and clearly states what these guy is to his country: Its greatest ballad singer, that is! And we are giving away some for free:
All you gotta do is entering our guestbook until Easter Sunday (April 15) and the first entries (from April 4 on) will receive the following:
First entry: 1 autographed & 14 blank cards
Second entry: 1 autographed & 9 blank cards
Third entry: 1 autographed and 4 blank cards

Now you can let your friends know who's your favorite Irish singer by sending them one of our high-quality Patsy postcards! Act soon and enter our guestbook today - simply say hello or leave a message, a greeting to Patsy, your comments about the site, a question to Patsy you may have!
Note: Do not enter your snail mail address on the guestbook; to avoid making the winner's home addresses public, we will contact you after April 15!

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