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Irish Republican Jail Songs Released On CD

One of Patsy's classic albums with his former band has been re-released and is available for the very first time on CD: IRISH REPUBLICAN JAIL SONGS. It is a legendary album among the Irish Rebel Music scene and with 8 Patsy songs out of a total of 15 cuts, Patsy's part of this is a major one, including songs like The Men Behind The Wire, James Connolly, Robert Emmet and Kevin Barry. But I still dream what magic would happen if somebody wants to re-record an album of patriotic songs with Patsy: His voice has matured over the years even more while the love for Ireland still is there as strong as ever and if you hear him sing Take Me Home To Mayo or Sean South nowadays, you simply can not help but wish for a full album of stuff like that. Anyway, your webadmin is giving Santa quite a task and putting a NEWLY recorded rebel album by Patsy on his Christmas wish list instead of any re-release!

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