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Patsy On TV Again: Open House, March 21

Updated: Please note that the date has moved from March 6 to March 21!
Big news: Our boy will be on TV again very soon! Previously known as „Life At Three", Open House will open its doors for Patsy on March 21, 2002 on RTÉ One; be sure to tune in at 2:50 PM when Patsy will be greeted by hosts Mary Kennedy and Marty Whelan. Don’t miss it! Open House welcomes your comments, so be sure to email them afterwards to openhouseSPAMBLOCKER@rte.ie and let them know that you enjoyed seeing Patsy there and that you want him back again!
Note: You have to remove the part SPAMBLOCKER from the above email address before mailing; this is a spam protection for email accounts; thank you for your understanding

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