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The Very Best Of Patsy Watchorn

Here we are finally with all the stuff about Patsy's latest CD THE VERY BEST OF PATSY WATCHORN! You may click the links above or below here, anyway, get Irish, get excited, get the disc!

Order Online
Purchase the CD here safely online using your credit card!
Track Listing
Full track listing of all 20 tracks, some with lyrics!
Press Release
Telling you about the CD and the song that gave it its title! What happened 25 years ago? Beginning: "Our story goes back to 1976 when Patrick J. Hillery was in his first year of being president..."
Promo Booklet
Sneak preview: Check out the rare promotional booklet in text and image that was given to press and media contacts!
New Interview Patsy is speaking about the song and the times back then. QuotF: "the lyrics caught me straight away; it was such a beautiful text". Plus, he's speaking about his career and more things - quotF: "Let me settle this here as it pops up again and again: I was not with the Ramblers - I was the Ramblers."

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