[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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Patsy: The King Is Back In Vegas!

Patsy Watchorn is returning to the USA! He has been away for so long (actually, "too" long, his countless US fans will say) and he decided that he could not turn down the invitation to play Los Angeles and Las Vegas from March 13 to March 17! He has never played Vegas before and it is a wonderful opportunity to showcase himself and his own band. To some extent, good informed sources tell us, the decision was also influenced by the fact that his latest CD is selling extremly well in California and Nevada and all the pubs are playing the CD all day long, so it was only a question of time until "the original" would be flown in. So, bringing a freshly gold certified disc with him, he promises his friend and fans won't be disappointed and it will THE BEST Paddy's weekend ever. Please check our Live page for the details which venues Patsy will be playing.

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