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Sunday World, March 30

With the site design done, we go back to inform you about all things Patsyana, and, of course, about the US tour. The Sunday World had a nice column about Patsy on March 30, 2003, which we want to quote herF:

Patsy Watchorn, formerly known of the Dublin City Ramblers, is now packing in the crowds with his new four-piece-band. He has lost none of the magic that made the Ramblers one of the biggest bands around. His Rare Auld Times album has just gone gold for sales and is racing off the shelves. To top his success, Patsy has just returned from a very successful tour of the States, with performances in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. His Vegas shows were attended by stars from Lord Of The Dance who got up on stage to dance with Patsy and his gang.

We of course have the picture to prove this, so please find below the Las Vegas All Stars: Patsy and his band, the stars from Lord Of The Dance and a musician from Patsy's warm-up act Killian's Angels!

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