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Best Irish Balladeer 2003

We once again point you to Nick Guida's fine website The Balladeers where Patsy Watchorn was voted Best Irish Balladeer with more than double the hits of anyone else in the list. Please use the link below to hop to Nick's website (which is worth a visit!) and let us quote Nick in his comment about the poll:

Thanks to everyone for participating in the “Best Irish Balladeer” poll. I was very happy to see Patsy Watchorn recognized. Patsy has one of the most distinctive voices on the scene and is one of a handful of singers keeping the ballad scene alive. I started the poll in the first place because I read a comment made by Brian Warfield, of the Wolfe Tones, that Tommy Byrne (2nd place to Patsy) was the best ballad singer since Luke Kelly. Anytime I’ve read a statement like that (in the last ten or so years) it's always since Luke Kelly. Speaking of which, I received an email from Patsy himself during the poll…he voted for Luke Kelly. I think that sums it all up nicely. Congratulations Patsy.

The Balladeers Website

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