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Back In The USA 2003: Los Angeles

So here we are finally with our report about Patsy's return to the States. Today, we are concentrating on the three gigs that took place March 13 - 15 in the Greater Los Angeles area (we will tell you about Vegas separately): at the Molly Blooms (San Clemente), The Shamrock (Newport Beach) and The Harp Inn (Costa Mesa). There was a very friendly welcome at all three venues and every night was unique. All three are the Irish headquarters of their respective communities, so if you want to feel really homesick (or just feel Irish for an evening) and you're in California, consider them strongly. For more about Ireland and Californa, there is an excellent website out there where you can check out all things Irish in California: CaliforniaPaddy
Also working with CaliforniaPaddy is Lorraine Chambers, who came to see all three L.A. Gigs (well, she had to, considering that she's from Crumlin just like Patsy)!
We're greeting everybody we met there and, not to be unfair to anyone, we do not mention any names in particular, but instead with arms open wide sending a big hug to all ye nice people. Looking back, we must say that someone even was so thoughtful to arrange typical Irish weather as the rain was pouring and no one was in danger of a sunburn.
The folks responsible for bringing us over also made our visit the most enjoyable trip ever: Gerry Donoghue and his lovely lady Ank. "Ger" was the heart and the soul of everything and took care of everybody and everything from A to Z, from noon to night. All of these big companies out there could take a lesson what „24/7“ really means! He's pictured right here, proudly enjoying the art of his pal Patsy Watchorn.
Switching to the stage now, Patsy was backed up by friends and talented musicians alikF: Brian The Furrier Furlong, John Deegan and Martin Corcoran.
Patsy usually opened the evenings with The Ferryman, one of his biggest hits, penned by songwriting legend Pete St. John personally for Patsy. From there he took the show from highlight to highlight, mixing songs, old ones, new ones, picking some of his own numerous hits, fun songs like Finegan’s Wake, dance tunes and of course not forgetting the patriotic side by performing ballads like Sean South or The Ballad Of Billy Reid. Patsy’s fellow musicians played some beautiful instrumentals or added songs of their own choice. Many songs were requested by the audience so, as usually the nights were too short and Patsy could not fulfill all wishes.
For your entertainment, we have a series of photographs in our gallery!
Our March 2003 Photo Gallery

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