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Pete, Danny & Patsy

Straight from the desk of Mandy Byrnes comes a report about a very exciting Saturday night at the Lower Deck on May 24:

We had a brilliant night on Saturday in the Lower Deck, a friend of Patsy's that he hasn't seen in twenty years was there with 12 americans, the last time he met him was in Washington DC, Danny O Flaherty is his name, there was quite a reunion with himself and Patsy; he also got up and sang three songs, one (as gaelige) beautiful singer, he also owns a big Irish Bar in New Orleans. Pete St John arrived in and got a tremendous welcome from the audience when he got on stage with Patsy and the lads, he did his little stories and Monologues and Patsy sang all his songs, Pete played a great tribute to Patsy in saying "His voice inspired him to write songs especially Dublin in the Rare Auld Times which he wrote for him" and also "Patsy is the greatest ballad singer in Ireland today".
They finished Pete's set with Dublin In the Rare Auld times joined on stage by Danny, and no joke they received at least 5 standing ovations.
Pete hadn't been well for a while but it was great to see him up and about and enjoying himself so much, you could tell he was enjoying the gig and performing with Patsy & Danny and the lads again. To sum it up, a great night was had by all!

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