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60th Dublin Schoolboy Football Anniversary

or "Skoolboy", as Tracy W. would say!
Patsy was asked to take care of the entertainment of the 60th anniversary celebration of Dublin Schoolboy Football, which took place yesterday at the Old Jameson Distillery. And you can believe us if we tell you that Patsy and Brian Furlong did entertain the crowd wonderfully. The host this evening was an old pal of Patsy, one of Ireland's greatest football players ever; Johnny Giles. Next to the host, there was a fine selection of Irish and international sports celebrities from football, rugby and golf.
Also, some Special Olympics comitee members were present and Patsy got a request to sing Scorn Not His Simplicity, which he naturally did to the delight of everybody. Among others, there was Rare Auld Times, The Ferryman and Dirty Old Town, and some surely won't forget Molly Malone, which had Patsy on stage with four top golfers whom he teached the chorus just before the song!

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