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New Album: Hearts On Fire

Ladies and gentleman, it's official!
Patsy Watchorn is about to release his newest album titled "Hearts On Fire" within the next days! It will be the first release on his own label "Rare Auld Times Records". The CD will feature 14 brand-new songs headlined by the most beautiful title track Hearts On Fire, tremendously up-to-date in its statement about this crazy world. Then there are a couple of old favorites Patsy finally had to put his brand on, like Dublin Town In 1962; and believe us, Patsy delivers the definitive versions of these songs here. All ye proud Irish folks will be glad to find gems like Grace or Ann Devlin, plus, there's a lot more! Check out our album page which contains the song listing as well as the liner notes! If you're looking for the ballad album of the year, if you're thursting for new stuff from the grandmaster of the Irish ballad, well, here's exactly what the doctor prescribed!

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