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Patsy In The USA, Revisited

Cleaning up our links we realize that we have one link about Patsy's trip to the US in our backlog: In July 2003, the Irish Scoop magazine brought a review about Patsy's three L.A. gigs in March. Here's a quote from the article (to read the full review from the link below, you need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed):

The minstrel from Crumlin in Dublin, Mr. Patsy Watchorn [...] pints were flowing in each venue as his vocal pipes were pitching tunes of days gone bye. The words of the songs were melodic lessons in Ireland's history. Many longtime and new fans came out all three nights spanning from Molly Bloom's in San Clemente up to the packed capacity at Newport Beach's Shamrock and up the hill were stepping stones to the band's two night St. Patrick's holiday engagement in Las Vegas at the New Orleans.

Irish Scoop Review July 2003

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