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IMM: Raised On Songs And Stories

IMM The January/February issue of the Irish Music Magazine is one to absolutely have and own and enjoy for any Patsy fan! We got our man on the front cover, we have a gorgeous picture of him inside and a lovely two-page article! As usual, you have to purchase IMM to get the full story, but here a just two snippets about Patsy (the beginning of the article and a quote from the discussion of his album Hearts On Fire) to make you drool:

The title above has been used and abused countless times. Still, you may not know that it was written first for the very man this story is about: Patsy Watchorn.
Nevertheless, you're excused if you didn't know that. It's been over a quarter of a century ago, when Pete St. John penned the soon-to-be anthem Dublin In The Rare Auld Times in 1977; he still boasts proudly today: "I wrote this for Patsy Watchorn!" And at the very beginning of the song, there's that magical line, which has been quoted so often and, to tell you this, never was more appropriate than when describing the man and the singer. [...]
If you happen to know Patsy personally, you may halt amazed at the second verse (of Grace), whose first two lines sound as if they were written for him personally:
I know it's hard for you my love to ever understand
The love I bear for these brave men, my love for Ireland

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