[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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RTÉ On Fire

...or perhaps you want to say Burning Down The (Open) House, where Patsy Watchorn now got his own page at RTÉ's Open House, which, by the way, marks his second page at RTÉ, the other being the Ireland' Greatest Hits page.

As you know, he sang Dublin Town In 1962, pouring his heart into it. Making use of all his professionalism of nearly 40 years, he impressed everybody at the studio and in front of their TV sets tremendously. Noel Healy, renowned musician and producer in his own right, was one of those many commenting how brilliant Patsy's performance was. As everybody who saw it will know, the camera absolutely loves Patsy.

We thank Mary Kennedy of Open House and we thank all the people who phoned us and sent SMS messages. You'll understand that we will not SMS back as that could be the final punch to make the Eircom net collapse... :)
Today's picture is a computer artwork by Peggy Bayliss from Maine, emulating a pencil drawing. Nice work, Peggy! Click on the thumbnail to see it in full size!

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