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Hearts On FirF: Easter Special

Easter is quickly nearing and it has its extra weight of meaning for every Irish soul. The 1916 Easter Rising is forever embedded in Irish history and Patsy is aknowledging the far-reaching implications of these events in his music constantly. His current album Hearts On Fire contains Grace, the single most heartbreaking ballad about these historical days.

To commemorate the Easter Rising, Patsy has personally approved a special Easter Sale of his Hearts On Fire album:
As of today, the price of the album will be reduced by US$ 3.-- to $ 22.--/ 18.--
This offer is limited until April 18, 2004.

Postage is included!

You'll receive a free Patsy key ring and a Patsy sticker with each order.

Additionally, you qualify for a free gift of your choice (as long as supplies last):
- Patsy green-white baseball cap
- Patsy golden cigarette lighter
- Raglan Road promo CD (see January 22 news)
Simply state your choice in the email/PayPal-memo-field.

a) We will tell you more about Grace Gifford and Joseph Mary Plunkett in due time - watch our news!
b) The previous price of $ 25.-- will be effective again as of April 19, 2004.
C) There are music samples of all songs of the album in our Downloads section!

Order Hearts On Fire Easter Special Now!

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