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Patsy Meeting Colm Meaney For The 70's Dubs

Famous actor Colm MeaneyWell, what a news title; chances are that Patsy will be signed for the next Star Trek series after palling around with Colm Meaney last Friday. Colm is no one else than Miles O'Brien of Star Trek/TNG and /DS9-fame. Not that this is his only claim to fame, as you can read in this short bio.
Patsy and Colm met last Friday during shooting of an upcoming DVD about the famous 70's Dublin team when Patsy was interviewed about the times back then when the golden Dublin team was playing and going for the All-Ireland 6 times in a decade. They met at Dollymount strand, sat on the wall and chatted away, taped by several cameras. Later on, they enjoyed the craic at the Sunnybank where both and the team met; Patsy sang four songs and was very delighted with the day:

"Colm's a real Dub, we clicked immediately, sharing the same point of view on many many things."

We'll keep you posted about the DVD. As for the Star Trek contract, Patsy currently is reworking his old lyrics for inclusion, like "Dublin In The Rare Outer Space" or "I knew Danny Farrell, he was a Cyborg from DeepSpaceNine" or "McMeaney's Fusiliers"

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