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Hearts On Fire Reviewed By Irish World

Irish World logoThe printed version of The Irish World, one of the largest Irish newspapers outside Eire has reviewed Hearts On Fire. Here are a few quotes from Xenia Poole's article:

He quickly topped the Irish ballad scene and has seemed to steadily remained there ever since. His music, with his unique Liffey brogue and exceptional voice, has survived the test of time, remaining popular decade after decade.[...] Hearts on Fire really gives you a really good insight to what this man is all about. The collection is one that spans his past, childhood memories through to the present illustrating the love of his country and its people. Hearts on Fire, the title track was written by Welsh writer, Frank Hennessey. With powerfully intense and moving lyrics, itís not surprising Patsy picked it to represent the album. [...] With his latest offering, Patsy look set to keep his place at the top of the Irish ballad scene for some time to come.

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