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Patsy Opens At The Spawell, August 1

The Spawell, TemepleoguePatsy Watchorn will open at The Loft at The Spawell Leasure Center Sunday, August 1, and will play every Sunday night during August. You are very much welcomed to join us for the craic; if you're (wo)man enough and can handle it, you may visit us both Saturday (Mother Redcaps) and Sunday in the true Irish spirit:

'Twas a morning in July, I was walkin' through Dublin's south end
When I heard a ballad cry from the mountains overhead
As I looked up in the sky, I saw an Irish ballad laddie
He looked at me right fearlessly and said:
Will you stand in the band like a true Irish man?
And go and join the forces of the craic?
Will you march with Watchorn to the Spawell Templeogue?
For tonight we go to sing the whole night long!

Click our Patsy Live link to check out address, phone and a map of the Spawell!

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