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Patsy And The Wedding Of The Century

Christina O, Sean Dunne, Gayle KillileaNo, no, it wasn't Patsy who married. It was columnist Gayle Killilea and property developer Sean Dunne who surprised a few hand-selected guests at the Onassis mega yacht Christina O in Monte Carlo with a marriage instead (what everybody expected) a 50th birthday bash. The nuptials, which cost 1.5m, were the best-kept secret in Ireland.
It was also a big secret that Patsy was flown in to take care of the entertainment; if the Irish celebrate, spoiled as they are, they only will accept the best - luckily Patsy was available! He looks back at the last Saturday with pure enjoyment:

You can't call it work. 'Twas a pleasure to entertain these folks, which have been very friendly and down-to-earth. Me'n'me Rare Auld Times Group felt royally treated and we gave our very best to entertain.

And what did the Sunday Independent say about party and entertainment? You can't fail with Patsy on board:

It was the wedding which made the Hello! /Westlife hooley look cheap, the Posh and Becks bonanza look crass and the Paul McCartney party look downright boring.

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