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Patsy & Paddy Kelly At The Spawell

Patsy's management is very content with the course of Patsy's opening night at the Spawell last Sunday. It was a bank holiday weekend and a smaller than usual crowd was expected, but in the end it was very nice to see the venue's management running around hectically to bring in more stools to accommodate Patsy's fans.
It is of course advised to visit every gig to the best of your ability. We don't have commercial ulterior motivs saying that, but we know that most of you are avid fans of the Irish ballad "as is" and if you have followed us through the years, you know that Patsy basically "is" the center of the Irish ballad scene today. Everbody loves our boy and therefore we see famous names turning up very often as an extra treat to Patsy's loyal following; it would be very unfair to list a few names here and omit too many, so let us only mention this past Sunday:
Paddy Kelly, Luke's brother, attended Patsy's gig, and brought his lovely wife Breada with him; they were celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary! Paddy got up to sing two songs and give a little yet remarkable speech. He noted that this side of Dublin needed this kind of music for quite some time and went on in thanking Patsy for his life-long devotion to the music also his brother loved best. He emphasized that it is Patsy that is keeping the Irish ballad scene alive today. Patsy was beaming happily as there are not too many people out there which could say this rightfully, but Paddy Kelly surely is one of 'em.

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