[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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Cárta Poist From Patsy

Summer, sun, ice cream, drinks, shorts, bikinis, vacation time! That usually included that you received nice postcards from your friends and from those where you turned to your better half and said "That one of yours?".
Where are those times! Everybody is emailing, text messaging and mobile phoning from the most impossible places. And An Post is not too fond of this development either.
Patsy Watchorn is going to do something about it! As of today, we're sending out greetings from Patsy on a strictly limited edition postcard destined to be a collector's item! Sending out to friends and business contacts alike and a few surprise cards as well. So you're know what happened when our latest postcard arrives in your mailbox! Or when the postman rings... the melody of Rare Auld Times on your doorbell!

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