[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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Patsy! Newcastle! Patsy! Tyneside! Patsy! Festival!

Patsy live in Newcastle!... And did we mention: Patsy will appear at one of England's biggest Irish festivals on October 23, 2004.
This will be one of the major events over there, as the Tyneside Irish Festival was trying to get Patsy earlier but schedules didn't permit but this time it's for real, so take out your notebook and pencil down:
Tyneside Irish Festival, 23rd October 2004, Patsy Watchorn Live!
All details (festival venue, maps) are online at http://www.tynesideirish.com/
In honour of Patsy's good friend Jack Charlton, who is living in Newcastle, we have set up a special page - click the link below!
If you're anywhere near Newcastle on October 23 (like, say, Alaska or Tokyo), GET THERE to see and hear Patsy. Don't forget your camera as every camera absoutely loves our boy. We love the boy too - come and see why!
Patsy & Jack Charlton

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