[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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Patsy On Air In Massachusetts

Jim Larkin of IrishRadioPatsy's current album Hearts On Fire will be on air on the east coast today, as we are informed by Jim Larkin (what a name to have an Irish radio program!). It'll will be heard through the next months live in Massachusetts every Sunday from 4:05 - 6pm on WBET Radio, 1460am out of Brockton Massachusetts and here are some words from Jim:

What a great album. Of course Patsy is one of the best ballad singers I have ever heard and I have played many of his songs on the radio these past 22 years. He is one of my own personal favorites and has many fans here.
Replays of this show can be heard worldwide by going to : IrishRadio. Once there, look for the link that says 'Listen to Irish Music 24 hours a day'. Click the 'start' button and it will bring you to the broadcast page. Click the 'yellow circle with the black speaker in it' and the broadcast will begin after an advertisement. I usually have the last 3 weeks shows running at this site. Today's show will take a couple of days to get on there but will be there for at least 3 weeks

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