[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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Coming Soon: New Album "Irish Rebel Heroes"

Here's the big news all of you have been waiting for:
Patsy's new album IRISH REBEL HEROES on Ceol Records will be out shortly!

For years, his fans have been waiting for another republican album - here it is!
Patsy has picked 16 great rebel ballads and gave these classics a unique treatment, applying the Watchorn trademark to each and everyonF:

God Save Ireland * Rising Of The Moon * Dublin In The Green * Upton Ambush * James Connolly * The Irish Republican Army * Broad Black Brimmer * The Sea Around Us * The Ballad Of Billy Reid * Boys Of The Old Brigade * Robert Emmet * Irish Soldier Laddie * The Patriot Game * Sean South Of Garryowen * Come Out Ye Black And Tans * A Nation Once Again

More info in the next days. As a teaser, we reprint the front cover today!

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