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dublinpubs.ieThere is a new website dealing with what they call (and we whole-heartedly agree) the best pubs in the world: The Dublin pubs. We have reason to mention them here as they have a special feature about the Lower Deck including a photograph of Patsy (to see it, you have to visit their website!).
With over 1000 pubs listed, there is a pub for everybody‘s taste and whim!
Here is a quote from their website:

Ever sat there in work or at home and wondered what you could get up to that night or the coming weekend? Or wanted to a head off for night out in the greater Dublin area where there might be a bit of craic and something to do? Well so did we! There was not a week went by were we didn't search the web looking to see what was on - couldn't find a thing! Ok, there's plenty of entertainment sites and plenty of pub guides, but nothing that would easily tell us what exactly was on and where - from Temple bar to Howth and back to Celbridge - we wanted to be able to find any town or any particular bar, and so dublinpubs.ie was born. DublinPubs.ie is exciting, fresh, and brand new!

Visit dublinpubs.ie!

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