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Jimmy Keaveney: 60 Year Anniversary

Are you saddle fast when it comes to GAA trivia or will you be mortified? The only possible excuses are that you have been a little chiseller back then — or that you aren‘t Oirish. And shame on you if you don‘t know but yer oul‘ wan does. No guff please, just a simple and quick answer: Who is celebrating his 60th birthday on February 12, 2005? Who is the man that single-handedly hockeyed culchie teams way back in tha 70‘s? Who was the top player in Heffo‘s army?
What did you say? Phew, so glad you got it right.
Yup, that‘s Jimmy Keaveney! Man, can you believe, sixty years of age! Well, no age for a legend anyway.
Jimmy is a dear friend of Patsy for many many years and it's an honour to place a news item for Mr. James here. Not that anybody does not know that Jimmy and Patsy get on like a house of fire, but it surely rounds up nicely to place this newsitem here. And, as for Jimmy, cheers for the next 60 years. If they only would organize a senior league, buddy, you would rule as always!

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