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Top Five Downloads February 2005

The Irish Republican Army is our #1 download again! The next spot also originates from Patsy's current IRISH REBEL HEROES, Sean South Of Garryowen, but the rest comes from HEARTS ON FIRE.
1. The Irish Republican Army
2. Sean South Of Garryowen
3. Dublin In My Tears
4. Hearts On Fire
5. Dublin Town In 1962
If you came here looking for Irish music and are new to our website, you may be amazed that for the second consecutive month, a song about the I.R.A. is topping our chart; we want to quote - without further comment - a part of John McLaughin's book One Green Hill - Journeys through Irish Songs (2003, Beyond The Pale, Belfast):

The simple solutions suggested in the songs - on the one hand drive the British into the sea, on the other croppies lie down - are no longer viable. The old songs though won't simply be abandoned for they are too integral a part of both Catholic and Protestant history and culture, etched into our being in the cradle and in the cradles of our ancestors. However by looking at them afresh, in context and appreciating that the participants on both sides were mere victims of the chance and circumstance of history, it's my hope, however vain, that both traditions may be able to view the other with just a little more tolerance and appreciation.

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