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The Dubliners, Guest Patsy Watchorn

Patsy live in Newcastle, Oct. 2004There was always a sweet spot in Patsy's heart for The Dubliners as all of their current and former members are long-time friends and Luke Kelly was his big idol. This year, "the boys", as they are called affectionately, want to have some more fun on stage and have various guest stars during their tours. When the call came and Patsy was asked to share the stage with them for a couple of days, it was no question that it would be an honour and privilege to play with the very men who have played with his idol, so there were no real persuasive powers necessary:
Patsy Watchorn will appear with The Dubliners on the Austrian wing of their tour from September 3 to September 9, playing five nights at the Dubliner's 2nd home in Vienna, the Metropol, one night at the Orpheum in Graz and one side trip to Slovenia. Patsy is delighted to guest with the boys for a week and cordially invites his many Austrian fans to come along for the craic and the magic of The Dubliners.
Below: Two photos of Patsy's favourite band, now and then! The Dubliners!

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