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Holland Fan Site Reports

dubliners.tkdubliners.tk, popular fan site from the Netherlands, reports about Patsy coming to the Netherlands with the Dubliners. It mentions about Paddy Reilly's absence and Patsy coming along for the tour '...maar in de persoon van Patsy Watchorn heeft het baardige gezelschap een waardige opvolger gevonden' (the site is in Dutch only). Patsy feels honored by such accolade. Rest assured that the man will live up to these words, being very proud to lend his talents to the one and only Dubliners!
There is more to read about the band on the Netherlands fansite, so hop over there if you can read Dutch! Plus, a reminder for everybody from the Netherlands, send in your pictures (see previous news)!

If you need more links (leading to sites in various languages) about The Dubliners' fall 2005 tours with Patsy, please click the links below:
Milica (long-time friend and Austrian tour management)
Austrian fan site by Peter Heinz
De Doelen Concert Hall (Netherlands)
FolkForum Netherlands
MegaMediaMagazine Netherlands

The Dubliners Fan Site from the Netherlands: dubliners.tk

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