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The Dubliners, Guest Patsy: Germany

Patsy with the Dubs, Vienna 2005Patsy Watchorn will travel with the Dubliners to Germany for their last tour of 2005. Please allow us to say a few words in German to all the fans from there:

Wir sagen ganz herzlich Gruess Gott und Hallo an die deutschen Fans der Dubliners - Patsy Watchorn wird mit den Boyz auch die letzte Tournee des heurigen Jahres bestreiten, die sie nach Deutschland führt. Die Termine sind alle bereits unter 'Patsy Live' eingetragen. Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiches Erscheinen!

Talking about the upcoming gigs, we have reworked our gig list: From now on, we include - wherever availabe - for your comfort a direct link to the venue, which should help you to find it, contact it and possibly even book your tickets.

Yes, that's right, that's a Bodhran. After we received a few inquiries about Tuesday's picture, we give you another one displaying an instrument very seldom seen when the Dubs appear.
All the gigs of Patsy!

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