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Dubs in Holland, Fan Quotes

(c) 2005 Dirk van der Meer, NetherlandsThe Dutch Dubliners fan site thedubliners.tk has several comments about the Dutch tour in the guestbook of their website, where everybody able to read Dutch can hear how great the boys were in form. We translate a few snippets below. We'd like to thank Dirk van der Meer for the first shot we got from the Netherlands, taken at the Martiniplaza Theatre, Groningen, on 7th October 2005.

Patsy is a complete good substitute with already wide publicity. The concerts of the Dubliners are unique experiences. (by Cornelis)

Everyone sang and clapped along. This was the first concert of the Dubliners that I have experienced,and I certainly will go next year. (by Nathalie)

I've been to Roermond and have fully enjoyed it. I find Patsy very good, a warm, powerful voice, lively, a real artist! Up to next year! (by Luuk)

Patsy really got the room! Can honestly say that Dubs-virus even continues after 12 gigs I've seen! (by Hannet)

Saturday 8 Oct. in Enschede has been the best action in 10 years. (by Johan)
Read them all at thedubliners.tk!

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