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Dubs in Holland, Fan Quotes (2)

The Dubliners, September 2005, ViennaWe have quoted from the popular Dutch fansite thedubliners.tk and its guestbook before. Today we would like to translate two more comments and urge you to visit their website yourself!

How I enjoyed these splendid concerts! A pity Paddy is not with them any longer, but, on the other hand, how wonderful Patsy was! (by Yvonne)

The Dubliners were in mid-season form on Sunday 9 October in Antwerpen. Full enthusiasm after a complete week in the Netherlands. It's incredible which energy they draw from and generate with their music. I find Patsy great as a new member. I am extremly grateful for his homage to Luke Kelly. He sang several songs which were in former days sung by Luke. Sadly I never have seen Luke live, but now I was able to experience some of the verve and passion on stage that night. Thanks Dubliners, you have entirely given yourself to the public! Up to next year! God bless you! (by Ria)
Visit thedubliners.tk now!

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