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Report From Düsseldorf, November 23 (1)

The Dubliners in Düsseldorf, 23 November 2005Marc Schroten attended the first gig of the tour in Düsseldorf and sent us a handful of pics of which you see one to the left. He added a few words about the night:

It was a beautiful night and all of the 5 boys were wonderful. I must confess that I was very sad about the departure of Paddy Reilly but as I heard that Patsy is the new man I was lucky. The 5 sang all their well-known songs and Patsy "All for me grog", "Dublin Minstrel", "Rare old times", "Ferryman" and so on...
After three encores the boys said definitive good-bye but without singing "Molly Malone". The first people left the hall but I cried from my seat in the first row "MOLLY MALONE!!!" After 1 minute Patsy and the rest of the Dubliners returned to stage and Patsy said: "We heard somebody in the audience crying Molly Malone... Okay, here it is..."
And Patsy sang it only accompanied from Sean and Eamonn's guitar. Wonderful!

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