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Report From Düsseldorf, November 23 (2)

The Dubliners, Duesseldorf, 23 November 2005, © 2005 Sonnabend, GermanyPeter Sonnabend sent in a few pics of the Duesseldorf gig (as usual, a larger version can be found in our gallery) and a some nice words about the concert which we quote below:

Dear Dubliners!
THANK YOU for "Molly Malone"! We missed it so badly at the Roermond concert! THANK YOU for the powerful spirit in the Dubliners. Haven't seen them as cheerful and mobile in years before!
THANK YOU for 2 wonderful concerts we enjoyed in Roermond and Duesseldorf! THANK YOU Patsy for joining the Dubliners! We are really looking forward to seeing you again in 2006!!!

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