[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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The Dubs At The Submarine 2005 (2)

Patsy Watchorn in the middle, left Ronnie Drew, right Eamonn Campbell © 2006 Rare Auld Times Entertainment, Dublin, IrelandOur second December 12, Submarine shot displays a typical Patsy Watchorn scene: Patsy, always happy to communicate with the audience, talking to the crowd in words, song and gestures - needless to say, his fans love the attention he is devoting to them. The ground floor of the Submarine turned out to be the Watchorn floor, filled to the brim with friends and fans.

Left to Patsy is Ronnie Drew who filled in for Sťan Cannon that night, right is Eamonn Campbell.

A larger version of this pic can be viewed here.

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