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Patsy At Ireland AM Today

Ireland AM, TV3Relaxed, witty, charming - Patsy was brilliant today at TV3's Ireland AM. We can not talk about it without mentioning the Ireland AM staff: We'd like to pass on Patsy's sincere Thanks to all concerned on Ireland AM, especially Mark Cagney and Maura Derrane who made him very relaxed and welcome, he really enjoyed the interview. It took us in a time capsule through a life-long career - he told about the days with the Dublin City Ramblers he formed with Mick Crotty, The Rare Auld Times (he was testing our Patsyana knowledge a bit when it came to the year of this one), going solo in 1995 and keeping on collecting awards and playing prestigious places up to joining The Dubliners recently.
TV3's Ireland AM

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