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Glasgow January 2006 Again

Dubs in Glasgow 2006; also see January 30 newsYour webadmin just came across another review of the Glasgow gig in January: Richard Leyton has put some nice comments in his online diary, worth reading and especially praising Barney; here's a quote but be sure to hop over and read the full review:

The music was superb, and so full of energy and dynamism, it was clear that the band were enjoying themselves every bit as much as the audience. They may have been going for five decades, but it didnít show one bit. Every tune - some of which I was familiar with - was played with gusto and passion. The Dubliners proved to be an excellent choice, and well worth going to see. They said they hoped to be invited back next year: I think itíd be a huge shame if they werenít.

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