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Fraulein, Fraulein… Dubs German Tour 2006 Announced

Dubliners Tour 2006 GermanyKarsten Jahnke, the agency organising the Dubliners' German tours for many years, has announced this years tour. There are a few slight changes from the 2005 schedule. All the details are to be found on our Patsy Live page!

We consider it very suitable to give you - courtesy of the very generous support by Jim! - another sneak preview into Jim McCann's book about Barney McKenna's famous sayings, this one related to an earlier German tour:

Although Barney, like the rest of the band, acquired quite a few German phrases after the Dubliners had been touring there for a number of years, it seems that early on his mastery of the language was patchy, to say the least.
As the Dubliners were preparing with great anticipation for their first German tour, a lady friend of Barney’s asked him if he’d take her along for the trip.
"Ah no", said Barney, "I don’t think so. Sure I’ll be chasin’ the Fluorines."

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